Saturday, May 4, 2013

Turned To Stone Part II & "Artful Additions"

Hello friends!

Wow it's been a whirl wind week. I have seriously had every day run into another with just going, going, going from day to night! It's been craziness. This is totally not the norm for me.  I am, of course, stoked about these NEW stone beads and some other little "artful additions" I have added to my shop. 

Here are the new beauty's in the shop. So if this is where you want to jump off the ride and run to the shop, you may ;)

Wing Dings Beach Stone- "Black Lava"- your classic black pair of stone wing dings. Perfect for everything!

Wing Dings- Beach Stone- "Coral Rainbow Leopard"- Yum! Just look at all of that luscious rainbow color on that gorgeous bright coral!
"Coral Peach Silver Thread Serpent"- Wow is that a mouthful :P You can blame my long names on my art teachers. In school they always made you title your pieces ;) So this baby is pretty gorgeous! I textured some of it and left spots of it shiny along with the rainbow bubble buttons. I just LOVE coral glass. It has some gorgeous peachy coraly pinky spots to it that aren't as vivid if you etch them. This heart has it all, shiny, stone and matte with a beautiful ribbon of silver running down the center and black stripey serpents up the sides!

Wing Dings- Beach Stone- "Electric Lime Silver Thread Jewel"- Again with the everything you could want on a bead! Oh and lime green is my favorite! I am so excited about how well these translated over from my glass headpin design like them. In fact I even made earrings with the pair I saved for me! 
OMG... up aren't these to die for?! The gorgeous ear wires and water color washed hoops of violet and blue are from Miss Fickle Media. The incredibly detailed spiral antiqued coins are from Starry Road Studio. Aren't our beads incredible together?! It's like they created these beads to match without ever knowing it. 

and now for the "Artful Additions"

So here is the back story on them....

So you remember that time when I had to wait to re-set up my lampwork studio after moving right. I didn't make beads for several weeks. Well I got stuck on making these adjustable recycled sari silk necklaces. They really speak to me because they are not only amazingly beautiful, but they are recycled and  I like to imagine the store the clothes would tell. Like maybe this outfit was worn on a date with their love or they wore this outfit in some beautiful exotic place... Well I just fell in love with the necklaces for their beauty and simplicity so I just kept making them. Each was so pretty I just HAD to try the next color and before you know it I had made 50!! LOL. So that leads us to this listing...

18-20" Recycled Sari Silk Necklace- Here is what the necklace looks like. You will receive ONE necklace in this style of the color of your choice. So these necklaces are great if you just want to buy a bead and wear it right away or they can also be embellished in whatever way you choose! How sweet is that?!

Here is the color palette from which you have to choose. Yay!

The next "Artful Addition" I have is the "Wooly Wire Bail Upgrade" option.
As you know, I LOVE Wooly Wire! So I made up several of designs using this bail technique. 
"Wooly Wire Bail Upgrade"- So this is how this listing works. You will need to purchase a focal from my shop, I will take that focal and wire-wrap it into this amazing wooly wire bail for you! You can then wear it as is, add a dangle, or even use this piece in your design! Yay! How cool is that?! This is great if you just want to wear something right away or you need to pick up a gift ;)

Do you want a smaller style focal? You can also choose to have a small Wooly Wire bail created as well like the one below!

You then have your choice of What Wooly Wire you would like for the bail here.

Here is a finished you can have when you shop for these wonderful items in my shop! Yay! Look at that instant customizable gift!

 I would love to hear your thoughts on these new "Artful Additions"! You can also stay tuned for these as TUTORIALS! So if you choose you can even make your own. I am working on those as we speak and hope to have them up soon.

Stay tuned for more beady awesome!

Have a wonderful weekend!

xo Genea


somethingunique said...

well are you little Miss Crafty...what a great idea...I remember when u had a hard time finding those silk ribbons for your necklaces....these would have come in handy...and btw...way nicer too...I abso love everything you have been making...keep up the great work hun...ttfn...xox

Genea said...

Lol, why yes, I am! :D Yeah, Lol these are SO much better! Yeah they would have! ;)

Thank you so much! I sure will! I have all of that new glass I just got and more coming this week! You can expect amazing things to come out of the studio!


xoxo Genea

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