Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hippy beads and garden creatures

Hello friends!

Well it sure was nice to visit with Steph today and see Donovan. My goodness is he getting BIG! I spent the morning spending time with them and checking out one of our landlords other properties for Steph to rent. It's super cute!

So before I get TOO into my daily happenings I will get to today's listings.

First off I have "Earth Peace Butterfly". This bead is really fantastic! It is one of the LARGEST beads I have made and I only made 3. This is the LAST of the 3 and I am not sure if I will make more so this might be one of those beads you want to snag right away. It is made with wonderful earth tones and an accent turquoise peace sign.

Next is "Acid Rain". This is another one of those beads from my hot head days. I tried to replicate the colors on my minor and couldn't get these yellow tones. This has an amazing shimmer twist in the center and "oil slick" dots on the surface.
The "oil slicks" aren't as apparent in the picture, but they are super hard to photograph! You will catch a couple glimpses of the amazing variety of colors in this pic.

Well we still have to get that fence and tomato fence up, but we got that stupid half done koi pond bowl(for lack of a better term) out of the backyard. Since we hadn't used it for it's intended purpose it had turned into a mosquito hump ground! Yikes! We decided we were pretty tired of getting eaten alive while tending our garden in the evenings so we ripped that sucker out! We pulled it out of the ground to find ants frantically scrampling with their larvae in all directions! Who knew we had an ant colony under that thing?!

I think we might get some garden work done today and then off to the gym again!

I need to get some beads made too!

I hope you all are enjoying today.

Much love,



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