Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Hello friends!

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Good luck! 

xo Genea

Monday, December 9, 2013

Busy Before the Holidays

Hello friends!

Wow, it's been a little while huh? I've been here as always, just BUSY. I have been selling out of beads before they get to my Etsy shop and here(YAY!)! My facebook bead previews have been really awesome. If you don't already know you can check out my posts on my profile or business page.

Want to see what found new homes(Yes, these are all SOLD OUT already)? I thought you might ;)

Ok so I am mildly obsessed by sea glass green AND it's even prettier stone textured! I finished off the "collection" of sea glass beads with the smaller lentils and headpins. 
Mmmm I also love this terracotta color as well. It is SO dreamy with silvered ivory and raku! Here you can see if shiny and stone textured. Amazing how different they look huh? 
I also did  a collection in this color scheme. I call it "Antique Mint". Yes, it does look blue, but the original glass is a minty green before they come full circle to look like this. Pretty huh?
Here are the rest of the beads. I made the spacers just before this collection. I didn't get to smaller lentils yet. I really love the way these turned out.


So aside from making beads Ricky and  I have been creating art.  It's really nice to be creative together. Here are some of the things Ricky has been creating.
This piece is called "Entomology Specimen" since it looks like a scientific study of animal life. I love that it is on 3 canvas' that go together, but are separate. 

This piece is just SO gorgeous. I had to show a few shots. There are SO many details!
I just love all of the texture and layers. 
This was a second piece in his "Urban Vandalism" series called "Dapper Disguise" :D
This one is still unnamed. It's amazing to see where the piece starts and where it ends up. It was really awesome at this step, but just wait til you see the finished piece.

Wow, huh?! It reminds me of thoughts, and aspirations, a journey in life. I love the gears too. It has that "street washed" feel to it like his kind of urban city graffiti style too.

 Here is the base of his newest one. It's even completely past this part already. This is just the bottom layer with many more to follow. I love seeing the pieces come together.

I have been at it as well. Creating as he is making things for his shop. Mine have been for gifts.

I love the ombre wine cork hearts you will see bouncing around Pinterest. I started out with my simple text background and decided to do some more mixed-media stuff to it AFTER I attached the heart. Now ideally I would have done the layers first, but you know how that goes ;) I still am very happy with how it turned out. This went to my bro's gf for xmas :)

It's FINISHED! It's so different from where it started, but it's SO beautiful! I am really happy with how it turned out! I began working on another for a "Pinterest Party" to which I was invited.
This time I wanted raised "gilded windows" for my piece. This step took me forever so I decided to set this aside and start working on a more free flowing piece in the same style. 

Ok... I took A LOT of pictures of this one. I had such a wonderful time creating it. It took me a full day to make it. I loved enjoying it on my wall and I was sad to have to give it away. I'm glad it went to a home where it will be loved ;)
Detail top left.
Detail middle.
Detail bottom right.

The finished piece. This is functional wall art! So cool!  So I did wine corks on the left side to be used a bulletin board for photos. On the bottom are hooks for keys, jewelry etc. 

 Yes, I'm a nerd. I had to take photos of the new piece with it's sibling ;) 

Here they are together on the 1st pieces side. 
Here they are together on the second pieces side. As you can see these were not hung to be close. We just hang our work on the already existing nails from what we had up on the wall before hand ;) 

We were pretty excited to get a Keurig! This was our gift to each other for Christmas. It's been super sweet having fancy coffee every morning. Now I just want to run out and get a ton more pods! Lol. 

 I will be taking a break from making new beads through the rest of the holiday. For now I will focus on making gifts and try to re-charge from the busy year. I will begin new work after the 1st. It's been an awesome year. Each year we have been getting increasingly busier thanks to my lovely supporters! You all have made this dream possible! 

Happiest Holidays to you and yours and a prosperous new year!

xo Genea