Saturday, July 26, 2008

Ashley's unbirthday present!

Here is a front view from the middle of the bracelet.
Here is a view from the right side.
Here is a view from the left side.

So I was totally thrilled with the idea that my friends Ashley and Lucas came up with. Ashley is going to be leaving the US to go teach English in Korea for a year. They both decided that since she would miss all of the holidays after August and their birthdays to celebrate them all before she leaves on August 21st! Isn't that a fantastic idea?! So for her birthday present I made her this bracelet. She LOVES pink and she is totally fascinated by lampwork beads. It is really fun for me to be able to gift someone that can totally appreciate the art of jewelry and beads :D


I am so excited to have gotten to know you better and share time with you! You are amazingly sweet and so much fun to hang out with. You are just full of smiles and excitement. I am so excited that you love your bracelet. I am really happy to share my passion for glass and beads with you. I will have to send you some new stuff while you are away. We are going to miss you girl! I hope you have a wonderful time in Korea and we will totally keep those care packages coming while you are away.

Much love,



Ashley said...

AWWWW!! You're so awesome Genea! I'm so glad that I got to get to know you. To bad it was right before I had to leave lol. But I shall be back! Thank you again so so much. You are so talented I know you'll be famous one day :)

Much love!

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