Friday, May 31, 2013

Etsy Shop Update!

Hello friends!

Well I decided to list today so that I could crash in town tonight and stay in town on Saturday(Kansas City). Ricky talked about going into town to hang out with friends tonight and he works early so staying in town is really convenient. SOOOO... that is why I listed today instead of tomorrow. So early listings, YAY!

So this will just be a quick "here's what's in the shop" with quick links for ya ;)

Earth Droplets "Olive" Recycled Wine Bottle glass headpins.

Thanks so much for stopping by to check out the new listings!

Have a wonderful weekend!

xo Genea

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Strike of the Demon Tooth and the Life After...

Hello friends!

This may have been one of my longest silences yet... Well if you didn't read about it on facebook, here is where I have been. Maybe you remember a LOOOOOOOOOONG time ago I posted about my demon wisdom tooth? It plagued me for 5 LONG YEARS...

So it came back to haunt me. I was in excruciating pain. I had been popping ibuprofen's like candy and they were no longer taking the edge off. I couldn't take the pain anymore so I finally caved and went to the ER.
I scored this awesome bracelet for $932 dollars! I felt like an ass going into the ER, but I was in PAIN and there was NO WHERE else to go. All of the minute clinics were closed and they don't have an emergency dental place :( They gave me a script for vicodin and antibiotics(penicillin). I got the dose they gave me at the ER and then waited to fill my script in the morning at a regular pharmacy. Unfortunately, shortly after taking the meds I was STILL in pain :( I took it pretty well... I SOBBED. I had been in pain for 4 days before I went to the ER and even after going with no insurance knowing it would cost me a king's ransom, I was STILL in PAIN. I felt like it would never get better. I had Ricky call to see if they could prescribe something else, sure, they can if you come back in for another visit and pay again. I had a very broken sleep that night. There was no comfortable position to lay in to release the pain. It hurt up the side of my face into my ear like an ear ache, throbbed in my tooth on the bottom right side, my salivary gland was swollen and it was hard to swallow like having a nasty sore throat. It was AWFUL...

The next day I needed to fill my script, but needed to use the last $20 I had for gas. I went to mom's house and luckily she had had a garage sale where she had sold some of my things. When I went to fill my script at Walmart it was exactly $20. I took my meds in the hopes that they would start working since I could take an extra pain pill if the first one wasn't working. Normally taking a days worth of antibiotics you will start to feel better with each ending day.... That night I was STILL in PAIN. Ricky convinced me to, yet again visit the ER. It was a weekend and the urgent care clinics were closed. This time I went to the ER at the hospital where mom works.
I scored myself another expensive bracelet. This one was $1,400. I'm applying for some financial aid...So my experience was SO much better at this hospital. They got me in quickly and gave me much better drugs, thank GOD! I got a script for percocet and clindamyasin sp? A stronger pain med and super strong antibiotics. Now through all of this pain, I was also literally STARVING. It hurt to eat, it hurt to swallow and now I had to get some food in my stomach so that I could be ok after eating these pills. They sent me out of the hospital on 2 percocet and 3 antibiotic pills. 

We went to one of our favorite grocery stores and picked up some kefir, and a naked juice. Kefir is a like a more liquidy yogurt that is ok for people with dairy allergies and it's packed with like 24 grams of protein. The naked juice is a fruit and veggie juice with just juiced fruits and that's it.  I guzzled down the kefir to get some protein in my system, and then drank the juice. Shortly after leaving the ER my pain had FINALLY subsided. I was so thankful for the break in continuous pain, BUT then the wave of sleepiness and NAUSEA came over me. You may not know this about me, but I have this aversion to throwing up. Back when I was younger I drank a bottle of cough syrup cause it tasted good. Needless to say I was rushed to the ER and given ipecac. As you may know ipecac makes you vomit violently. I attribute my phobia of yacking to this lovely experience. So moving on I had to fight my feeling of nausea while trying to stay awake long enough to settle my stomach. I am also motion sick so sleeping and feeling queasy are a means to disaster as well. I got home and showered. Showering cures the worst of many things. I had hoped it would relax me and keep me awake. Luckily after my shower I felt even enough in my tummy to close my eyes and sleep. Zzzzzzzzz. I slept well, finally! The next day I stayed at mom's and layed in bed and slept all day long. I awoke to eat and then went back to sleep. That night we returned back to the apartment where I slept and took it easy the next day.

