Monday, September 28, 2009

Week update

Hello friends!

Back, as promised. I have some pictures edited for your viewing pleasure, but I'm doing a weekend update and then the week before the show bead update. Basackwards, I know, but fun for all!

Speaking of fun for all.. it reminded me of the song "Being for the benefit of Mr. Kite" from the Across the Universe sound track. I think I will rock out to it while I blog to you. Hang on....

Ok, much better...


Some BRIGHT babies today! Aqua, orange, lime, and EDP!

A SUPER fun Heart Burst ring! and......
BRIGHT loopy ding earrings! What a pair!

A big THANK YOU to everyone that came out to the Bearden's Art Fair to support! We had a great time!

Here are some shots of the booth....

Right side of the table. You can see my GOD AWFUL handwriting... YIKES! lol. I am sure that is exactly what you noticed first! I love the reflection of the bright clouds in the mirror.

Here is a shot of the middle.

The left side of the table.
Here is a shot of the table from the right side down to the other end. I really like the shadow of the glass rods on the book.

Want to know what the highlight of the show was for me? I mean besides my friends coming out to support... BEC'S BEADS!! I LOVE Rebecca's beads! Look what I got in our trade!

OMG, I LOVE her HUGE flowers(they are 2" tall and 1 3/4" wide)! They are SOOOOO pretty! So you know I HAD to have matching earrings! I even got another set so I can swap them out! THANKS REBECCA! So if you don't have some of her AMAZING beads you better hop on over to her shop and pick some up at Bec's Beads!


Today is the last day we can eat grains. Tomorrow starts the week of raw foods. Just so you all could see what we ate last week I took some pictures of my hubby's AMAZING cooking! This stuff is all VEGAN!Here was one of our first lunches. This is quinoa(a high protein grain), orange bell peppers, cabbage, carrots, and onions. In the glass is a juice from the juicer with tons of veggies. We pretty much put carrots in every juice so they usually look orange ;)

Here was our veggie soup with miso. In the soup are: sugar snap peas, portabellas, carrots, cabbage, edamame(shelled soy beans), miso paste and vegetable broth with red pepper flakes! In the square dish next to the soup is a blood orange from Australia. They are SUPER sour and amazing! They are called blood oranges because the flesh is orange with spots of red and it looks like it's bleeding. Here is a closer look at the blood oranges. you can see the speckles of red seeping through the orange flesh. MMMmmmmm soooo delicious!
Here was another Asian style soup with cabbage, onions, sprouts and I forget what else lol. The sprouts were amazingly crunchy for being in the soup. We pretended they were noodles since we can't eat noodles until our detox is over ;)

Well that is my update for now.... Tomorrow I will edit some more pictures of pre-show beads that are still available, some booths I loved at the Kansas City Plaza Art Show, and the piece I made after being inspired by an artists work.

Have a good night.

Much love,


Just a quick "hello"

Hello friends!

Well I do have a TON of updating to do! I have to tell you about how our detox is going, about the show, the plaza art show, beads and more! Since this will be a long blog with pictures and the like I will be doing that posting later. For now I am heading down to the studio first to get some things made. I will spend the rest of the afternoon uploading, editing pictures, doing listings, and other things of that nature before Steph comes over to hang out this evening.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Talk with you soon!

Much love,


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Owl City free show Kansas City!

Hello friends!

I was super excited to find out that my new musical obsession will be in Kansas City for free!

They will be at the Beaumont Club at 6pm on October 1st! Here is the link!

See you there!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Catching up again...

Hello friends!

As you may have guessed this week has been pretty hectic preparing for the show. You will be happy to know that I did get some posting done today!


Today's first listing is one of my favorite combinations! The base is a lovely terra cotta and yellow ocher streaked base with some silvered ivory and raku! "Path of Life" is a lentil base that is aprox. 14mm.
The SNEAK PEEK item for today is a larger 16mm lentil pendant with the same colors and a different pattern. "Rainbow Crossed Path".


Here is a picture of the pendant that I made for my friend Stephanie. The pendant is one of my delicious pods with watermelon tourmaline and labradorite with a pretty swirly bail from bokamo designs.
This little guy was hanging out on the fence post this morning so I thought I would take a picture. If you have never seen one these bugs are called "walking sticks" cause well they look like sticks and they walk. Go figure. lol

So I have just totally become obsessed with Owl City. Their music is so dreamy and happy. I think it sounds like what the world would sound like if it was in perfect harmony. If you follow the link to their site "fireflies" is the first song that plays. That is the song that made me buy this cd and it's just lovely! The whole cd is dreamy and fantastic! I would highly recommend it :D I am listening to it as I am writing to you :) It sounds like a happier Postal Service with some Happy Hardcore lyrics and beats, but not nearly as many beats per minute.


