Monday, May 6, 2013

Glass Palettes- Color Comparisons- Corals and Blue and Green Glasses

Hello friends!

As you may have seen I got some new glass thanks to you! Yay! So one of the first things I like to do is melt the glass. I always say "You can never judge a rod by it's color". It's true! You have to melt the glass to see it's "true colors". You may be surprised. So I did just that with my new colors. Then I had to take the other colors of glass I had to see just where it fits in the color palette of similar colors.

Here you can see some of the gorgeous green and blue glasses. Okey Dokey is one of my very favorites because it shifts from seafoam to aqua with hints of green. Earth is a lapis blue with streaks of dark green teal. Green Cave looks like a darker Okey to me. It's more olive with a bit of a deeper blue almost more turquoise.

Oh and the CORALS! Some of my very favorite batches of glass. I am really glad that these batches always turn out different. As you can see we wouldn't have such pretty glass if it didn't. In fact I am amazed that anyone can make glass in the same batch color at all. Little things like the humidity can change an entire batch of glass. Crazy huh?

Tequila Sunrise was one of my favorites. One of my very first "unknown odd lots". When I first collected glass I had no idea there were even odd lots. I fell in love with coral instantly with it's swirls of pink  swirled in with coral and hints of a soft orange. What's not to love? Some of my other very favorites are Vetrofond Poppy, Peach Coral, and Sunny Mango. I really love the "blushy" corals that have a lot of variance in them. 

I made these little tests for me to see where the glass fits in the color palette, but I thought others could benefit from my tests. They sure are pretty all together huh?

I hope you enjoyed learning some new things about glass and enjoyed the eye candy.

See you soon!

xo Genea


somethingunique said...

oh I wanna eat those corals...they look yummy...cant wait to see what you always I know it will be Genfabulous!!!!!! xox

Genea said...

Me too! I will serve us all a helping or two ;) They are yummy! He he @geneafabulous :D

xoxo Genea

la mar de bonita said...

Oh Okey Dokey - a must have for me! It always lasts a little while, till our glass distributors here in Europe will have it in stock, too.... Thanks for sharing!

Genea said...

Okey Dokey is an odd lot and it's no longer in circulation here in the US so I would assume you would have a really hard time finding it else where. You're welcome. xo Genea

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