The next plan of attack was getting this tooth out. My dear sweet girls from the Bead Babes banded together and purchased beads from me to help with my medical bills and to get my tooth pulled. I am so very fortunate to have so many lovely women in my life to love and support me and I could not have taken care of this without them. My dearest love to each and every one of you for the blessings you gave to me! <3 font="" nbsp="">

My dear, sweet Ricky called around and got me an appointment to get my tooth pulled on Friday. It was now Monday. Lucikly the antibiotics took me one day closer to wellness with each day I finished my 3 time pill consumption. The percocet kept my pain down, but made me so tired. I could only do a few things before I had to lay back down and sleep. My thoughts were all fuzzy and I couldn't hardly string 2 thoughts together. This experience gave me so much insight into how some people live in pain ever day. How they have to take medicine that makes them not feel like themselves and not be able to get together one coherent thought. How do you live like that? How do you go to an office job and work?? My deepest sympathies to those of you that live in pain, that have to take pain meds daily to function, and those of you that have to take pills for your aliments that make you not feel like yourself. It's such a hard place to be. You are so brave. I am pretty tough and I have a hig tolernace for pain, but his one did me in. It dropped me to my knees and I can't even imagine being someone who is terminal and having to endure much worse than this each day.....

I mended each day up until my appointment. I felt better each day, and finally got to stop taking pain meds. I was so thankful to have my logical thoughts back. I was able to get up out of bed and started to do easy tasks. The day of my appointment came. I was a nervous wreck. I had seen the horrible xray of my demon tooth 2 years ago. They told me about how the roots were over a nerve and how I could lose the feeling in my face. They told me that that demon tooth was now beginning to infect the tooth next to it and I feared they would tell me they needed to pull my molar as well. When Ricky booked my appointment they told me that if for some reason they couldn't pull the tooth there they would refer me to another dr. I was worried that even though Friday had come that for some reason they wouldn't be able to pull it. 

We arrived at the dental office. I filled out paper work and made Ricky come sit with me while they prepped me to pull the tooth. They took a panoramic xray of the tooth and THANKFULLY said they could pull the tooth! Whew! So they showed me the price break down for surgical and non-surgical and the cost of nitrous. The surgical only meant they had to cut the gum open and do stitches and the nitrous was $65. Well worth it if it would calm your nerves. The doctor came to look at the tooth and at first thought it would be a surgical removal. The started the nitrous and I began receiving shots to numb my mouth. The gave me a ton of shots and then I could slowly feel the side of my face go numb. The dr and assistant  got me all ready to pull the tooth. 

I had this wonder and fear about what happened if someone needed to spontaneously throw up? Well the assistant had gotten me with a light spray in the back of the throat. I began to cough and they both jumped backwards quickly with the dr saying "Genea, are you ok?". I motioned yes and then went back in with their tools. The sweet assistant let me know I was doing great and then the doctor let me know I was going to feel some pressure. I grabbed onto the arm rest and I felt the pressure. Then I thought to myself, "Was that it? Is the tooth out?" The next motion back in was with the gauze. Yep, it was gone! Just like that! My dr was a fucking ROCK STAR! I said that too with my mouth full of cotton. I left out the explative, but WOW! I was SO RELIEVED! I told them I wanted to SEE THE DEMON!


In all of it's HORRIBLE GLORY. They had EXORCISED the DEMON! Ooo nasty! Yes, it's supposed to look repulsive! It was PURE EVIL! 

I felt instantly better! I took my pain meds for a day waiting for the pain to return, but all I felt was an ache in my jaw joint. I mended quickly and I am happy to say that 12 days later there is only a little tiny hole where this tooth used to sit and I am feeling SO much better!

I am back to my regularly scheduled life and just SO glad that all of that is OVER! I felt like I lost 2 weeks of my life. It has taken me up until now to finally catch up on the time I was down and out with this tooth.

I got some new toys! Along with some new glass I got a  new bead press from Zoozii's. 
Here is the new press in comparison to the last largest Lentil press I had! Wow huh?!

Look at how BIG these beads are! Are you in LOVE? I sure am!

I HAD to make more! Just look at how BIG they all are! They are SO awesome!

For scale.

and check out this NEW style! The "Ocean Serpent Urchin Egg" if the "Ocean Serpent Egg" and "Ocean Urchin Egg " had a LARGE love child, it would look like this :D

I will add these to the shop next week, but this week.....

Here is what you will see in the shop by Saturday June 1st!
You can find them in my shop.

Well that is all for now.

See you soon!

xo Genea

Monday, May 6, 2013

Glass Palettes- Color Comparisons- Corals and Blue and Green Glasses

Hello friends!

As you may have seen I got some new glass thanks to you! Yay! So one of the first things I like to do is melt the glass. I always say "You can never judge a rod by it's color". It's true! You have to melt the glass to see it's "true colors". You may be surprised. So I did just that with my new colors. Then I had to take the other colors of glass I had to see just where it fits in the color palette of similar colors.

