Thursday, March 19, 2015

Sun, Spring, and Magazine Tutorial Release!

Hello friends!

Spring is finally here in the Midwest! I couldn't be more happy to be outside enjoying the GORGEOUS Sunny weather! It's amazing just how much warmer temps have really awoken my spirit. You can really see that inspiration in my latest work. I am really loving pulling out all of those gorgeous pastel colors and stone textured beachy style beads. 

I created some lovely gifts for 2 of my friends using my new "Sugar Beach Rainbows" beads and some mouth watering Wooly Wire.

I also finished up the last of the "Sugar Beach Rainbow" series of beads with my "Rainbow Sugar Cubes".  I don't usually make this shape so I thought it might be fun to work it into this design. After making this style bead I remember why... getting the bead out of the press bends the EVER LOVING HELL out of my mandrels! We all know how much fun it is to make beads on wonky mandrels :/ Well maybe we all don't, but trust me, it sucks. Lol. 

So pretty, aren't they? There is something so soothing about that calm pale aqua blue. It's like rain, or ocean, or tear drops. I dunno, but I just love it! Clear is really gorgeous stone textured as well. Add some ivory and you've really got a winner ;) 
How about a little taste of the beach? These colors remind me of that gorgeous green sea glass. Mostly that gorgeous color comes from things like coca cola bottles. Believe it or not, the bottle glass is actually green, not clear ;) 
While we are into that green, why not make some headpins too?
If you aren't really into all that water, you can always hit the desert with it's warm caramel hues with kisses of rainbow.

Do you ever go back and re-work some of your old designs? I had the opportunity to work on a new and improved design for my friend, Amanda's necklace. On the left you will see the original necklace. On the right you will see the NEW and IMPROVED "INDESTRUCTIbail" design. Amanda's son, Adam reached for her pendant and gave it a yank stretching out the entire pendant. So to remedy that problem I created my "Indestructibail" design for her instead. Just look at how GORGEOUS it turned out! I must say it sure was hard to give her this necklace back without wanting to keep it for myself! I really love the shifts of color you can see using longer lengths of Wooly Wire.  You can find my "Mystic Moon and Sister Sun" focal bead here.

Here is a close-up of the bail. OMG isn't is SO PRETTY?! This is one of my favorite colorway's of Wooly Wire called, "Sunrise". 

If you love this color too, keep an eye out for it in the shop soon! I will also be releasing our "Sunshine Peach" Spiral Earth Stone earring pairs as soon .  Our "Sunshine Lotus Ray's" earrings will be featured in the Wirework Magazine Spring 2015. Subscribers can expect to see it in their mailboxes as soon as the first week in April! 

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Happy Spring!

xo Genea