Thursday, July 23, 2009

Maybe one more day

Hello friends!

I'm still feeling a little under the weather. I think I need one more day of resting to be tip top. Since I can actually sit in a chair today I will be listing items. I will be listing both now instead of doing a SNEAK PEEK today.

I have some lime and aqua EMO items today! First is a super COOL Lime heart with black freckles. On the front there is a skull and on the back is crossbones. On the sides are bumply dots.
Super fun huh?!

The second item is an EMO bone. This one is aqua and black ETCHED to perfection giving it that satiny feel. These two pieces together could make something super cool. Infact if you buy both and wish for the heart to be etched too just mention that in Etsy when you leave a note for the seller.

If you totally LOVE these two items I also have some amazing EMO buttons that would make a fantastic clasp! Just check the "Button Clasp" tag in my Etsy shop!
See you all soon!

Much love,



prettypanda said...

Your creations are so lovely and bright which will make people happy! Thank you for visiting my blog today!

Genea said...

Thank you! They make me happy with their brightness :)

You are very welcome! You make such beautiful things :)

Much love,


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