Here you can see some of the gorgeous green and blue glasses. Okey Dokey is one of my very favorites because it shifts from seafoam to aqua with hints of green. Earth is a lapis blue with streaks of dark green teal. Green Cave looks like a darker Okey to me. It's more olive with a bit of a deeper blue almost more turquoise.

Oh and the CORALS! Some of my very favorite batches of glass. I am really glad that these batches always turn out different. As you can see we wouldn't have such pretty glass if it didn't. In fact I am amazed that anyone can make glass in the same batch color at all. Little things like the humidity can change an entire batch of glass. Crazy huh?

Tequila Sunrise was one of my favorites. One of my very first "unknown odd lots". When I first collected glass I had no idea there were even odd lots. I fell in love with coral instantly with it's swirls of pink  swirled in with coral and hints of a soft orange. What's not to love? Some of my other very favorites are Vetrofond Poppy, Peach Coral, and Sunny Mango. I really love the "blushy" corals that have a lot of variance in them. 

I made these little tests for me to see where the glass fits in the color palette, but I thought others could benefit from my tests. They sure are pretty all together huh?

I hope you enjoyed learning some new things about glass and enjoyed the eye candy.

See you soon!

xo Genea

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Turned To Stone Part II & "Artful Additions"

Hello friends!

Wow it's been a whirl wind week. I have seriously had every day run into another with just going, going, going from day to night! It's been craziness. This is totally not the norm for me.  I am, of course, stoked about these NEW stone beads and some other little "artful additions" I have added to my shop. 

Here are the new beauty's in the shop. So if this is where you want to jump off the ride and run to the shop, you may ;)

Wing Dings Beach Stone- "Black Lava"- your classic black pair of stone wing dings. Perfect for everything!

Wing Dings- Beach Stone- "Coral Rainbow Leopard"- Yum! Just look at all of that luscious rainbow color on that gorgeous bright coral!
"Coral Peach Silver Thread Serpent"- Wow is that a mouthful :P You can blame my long names on my art teachers. In school they always made you title your pieces ;) So this baby is pretty gorgeous! I textured some of it and left spots of it shiny along with the rainbow bubble buttons. I just LOVE coral glass. It has some gorgeous peachy coraly pinky spots to it that aren't as vivid if you etch them. This heart has it all, shiny, stone and matte with a beautiful ribbon of silver running down the center and black stripey serpents up the sides!

Wing Dings- Beach Stone- "Electric Lime Silver Thread Jewel"- Again with the everything you could want on a bead! Oh and lime green is my favorite! I am so excited about how well these translated over from my glass headpin design like them. In fact I even made earrings with the pair I saved for me! 
OMG... up aren't these to die for?! The gorgeous ear wires and water color washed hoops of violet and blue are from Miss Fickle Media. The incredibly detailed spiral antiqued coins are from Starry Road Studio. Aren't our beads incredible together?! It's like they created these beads to match without ever knowing it. 

and now for the "Artful Additions"

So here is the back story on them....

So you remember that time when I had to wait to re-set up my lampwork studio after moving right. I didn't make beads for several weeks. Well I got stuck on making these adjustable recycled sari silk necklaces. They really speak to me because they are not only amazingly beautiful, but they are recycled and  I like to imagine the store the clothes would tell. Like maybe this outfit was worn on a date with their love or they wore this outfit in some beautiful exotic place... Well I just fell in love with the necklaces for their beauty and simplicity so I just kept making them. Each was so pretty I just HAD to try the next color and before you know it I had made 50!! LOL. So that leads us to this listing...

18-20" Recycled Sari Silk Necklace- Here is what the necklace looks like. You will receive ONE necklace in this style of the color of your choice. So these necklaces are great if you just want to buy a bead and wear it right away or they can also be embellished in whatever way you choose! How sweet is that?!

Here is the color palette from which you have to choose. Yay!

The next "Artful Addition" I have is the "Wooly Wire Bail Upgrade" option.
As you know, I LOVE Wooly Wire! So I made up several of designs using this bail technique. 
"Wooly Wire Bail Upgrade"- So this is how this listing works. You will need to purchase a focal from my shop, I will take that focal and wire-wrap it into this amazing wooly wire bail for you! You can then wear it as is, add a dangle, or even use this piece in your design! Yay! How cool is that?! This is great if you just want to wear something right away or you need to pick up a gift ;)

Do you want a smaller style focal? You can also choose to have a small Wooly Wire bail created as well like the one below!

You then have your choice of What Wooly Wire you would like for the bail here.

Here is a finished you can have when you shop for these wonderful items in my shop! Yay! Look at that instant customizable gift!

 I would love to hear your thoughts on these new "Artful Additions"! You can also stay tuned for these as TUTORIALS! So if you choose you can even make your own. I am working on those as we speak and hope to have them up soon.

Stay tuned for more beady awesome!

Have a wonderful weekend!

xo Genea