Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Happy Holidays and signing off

Hello friends!

Well I am officially POOPED! I spent the morning making BEADS! Super FUN NEW things! I can't wait to share them! I JUST got done stocking up my Etsy shop with more goodies for your shopping pleasure! Since I am all worded out you will just get the cliff notes versions of the listings. You will have to go to the actual listings to read the more eloquent versions! ;)

First I just HAVE to list my florbital earrings! These are seriously the MOST AWESOME earrings I have EVER made! They are also the ONLY ones I will ever be making! It is pretty freaking hard to get the sizing just perfect to call a pair earrings!Next is one of my rainbow ruffle ribbon hearts! I just LOVE these! They are so shiny, pretty and reflective! The mix of opaques and transparents is just fantastic! I also just LOVE filligranas! They make such sweet ass designs!Here is a set with one of my favorite flowers as the design. Little white daisies on a base of black with yellow freckles!Here is a bright lentil pair and spacer set inspired by this peter max painting(which is actually a puzzle in this picture). The lentils were inspired by the little planets you see. I just reversed some of the colors fun funzies :DLast is a pair of violet wing dings with icey silver white spots. I love using this shape for funky earrings!

I don't remember if I ever showed you my final design on sheep? I don't think I did... Anyways, here it is!OMG isn't it SOOOO cute? Lol! I just love it! It looks all puffily and soft :D As you may know wool or sheep aren't by any means soft, but just play along :D This little guy is a gift for one of my friends, but he did inspire some more designs that I will be revealing at a later time >:D

So I never did try for leopard print before this, but I am pretty sure I nailed it! This was a gift for my chiropractor's wife. I attached it to one of my cards with some black fairy silk so it could be worn as a tied choker or long necklace. Pretty sweet eh? It is kind large too. I didn't intend for it to necessarily be that large, but it turned out sweet!

Well I am seriously all worded out. No, I mean it this time! So this is where we will part ways until I return back from my family vacation to Ohio on December 29th. Don't forget- I will be leaving my Etsy shop open for shopping while I am away. My beads will get to go on vacation with me as I get together and celebrate the real reason for the season with my hubby's family and extended family. I can't wait! I have not gotten to do a huge Christmas like this one since I was a child and my family's extended family used to come to our home to celebrate. I have a feeling my heart will be full to the brim with love this holiday season and I am looking forward to every minute of it!

A most happiest holidays to you and yours. May the joy and love of the season warm your hearts!

Much love,


Monday, December 14, 2009

The first of many

Hello friends!

Well I did it! I got 4 new wintry items listed for your purchasing pleasure! I also went to Bead Boutique to visit Melissa and Andrea, went to my Alignment is Life to get adjusted, went out for sushi with my brother and worked on my new scarf! What a complete and wonderful day! So without further delay....

The first item I have for your is a super cute little polar bear with a red rose on her head.
Next I have a snow girl named "Elena" with an icy aqua blue rose in on her head. Elena has He has rosy pink cheeks, charcoal eyes and an orange carrot nose.
Here is Harold with his emerald green, red and white striped scarf. He has rosy pink cheeks, charcoal eyes and an orange carrot nose.
Here is Lucas with his emerald green, red and white striped scarf. He has rosy pink cheeks, charcoal eyes and an orange carrot nose.

Well I have a ton of ideas in my head and I just can't wait to get a chance to make them all. I hope to get down to the studio tomorrow afternoon while it's warmer. It's sad to say that 22 is the high for tomorrow and it gets much colder at night! Brrrrr. You know I have my space heater cranking to stay warm!

I will also be editing and hopefully adding the rest of the beads I photographed to my shop tomorrow. Once all of them are uploaded that will be my last shop listings until I return from our family vacation on December 29th. I will still be around making beads and doing other holiday stuff until the 18th.

I have 2 more things I need to finish for a friends gifts along with any other things I need to make before the end of the week.

Well Ricky just got home a little bit ago so I am going to go see how his day was. I want to go snuggle up and get warm and cozy!

See you soon!

Much love,


Sunday, December 13, 2009

A quick update

Hello friends!

I just wanted to touch base with you about this coming week. I will be stocking up my Etsy shop for your Christmas or just fun shopping! I will be busting my ass getting stuff done this upcoming week before I leave on our family vacation December 19th.

