Saturday, May 31, 2008

Back up and online!

Whew! I'm glad that got all sorted! For some reason I couldn't get into my hotmail account or this site to keep up with everyone. You didn't miss too much though. I did FINALLY get some new items up on my Etsy page *shines nails* You can see them at the top of the page ;)

I am working on a super-amazingly-awesome b-day present for someone special *SHHH... I can't say who incase they are reading this* I will post a picture of it when I get it completed. I had to re-do a few beads so I am *still* not done and I am "pssshhhh." again :( I really can't wait to have my other torch at my house and not have to keep running out to buy STUPID Mapp canisters! ;)

Anyways... I guess for now I will go, but I wanted to let everyone know that I was not indeed dead and that I will keep writing fun things and posting pictures to keep you all occupied :D

Much love,


Tuesday, May 27, 2008



I don't have anything too exciting to report. I am having helluva time with making red, white, and blue beads. They just aren't turning out too great. I have a few though. I think I might just make some lentils that are in those colors instead.

I am "pssshhh." That was what my friend Melissa said when I told her I was out of Mapp gas. LOL! So that means no beads at the moment. I didn't get around to pulling beams either. The hubby had a few things going on today. He went to his appointment at personal trainer school and talked with someone about being accepted and getting financial aid :D I am really excited for him. I actually passed out and took a 2 hour nap! shhhh.... Yes, I was being UNPRODUCTIVE! This is NOT a usual occurance.

I guess there is a nasty pressure front coming in again. It seems like when the fronts come in and are really strong I get tired and then I get a WICKED NASTY headache. Anyone else have that problem? It really sucks! I even went to the doctors and they have not been able to cure me. I usually take some benadryl allergy and sinus capsules and that helps. I also rinse my nose with this neilmed stuff that you can get at Walgreen's or I would assume any pharmacy. That works the best for me.

Anyways, that is all for now. I don't think I will have anything new tomorrow either. We are signing our lease for our rental house and have a few things to get done. Talk with you soon....

Much love,


Monday, May 26, 2008

The Earlier Years VS. Now

Well here is a look at beads from the beginning. These beads were made in June of '04(6months after starting to make beads). Pretty scary huh? I used to scan the image so when it was time to total up at the end of the month I could see what sold. I just thought it might be fun to look at where I was and how far I have come. So here is a before pic.

Here is the now picture from this month(4 years later). Notice now the beads are strung on a smaller cord with accent beads and pretty tag? I also have a macro camera now so I am able to take really detailed pictures instead of using a scanner. Pretty sweet huh?!

Well thanks for walking down memory lane with me. More later....

Much love,


Sunday, May 25, 2008

It's that time again....

Yes, people.... It's HOT today. My least favorite time of year in Missouri :( It's so humid outside it feels like you are walking into an armpit the second you step out the door. Fortunately the air conditioning in my car still kicks ass! I may still get a chance to make some beads this afternoon... I am really fortunate that my studio is still in the basement until it moves to it's new home. Well, I am off to start the day. Try to stay COOL!

Much love,


Saturday, May 24, 2008

It *IS* possible :D

How incredible is this?! Pictured here are Moretti dark turquoise #236 and Moretti violet #272. Normally on a hot head these 2 colors in particular silver causing some not so great results. These beams were pulled on a nortel minor torch with a tad more oxygen added to a neutral flame. As you can see there is NO silver! This is totally incredible! It will be so nice to have the ability to change my flame so I can avoid this silvering effect if I wish! Just a few more weeks until my studio will be set up in it's new home! *beams*

That Is a little hard to read in lime green huh?

Yeah, I know...

So you might have noticed... My Etsy page needs an update. I had planned on updating it after the Bead Blast show, but I decided to take on a new store in my hometown of Racine, WI instead. I have been busy with some orders and making a few more pieces for the upcoming KCEtsy show. I think I will be updating after the show and after I get back from our trip. I may get some time to upload a few things in the next few days. I dunno ;)

I need to go get some more beads made and pull some more beams today. It is really stormy and wet. A great day for being creative. My mom made me this awesome thing called a "Rainy day box," when I was little. This box contained all sorts of creative treasures including : coloring books, sequins, glue, and other fun things. I was only allowed to get this box out on rainy days. Maybe that is why I'm so creative when it is gloomy outside? Thanks for helping me make use out of all those rainy days, mom :D

See you all later. Go forth and be creative....

Much love,



Well here they are! Here are the ones that made it. They turned out really pale though. I think next time around I will use brighter colors. The center swirl on the left flower is actually a light blue. It looks orange in the picture for some reason. I had to turn down the lighting on the camera to photograph them on white and then retouch them in Picasa so you didn't just see a glare. What do you think?

