Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Happy Holidays and signing off

Hello friends!

Well I am officially POOPED! I spent the morning making BEADS! Super FUN NEW things! I can't wait to share them! I JUST got done stocking up my Etsy shop with more goodies for your shopping pleasure! Since I am all worded out you will just get the cliff notes versions of the listings. You will have to go to the actual listings to read the more eloquent versions! ;)

First I just HAVE to list my florbital earrings! These are seriously the MOST AWESOME earrings I have EVER made! They are also the ONLY ones I will ever be making! It is pretty freaking hard to get the sizing just perfect to call a pair earrings!Next is one of my rainbow ruffle ribbon hearts! I just LOVE these! They are so shiny, pretty and reflective! The mix of opaques and transparents is just fantastic! I also just LOVE filligranas! They make such sweet ass designs!Here is a set with one of my favorite flowers as the design. Little white daisies on a base of black with yellow freckles!Here is a bright lentil pair and spacer set inspired by this peter max painting(which is actually a puzzle in this picture). The lentils were inspired by the little planets you see. I just reversed some of the colors fun funzies :DLast is a pair of violet wing dings with icey silver white spots. I love using this shape for funky earrings!

I don't remember if I ever showed you my final design on sheep? I don't think I did... Anyways, here it is!OMG isn't it SOOOO cute? Lol! I just love it! It looks all puffily and soft :D As you may know wool or sheep aren't by any means soft, but just play along :D This little guy is a gift for one of my friends, but he did inspire some more designs that I will be revealing at a later time >:D

So I never did try for leopard print before this, but I am pretty sure I nailed it! This was a gift for my chiropractor's wife. I attached it to one of my cards with some black fairy silk so it could be worn as a tied choker or long necklace. Pretty sweet eh? It is kind large too. I didn't intend for it to necessarily be that large, but it turned out sweet!

Well I am seriously all worded out. No, I mean it this time! So this is where we will part ways until I return back from my family vacation to Ohio on December 29th. Don't forget- I will be leaving my Etsy shop open for shopping while I am away. My beads will get to go on vacation with me as I get together and celebrate the real reason for the season with my hubby's family and extended family. I can't wait! I have not gotten to do a huge Christmas like this one since I was a child and my family's extended family used to come to our home to celebrate. I have a feeling my heart will be full to the brim with love this holiday season and I am looking forward to every minute of it!

A most happiest holidays to you and yours. May the joy and love of the season warm your hearts!

Much love,



Erika said...

These beads are lovely! happy holidays to you :)

Genea said...

Thanks! They were fun to make :D

Happiest Hoildays to you as well :)

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