Thursday, July 31, 2008

Creation is Messy Pink Champagne color test

Hey all! Here are some of my findings from testing CiM Pink Champagne.

Kandice Seeber did a really amazing blog on this color as well. Her blog is . You would be surprised at the difference in color of our test beads.

I talked with Kathy from Creation is Messy about this crazy phenomenon and she was saying that the glass looks different due to "
monitors, lighting, working styles and atmospheres, and even individual perception".

B1- Amber Rose
B2- Pink Champagne
B3- Sepia
B1- Pink Champagne
B2- Pink champagne over white.
B3- Pink Champagne over pink.
B1- Pink Champagne etched
B2- Pink Champagne
B1- Pink Champagne with silver leaf
B2- Pink Champagne
B1- Pink Champagne encased with Lauscha clear and Dark rose dots
B2- Pink Champagne encased with CIM clear
B3- Pink Champagne

I hope you all enjoyed my little blip on this amazing glass.

Much love,


Saturday, July 26, 2008

Ashley's unbirthday present!

Here is a front view from the middle of the bracelet.
Here is a view from the right side.
Here is a view from the left side.

So I was totally thrilled with the idea that my friends Ashley and Lucas came up with. Ashley is going to be leaving the US to go teach English in Korea for a year. They both decided that since she would miss all of the holidays after August and their birthdays to celebrate them all before she leaves on August 21st! Isn't that a fantastic idea?! So for her birthday present I made her this bracelet. She LOVES pink and she is totally fascinated by lampwork beads. It is really fun for me to be able to gift someone that can totally appreciate the art of jewelry and beads :D


I am so excited to have gotten to know you better and share time with you! You are amazingly sweet and so much fun to hang out with. You are just full of smiles and excitement. I am so excited that you love your bracelet. I am really happy to share my passion for glass and beads with you. I will have to send you some new stuff while you are away. We are going to miss you girl! I hope you have a wonderful time in Korea and we will totally keep those care packages coming while you are away.

Much love,


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Answer from Double Helix on the test batches

So I got an e-mail back from Jed at Double Helix about the tester batches of terra reform that I got. It turns out that it wasn't the user ;) I guess the test batches that I got were again reformulated into the new terra luna and terra nova. They are still working on a more consistant batch for terra as well. Well I'm glad I found out so I won't give those test batches too much of my time. I do totally commend them on working to make some super kick ass silver glass ;)

Well I should get going... I have a special order letter opener to make :D

Much love,


Saturday, July 19, 2008

New items on Etsy!

Hello everyone,

I have just listed some more new items on Etsy! You can check them out by clicking on the pictures or links above ;)

Much love,


Friday, July 18, 2008

Picture update

Here are some of the pictures that you all missed while I was waiting to get moved and get my computer up and running...

Here is a bead I tried to remake on my minor called "Acid Rain 2."
Here are two beads made using Kronos.
Here is a custom order for a rainbow w/ clouds.
Beautiful Raku on a minor! Look at all of the pretty colors and color variation.
Here is the other side of the bead.

Almost there

Well the computer is pretty much up and running as best as it can for being saved from the land fill. It runs the internet and I finally have picasa up. I just need to get a flash drive that my USB port will recognize and then we will be in business ;) A friend is even going give me his flash drive so I just have to go to my parent's house and transfer all of the information to this computer! Woo hoo. As soon as I get all of the pictures transferred I should be able to start uploading pics to this computer again!

Did I mention that my awesome friend, Brandon even fixed my dryer?! He took my free dryer that we found curbside, gutted it, found the broken parts, got new ones and put it all back together! I now have a working washer and dryer that was free and only cost me about $40 to repair! Score!

On the bead news front my friend Melissa is coming over tonight and she is going to help me program my kiln to anneal some bullseye! I can't wait to try my freaky, streaky, striker pack that my mom bought me from the ISGB gathering that was in KC a few years ago! Woot!

That's all for now...

Much love,


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

This is a day the Lord has made...

Here are Karen and my beads!

What a lovely day! I got to spend the day with my friend Karen from Austin, TX. I got to show her all of my pretty glass stash and make some beads! What a good time! Thanks for coming by, Karen!

I stopped off at the local Whole Foods and decided to enjoy the very breezy evening. I got some of their yummy pizza, a water and one of my fav cakes, their berry chantilly cake! I sat outside on one of their outside tables and ate my dinner enjoying the dusky sky.

I decided to take the scenic city route to the house and leave the windows down and the radio off to enjoy the sights, sounds and smells in the world around me. I tried to sneak glances across the river as the sun was setting in the sky as I was driving over the bridge. It was truely beautiful.

Soon I have to go pick up the hubby from school and then I get to spend the whole rest of the night with him.

I couldn't ask for a better day :)

I hope your day was as great as mine. See you soon.

Much love,


Saturday, July 12, 2008

Back in business!

Hey all!

I am finally back in business! The internet is finally up at my house! HORAY!

I had a SUPER FANTASTIC 29th b-day! It was filled with friends, fun, and great deserts! Thanks to everyone for my gifts and sharing my special day with me! *muah*

I had a few days of playing with new glass, so I don't have a ton of new stuff made yet, but I will be working on new items next week.

I have to make a ton of new and amazing beads and jewelry for my photo shoot! My awesome friend Nicole is going to take a photo shoot for me of all of my jewelry, studio and myself! I am really excited.

We will be using these new pictures for my featured artist article for Soft flex in April 2009! These pictures will also be used for the winter Women in glass issue by the flow magazine in winter 08/09! I am very excited!

I also just found out that my necklace that was published in Beadwork mag in '05 has been featured in the Creative Jewelry '08 Magazine! the necklace was renamed from "Mod Pod," to "Destinations." Very COOL!

Well I should get going. Tonight is my friend Stephanie's batchlorette party! See you all soon!

Much love,