So Ricky and I decided to do a 21 day detox cleanse. The first week you pretty much do a vegan diet, so no animal or animal bi-products. Week 2 is whole raw foods, so things like veggies, fruits, seeds, nuts. Week 3 is all juice, not that crap you get in a carton, the stuff you make in a juicer. You take fruits, veggies, sprouts, wheat grass and the like and toss them in a juicer and VOILA! It's actually surprisingly filling and good. Who knew? I think the 3rd week is going to be the hardest since you don't chew anything.

So today is day 2. Things are pretty cool. I still get to drink coffee. It's black, but I can put some drops of stevia in it so things are all groovy. You can also have tea(again the natural stuff) with agave nectar so that is warm and comforting. We have been eating this YUMMY bread by the brand Eziekel. The bread is made from sprouting everything that goes in it. We toasted it and put the pure peanut butter(its crushed peanuts, that's it!) with a few drops of agave nectar on it :D The bread is so dense and crunchy! Yum!

You can follow Ricky's blog by visiting or you can follow his tweets on Twitter by following Rfitnesscoach.

Well I must be off. Lots to do!

Much love,



Hello friends!

I just wanted to remind you again about my upcoming show at Bearden's Stained Glass THIS SATURDAY!


Remember Christmas is JUST around the corner! Be sure to pick up a special gift for those special ones in your life!

The Bearden's Art Fair, September 26, 2009 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m

Bearden's Stained Glass 7600 Metcalf Overland Park, KS 66204

For more details please check out Bearden's Stained Glass page
or call them by phone (913)381-4527 for more details.

See you there!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Rakulicious and Falltastic

Hello friends!

Well it's a bit of a later update, but here it is none the less ;)


I have a GORGEOUS Raku and black tile SUPER dangly bracelet! These style bracelets are super comfy and bursting with colors! Raku is the magical heat changing glass. In the designs are colors of: brown, purple, aqua, sea green and more!

Today's second item is a super fally and fancy Bead-inside-a-bead-hollow. This little beauty is brown and pink! Yum!SO WHAT ELSE IS NEW?....

More HALLOWEEN today! I had a little fun with that BIG theme and it looks like I had a bit more time to make a few more large ones, so if you missed out on your favorite ask again. I just might have one for you ;)

I was thinking along the lines of BIG Halloween beads and thought about a few other ideas. I am excited about the possibilities ;)

Well I am off to enjoy the start of the weekend.

Much love,


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Maybe BIGGER is better

Hello friends!

Just a late night update... I told Kim that I would post these when they were done since I was teasing her!

If you don't know my friend Kim is always saying to me "Could you make that BIGGER"? Well you asked for it, Kim! So with her in mind I went for BIGGER!Just so you have an idea just how much BIGGER these guys are than my normal size beads I have taken a picture of both of them in my hand.

Now it would only be fair if I offered these first BIG babies to Kim. So, Kim has first dibs.

The next two people that can call dibs are Billie and Jan. If they aren't all gone by then I will offer them up to everyone else!

All of the BIG Halloweenies are $30ea.

I hope you enjoyed the BIGGER side of beads!

Much love,


Beads, decorations and fruits from the garden

Hello friends!

Well if you didn't read on FB or my tweets, I wasn't feeling well and took the day off. Today I am feeling a bit better so I am back to my daily routine.


First I have a black and white pendant to offer. The pendant base is white with black dots and white poked flowers with bubbles trapped in the centers. Little bumply black dots make a line inbetween the windows . A black matte flower and white alabaster crystal dangle from a ball headpin.

Next I have another one of my favorite beads to make, black and white triangle beads for the SNEAK PEEK item. This pair has a black base with white triangles, black melted in dots and white bumply dots. These would make a fantastic pair of earrings!


Here are those photos I promised from the other day :)
Daisies are my absolute favorite flowers, Gerbera daisies to be exact, but I love all daisies :D My sis' friend Whitney had the shower at her house and had 4 vases of these lovely flowers. Flowers really do make a house feel homey :)Here is a close-up of the flowers.

Whitney also had some gorgeous paper lanterns all over. She was going to throw them away so I took two sets like this picture. One is behind my computer, and the other is in the bedroom in the corner by my tv. She also gave me 2 sets of 10 teeny round ones in light pink and orange. I have yet to find a place for them, but they won't go to waste! :D

I think paper lanterns must be good Feng Shui because they just make me feel good when I sit by them. I think it's the bright colors too :) I do kind of miss my chick in the headphones pic that I could view from my desk, but I think the lanterns are peaceful :)

This is just a small offering of the tomatoes I picked the other day. Our tomato plants are offering us tomatoes daily. I go and pluck the red, and yellow tomatoes and the ones that are orange that day usually turn red by the next. I wouldn't say that the tomatoes are over running my life like everyone warned, but it's really cool to go pick fresh veggies daily from the garden.