Friday, May 23, 2008


Don't you hate it when this happens?! *BOO HISS* My razor actually got stuck in the creases of the daisy. When I finally wiggled the razor loose and got the bead back in the flame the crack appeared. Too late.... It cooled off too much. I DO, however have some really pretty disc flowers that are happily baking in the kiln :D I guess sometimes you lose some beads to the bead God's right?! I will post pictures tomorrow of the beauties that come out of the kiln. Until next time......

Much love,


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Isn't she AMAZING?!

Sorry Nicole! I couldn't help myself... It is sooo pretty. I just wanted to try it on( you know when you see that pretty dress in the store and you can't help, but try it on even though you know you can't afford it? It's like that ;)! We can change things around if you want, but I wanted to play dress up for now :D I like the green on here better. I stole it from that little bar that tells me what other colors are in the banner ;)

Everyone else, Isn't it pretty? My super talented friend, Nicole is working on a beautiful logo for me. The banner is one of her ideas. Isn't it great?! I am so excited. It's a banner and logo now and then later it's sterling silver tags with the logo stamp on them attached to all of my jewelry creations! *boils over with excitement*

Ok.. I HAVE to get going. My head IS KILLING ME! I HATE pressure headaches!

Much love,


Monday, May 19, 2008

Beady Afternoon

Look what we made today! I got to spend the day with my bead girls Billie and Kim. We had a blast working on our flower macrame bracelets. We all pretty much had the same color flowers, but used different color bases for c-lon and different leaves and drops. Look at how different all of our bracelets turned out ;) It's neat to give people one of the same things to start and see what they do with them :) Thanks again for beading with me today girls! I had such a wonderful time.

Much love,


Saturday, May 17, 2008

Come on out!

Hey Everyone! Come on out and party with the KCEtsy Street Team at First Friday in June! Details are in my side bar.

Unfortunately I will not be attending. I am leaving my booth in they very capable hands of one of my biggest fans, my mom! She and another friend(not sure who this will be yet) will be taking care of my booth for me since I will not be able to attend(due to a very exciting surprise!). Please stop on by and check out my booth!

Much love,


Friday, May 16, 2008

First Friday KCEtsy team show @Shiraz March 2008

Here is the video my sister and her partner in class made for me :D

Thursday, May 15, 2008

First one...

Hello everyone! It looks like this is my first blog;) A huge thank-you to Nicole Parigo for making this Blog for me! You can see her amazing photos and work at

This blog is still underconstruction. We just got it up yesterday! Keep checking back for updates.

Much love,


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Welcome to GeneaBeads!

Hello, my name is Genea Crivello-Knable and this is my story... It all started when I was just a child. My mom found out that I was creative at a young age. I would draw daisies around the door knobs with crayons and give my brother unexpected hair cuts. As time went on my teachers began to notice that I had a special interest in art. My 8th grade teacher, Mrs. Sheily, brought up my artistic talents to my mother. After that she began feeding my artistic appetite.I had been hanging around with a group of friends that she feared would be bad for my character. She decided to remedy this problem by introducing me to polymer clay.

At age 13 I was the youngest applicant accepted into an art show in my home town of Racine, WI.A few years earlier is when I actually got into beading. After my grandmother passed away my mother and I went on a trip to Sonoma, CA to visit her brother. We had a wonderful trip where we met very interesting people on the streets of San Fransisco. We met a lovely woman and her daughter "Star,". Star did some awesome macrame knotting around a braid in my hair including : gold thread and beads. When my mom and I were on this trip we visited local bead stores and started our collection. When we returned back home we began making jewelry.

In the following years in high school I took many classes in art. I did everything from drawing and painting to metal smithing, and fiber arts.It wasn't until I began working at the local bead shop in Kansas City, MO (Bead Boutique) that I had my first experience in glass. My boss at the time had said she was taking a class in lampworking. I couldn't believe that you could make your OWN beads! How cool is that?! I had done many techniques in beading and decided that this was the next step.Thus this lampworker was born.

I took my first class at a local bead shop and a month later I bought my hot head and basic set up. This was just 4 short years ago. I continued my training by getting many books(passing the flame, making glass beads,and beads of glass) and practice, practice, practice. I found many online sites that helped that were fat with information(,, I happily stuffed myself with all the information I could get.This brings us to now. I have since been published in a few bead magagines and online sites. I will continue my career by traveling to shows and teaching classes as well as selling my beads. I love to chat with other artists and share creative ideas. I hope to talk with you soon.

Much love,Genea