Friday, September 18, 2009

Rakulicious and Falltastic

Hello friends!

Well it's a bit of a later update, but here it is none the less ;)


I have a GORGEOUS Raku and black tile SUPER dangly bracelet! These style bracelets are super comfy and bursting with colors! Raku is the magical heat changing glass. In the designs are colors of: brown, purple, aqua, sea green and more!

Today's second item is a super fally and fancy Bead-inside-a-bead-hollow. This little beauty is brown and pink! Yum!SO WHAT ELSE IS NEW?....

More HALLOWEEN today! I had a little fun with that BIG theme and it looks like I had a bit more time to make a few more large ones, so if you missed out on your favorite ask again. I just might have one for you ;)

I was thinking along the lines of BIG Halloween beads and thought about a few other ideas. I am excited about the possibilities ;)

Well I am off to enjoy the start of the weekend.

Much love,



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