My Etsy shop will actually be traveling with me to Ohio so you will be able to keep shopping even while I am on vacation!

I have some great new bead and Valentine's day beads bouncing around in my head. I can't wait to get back to my torch and start creating! I have a few more gifts to make for friends and then I will move on to new work!

Talk with you all soon.

Much love,


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Week in review

Hello friends!

First off I would like to announce the Genea Beads give away on the Dandy Giveaway blog! Check out the link for more information on the giveaway. Here is the item up for grabs.The Bokamo Home show was a huge success! We had such a wonderful time hanging out with Terry and Steve! It was great to see everyone! Thanks to Steve, Terry and everyone for their overwhelming support! <3


How about a jump start on Valentine's Day? This is for all of you emo kids, or skully peeps out there. First is a set of lentil beads with 2 freckly pink and black lentils, a skull boy, skull girl, and pink broken heart bead. For the second item I have listed a button that would just match perfectly! Now wouldn't both of these make a KILLER bracelet and clasp? Yeah, I thought so too! ;)Button shank is black with pink freckles. Flower face is pastel pink with an ivory skull on top.

SALE! Since we are on a Valentine's day theme I put this awesome lime and aqua gilttery passion heart on sale! This little beauty was made with incredible Bullseye odd lot and regular stock glass. WOW!


OMG! Guess what I got in the mail?! YEP, SARAH MORAN BEADS!!!! What a fantastic early Christmas present huh?! Aren't they amazing? Sarah was kind enough to send me a fantastical sampling of her beadies for my designing pleasure. Oh what to make! I must say pictures don't even do them justice. There really is NOTHING like holding them in your hands!So when I was at the show a customer asked if I had a pendant to match these fab earrings. Luckily I had this bead and made an AWESOME pendant to match! Pretty sweet huh?!I just love the way this turned out. I guess I need to make some more of these style earrings and a matching pendant too huh?

So as you know this is the time of the year for baking! Holly and I decided to prep our dough for cut out sugar cookies. We decided that in the mean time it would be smart to make some chocolate chip cookies while we were waiting for the cookie dough to chill. OK so I never said I was an awesome baker! It was Holly's idea to take the cookies off the pan while they were still hot so they didn't continue to cook and get burnt. So some of the cookies were kind smooshy and the other pan of cookies kinda stuck together so we had to cut them out all square like. They may not be super pretty, but they were DAMN DELICIOUS! :P

So I thought you all might like to see the process of our sugar cookie making! Ok so you know me and bright colors right? Yeah, we kinda get along :D Did you know that they make NEON food coloring?! Look at our decorating pretties!Ever wonder what Holly looks like? Well here she is! She even made the silly face and posed with the flower sprinkles!
Here you can see just how BRIGHT the frosting turned out!Pretty sweet eh? We made butter cream frosting for the tops of the cookies. Little did we know that we could have used some meringue powder to keep our frosting from separating. Again, better bead maker than baker! lol
I was sneaky enough to have gotten a picture of Brandon. He he he.
Here you can see Brandon and Ricky decorating cookies. Awww!
Here is one of the pans of cookies. I made Patrick from Sponge bob. You can see him in the bottom left corner :D
On the bottom left you can see Ricky's zombie cookie that is headless. Well what else are you supposed to do with the cookie that loses it's head?! On the bottom right you may also notice Brandon's gay pride Christmas tree! Pretty snazzy huh?! They were a bit tasty too!

Well I didn't quite get to bead making today! It is BALLS cold outside! 10 degrees is WAY too cold to make beads if you ask me!

Well I hope you all had a wonderful weekend/ beginning of the week.

See you soon!

Much love,


Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hello friends!

Just a quick blip! I am getting everything together for the show! My car decided to crap out with it's battery! Ugh.. I am hoping it just needs a new one. I am off to the Target parking lot by the house to hopefully just replace the battery on the car with Brandon.


Open House
Bokamo Designs
5609 W. 99th Street
Overland Park, KS


Yummy cupcakes and chocolate chip cookies! One of the best times of the year to BAKE!
The shop will close later this evening before I go to sleep. It will re-open on Monday if we havn't SOLD OUT!