I won't lie, it sure is a lot of work watering them all! Now that the tomatoes are full of fruit they need SO much water. I don't even know that they are getting enough, but I water them as quickly as possible cause the mosquitoes love to eat me! It really does make caring for my plants pretty miserable. Next year we are putting in a drip system or something cause watering everything with large buckets kind of sucks. I also want to build a green house. I figure that will keep my plants safe from bugs, and diseases and all that stuff, that and then I can garden year round. I mean wouldn't it be cool if you were picking tomatoes in December with snow on the ground? I thought so ;)


Well I am behind on what I wanted to do for Halloween, so more Halloween stuff today. It's getting pretty popular too. I am pretty much having them put on hold the second I make them so I just have to keep making more ;) I want to make sure I have a nice selection for my show as well.

Well I should be off....

Have a fantastic day!

Much love,


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Some more Halloween!

Hello friends!

Another busy day in September! I went out with my friend Stephanie for happy hour. You know, I think that was the first time I have officially been to a happy hour! It was pretty awesome!


So if you were up late enough you may have noticed I did get some things listed late last night. I will post them in here first incase you missed them.

First I have a "Phat Bat" pendant. These little guys were one of my new designs last year. I just love how chubby they are. Their little eyes are so funny too. They look so confused! Their base is super shiny black(Tuxedo by CiM. Have I mentioned how this is my FAVORITE black?! ) with lime green and black eyes.

Next I have "The Black Cauldron", this was also a new design using one of my favorite shapes, a lentil. The base is super shiny black(Tuxedo by CiM) with ultra bright yellow green boiling witch's brew!

Today I have a piece of Violet candy with orange spots made on a super comfy tab base.

Today's SNEAK PEEK item is a "Violet Emo Skull Flower" button. This baby is shiny violet and black with an ivory skull on the face of the button and violet freckles on the shank.SO WHAT ELSE IS NEW?...

Well, HALLOWEEN, HALLOWEEN, HALLOWEEN! That is what is on the agenda this week. Then next week I may try to get a few more sets made before the show.

I can't believe the show is just around the corner!

So is my sister's wedding! We just did her bridal shower( I will have some pics of the SUPER pretty decorations we had). I have to go with my sis to check out the venue and do some mock table decorations to see how everything is going to look. Then on Sat we are going to the farmer's market to check out flowers. I guess they had some really beautiful bouquets for only like $10 each. We thought about getting some for the wedding the day before and just keeping them in water buckets until the wedding. If that doesn't end up working out my friend, Melissa is going to help us arrange some. We only need 2 bouquets so that shouldn't be too bad.

Well I must get going. Lots to do and not enough time!

Have a fantastic fall day.

Much love,


Friday, September 11, 2009

Catching up

Hello friends!

Holy crap! Has the whole week gone by with only one blog from me? Wow! I guess I was super busy! As you may have noticed I did get some things listed this week.


I will be listing some pendants coming up! It may be several days next week. These pendants are inexpensive and great for gifts! Yep, Christmas season will be coming soon!

Today I have some ORANGE and Whoa baby! is it BRIGHT!

First is a sweet little 14mm tangerine lentil with pink squiggles, swirls and spots!

Next is one of my pop art ducky's inspired by my pop art poster!
Here is the poster.


I know it's been awhile so I have some other fun pictures for you as well.

Look who came to visit on my hibiscus. It was a female. She was brown instead of that really bright lime green. They are such crazy looking bugs!

Kayla and Leeloo got baths. After he bath Kayla was found napping in a cute little wet ball.

She was also previously sleeping on the ottaman while Ricky sat on the chair. She woke up when I tried to get the picture. She did end up crawling down to the floor and then continuing to sleep there instead, which wasn't as cute, but still pretty cute!

Who's the cutest pumping EVER? Well next to Leeloo of course! Yep, it's KAYLA!

*dies* Oh God! Isn't she cute? We especially like calling her name and having her look at us!


Oh I don't remember if you all got to see the finished set of "Arizona Sunset" beads that my friend Jan bought.
Here is what Jan made with them!

Pretty huh? I like the contrast of shiny crystals and matte glass :)

Well that is all for now....

Have a fantastic weekend!

Much love,


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Still here!

Hello friends!

Yep! You guessed it! I have been BUSY! That is why you have not even seen me on here! I just wanted to send you a quick "hello" to let you know I was still alive. You may have seen that I have been posting on Etsy eventhough you have not seen it on here, Twitter or FB.

I will have more pictures and things to load as I get some time to get everything done.