Have a fantastic weekend!

Much love,


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

shhh don't tell!

I got my listings done, but I couldn't help, but work on some more Christmas gifts! I have been loving all of this creating.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Adventures from glass to fibers

Hello friends!

A little bit of a late start online. I was whisked away to one of my very favorite local Asian restaurants by my brother. :) That sure is a nice way to start out your day! I even did some picture editing so you could have a nice LONG and eventful blog to read today full of beads, designs, and ongoing art projects! Horay!


Both items have a "sunshine" theme today. Today's first listing is a fantastical set of batik style round beads. These are those beads I refer to "magic" beads as well. The color reactions are just fantastic!See, I told you!

Next I have a super CUTE little Sunshine pendant named "you are my sunshine". This pendant was inspired by the darling amigurumi knitted pieces.Today's SALE item fits along with the batiky raku theme. I have a goddess to offer. She looks like stone and has gorgeous raku designs on her body!


The knitting bug totally bit me! What fantastical fibers there are out in the world! Here is a picture of my first scarf completed! It is made out of 70% wool and 30% acrylic.This scarf was made with a garter stitch, but apparently I did it backwards. So instead of wrapping my cord around the back I wrapped it around the front and knitted it forming little x's.

Here is my second scarf. Yes, I know it's acrylic, but it was the only other fiber I had around the house that wasn't made out of a teeny thread with furry poof's on it. Now I don't have anything against furry poof's or anything, but have you tried to knit with that stuff? I have great vision and all and I can't see my stitches to save my life! I think I will stick with wool ;) Anyways....Pretty huh? It looks like rainbow sherbet! This one was made with a true garter stitch. I figured it would be hard to see my knits and purls on this style fiber so I just did the easy stitch.

Now these are SO awesome I can hardly stand it! These are coffee cozies for your Starbucks cups. Why did I plug Starbucks? Well they make outstanding coffee and I am a coffee snob! lol These were knitted and then felted. No more hot hands for you and just think no more throwing away or recycling your cardboard sleeves! How fantastic!
Now for the master's work. Holly, the incredible, made this AWEOME knit mowhawk hat! It has been felted for that fuzzy tight look! Can you believe she made this in just a few hours?!INSPIRATION FROM FIBERS INTO GLASS

So as you may know one creative thing usually likes to leak over to other creative things. So my knitting bled over to my glass. Here is one of the first things I made. Well wool is made out of sheep fuzz so here are my sheepies.With all designs there are things that worked or didn't. The very first sheep is actually black and gray and resembles what a cancerous lump might look like in glass than a sheep. So, poo on that design. The second sheepie is white and super bumply to look wooly. The only bad thing is that you can just barely see the ears against it's white fuzzy body. It is, however, very cute and passible in design. The lamb face was actually next, but I wanted you to see the progression of the sheep with bodies first. Ok so the 3rd sheepie. Very cute on dark ivory instead. I really like the variegated "curdly" look of dark ivory. He is very cute, but isn't very wooly. Maybe I should add some larger dots on the sides to make him look more fluffy without being over kill? The last little guy is a lamb face. I think it's pretty cute, but wondered if the nose needed to be longer. Should it go all the way down to the bottom of the face? I dunno. Still pondering that one.

Now you can't make sheep without making what sheep wool turns into right? Here I made some balls of yarn. These little balls of yarn were made with Messy's new color Mermaid! It is a fantastic more bluish teal. The earrings to the right were etched to make them look more like wool. As you may know, wool is not really shiny. The yarn balls to the left were made with stringer and a little more strategically places to give them the look of wound up yarn. the ones to the right were the first ones made using the rod to make sloppily strung yarn. I think the second ones on the right that were made into earrings are perfect. They are more tidy and wound up looking and matte!


Ok, now you will totally pee your pants! Do you believe I actually brought out my sewing machine? Did you pee your pants yet? Ok, well I got it when I got married the first time and used it all of about TWICE! This year I wanted to try making something super sweet, so out came the sewing machine!I wish I could tell you what I was making, but that would ruin the surprise. I will just have to post after the holidays!

Well that is it for my update. I hope you enjoyed the process along with me.

Have a fantastic day!

Much love,