I have to hop on down to the studio and get some beads made before meeting up with an old friend this afternoon.

More soon.....

Have a fantastic day!

Much love,


Monday, September 7, 2009

Genea Beads in the "Orange and Blue" Etsy treasury!

Hello friends!

I am SUPER excited to be featured in the "Orange and Blue" Etsy treasury submitted by clubahoha! Be sure to check our her site full of AMAZING brightly colored quilts!
Thanks so much for supporting me and my art!

With deepest gratitude,


Sunday, September 6, 2009

NEW beads, and color studies

Hello friends!

Yep, you did miss me on Friday. I was BUSY! Gosh, it seems like lately I have been busier that I can remember being before. At any rate I did get some listings up if you noticed. I had one new "Grow and Heal with Love" pendant up on Friday and got the others listed last night. This is another one of my NEW designs. I only made 3 though so better get them while they last ;)

Heart is deep Carmine red with a sprout and leaves of CiM's new color Split Pea. This really is a wonderful deep mossy kind of green :)

INSPIRATION: There are two things that inspired this style heart with new growth emerging out of it, one was at that particular time I had a few friends that were going through some tough times where healing and new growth would surely follow.

The second was my tomato and lilac bushes. The tomato plant had been stripped down to it's stem, but regrew with this amazing fullness and had survived. The lilac bush was just a small starter stem with a few wilty leaves. I thought for sure it would surely die. Weeks later little green buds appeared, then leaves and finally a new stem. Life always finds a way to grow and heal with love....

"Misty Rose"- is a very soft pink with a lime green vine and leaves.

"Rusted Violet"- is one of moretti's violets that gets that bronzy metallic sheen on it. Vine is lime green.


Well as you may know I have been BUSILY making beads. I finally got a chance to take pictures of what I have made over the last few days. All of these are currently available.

I was feeling that fall vibe and decided to make color gradated brown lentils with SIS. I had a dangly bracelet that had small round beads in these colors awhile back that I used to wear often. I lost it and have not been able to find it, so I thought I would make a set in their memory ;)

I was very excited to add a new CiM color called Maple to the set. It really is an awesome brown. It is actually more brown that what is in the palette already. It is more of what I would call a chocolaty brown where the other browns by moretti are either more redish, or yellow so this color is a perfect addition. My picture is somewhat dark so I took a picture trying to get the light through them as well so you could kind of see their color better.

I also snagged the CiM paddle so you could see the color as well.

Maple also has some cool streakies in it that are really sweet :)

I made some more beads with the Iron Mountain frit "A Fern Hand" and CiM Dirty Martini. I did a few extra *secret* mixes to get the final product ;) I would have to say the frit mix and DM are some of my absolute favorites! I would highly recommend these two if you like green. Here is a picture of the complete set. I think I will be offering these separately on Etsy,but I don't know. I mean they all kind of want to be together you know and they make such a statement all together...Isn't it SO pretty?! I love it! You all are going to have to fight me for it! ;)

The next two pictures were giving me FITS! My camera and I were just not working together. I tried all different lighting and bulbs and everything trying to get this picture to work out, but gave up. This is how my camera sees it. I have added the color paddles from Frantz's site and CiM's site so you can see the true colors. If anyone has any ideas on how to correct the colors or set a camera for them. Please let me know!

These were those colors that were on my sister's comforter that inspired me so the set is called "Nina's Comforter". I did them in transparents, but still might do just color lentils in opaques as well. We will see. Anyways.... from left to right: Pale Aqua, Lt. Aqua(which is totally the WRONG color), CiM Maple, Lt. Teal, and CiM Mojito(which is another one of my FAVS!). Here is CiM's paddle for Mojito. I think the picture above does a pretty good job of capturing the color. It is kind of a yellowy green/grayish color. It's SO pretty! Very unique too. It definitely is an addition to the color palette.

In this photo you can see where it fits into the color palette.

Here you can see the color paddle of Light Aqua.
Here is the paddle of Light Teal.
What a difference huh? Maybe I won't be able to offer things with these colors online due to photography issues. Hmm....

This next one called "Dusk Twirls", features 2 colors by CiM: Lapis and Grumpy Bear and frit from Iron Mountain by Reichenbach called Bright Opal Pink 1.

Here is the original photo. As you can see the Lapis is SO dark. If you didn't know what color it was, I can't say that you would have been able to tell.

Here is the CiM paddle of Lapis.
Here is the picture where I adjusted the color levels to make the color more apparent.

And the very LAST set I have to show you today that is still un-named at the moment. I made this set after selling the first style set to Melissa. The colors were so good I thought I would like to make another so that more people got to see it.

Well I guess this concludes my very LONG blog ;) I hope you enjoyed it.

Have a fantastic holiday weekend!

Much love,