Monday, March 31, 2014

Shop Listing Marathon- Beachy Beads and some Re-stocks of your Favorites!

Hello friends! This is the Q&D version for everyone! I am wiped! I just got done with an Etsy shop marathon update. My back is KILLING me and I am HUNGRY! So here is the sneaky peeky of what's in the shop!

You can purchase it all

Have a great evening!

xo Genea

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Bead Soup Blog Party 8- My Soup from Jael's Jewels!

Hello friends!

I am excited to share my amazing bead soup from Jael with you!

So you know how I like to show you photos just like you were there unwrapping it with me, right? Well I had so many I decided to go a collage in the order of how I opened the package so I could really do some close-up's of the amazing beads below :D I love how Jael made me packaging out of recycled magazines with sweet little notes :D

I received some beautiful batik fabric strips! Love batik fabric and these bright colors!

A beautiful Tierra Cast toggle clasp that is just perfect with Jael's beads!
Some strands of semi-precious stones: bone, coral, and turquoise.

The first package of beads I opened was the one that said "From my ocean to yours" Thank you gift. Isn't it wonderful?! I just love the waves and ocean surf with a sandy beach and shell accent. You can even see bits of glitter :D
The next bead in the box was this AMAZING heart!! I just love the huge size! Jael combined 2 of her styles in this heart just for me! Isn't it incredible?!

Here is the back side! I just love all of the intricate details!
Next were these amazing pair of wooden looking sun faced hearts! Just look at all of the amazing little details. The beads are so delicate with so much texture! I love the antique wood grain look!

 Even the back side is amazing! The cane looks like wood grain with little scratches and pits!

Next were these amazing egg shaped oval beads! WOW!! Just look at all of the colors, texture, and antiqued parts. Each one is a little masterpiece with details on every side!

Jael also sent me these amazing rounds!! Can you see the sparkles?! Wow did she spoil me rotten or what?! Now to dream up something amazing! I hope to be able to make some matching beads to compliment her work!

Now to brain storm!

See you soon!

xo Genea

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Wooly Wire "One-oh-FUN" by Genea Beads- Class at Bead Fest Philly August 22, 2014!

Hello friends!

I am super EXCITED to announce I will be teaching my first BIG class at Bead Fest Philly in August! Not only will we be vending again this year, but I will be teaching you the secrets of working with Wooly Wire! Class is held on August 22nd from 4:30-8:30pm. Cost for class is $110 along with a special show price kit fee of $55(valued at over $110!) .
You can click on the link Wooly Wire "One-oh-FUN"! to get signed up for class! You will need to scroll almost ALL the way down the page to get to the link, but I promise it's there! ;)

So what will you learn in class? Well when asked most of you were pretty intimidated to pick up Wooly Wire. I want to ease your mind about working with this FABULOUS new wire! You work with Wooly Wire just like you would any other wire except it's fuzzy and colorful. You just do a little felting and tucking of the end of the wire to secure it, but it can do just about anything else you normally do with regular metal wire. Here is a link to my "Finishing the ends of Wooly Wire and wire-wrapped bead" video tutorial.

I will be teaching you to: wrap, coil, spiral, and finish the ends of Wooly Wire! You will learn to: make a Wooly Wire bail, a corkscrew spiral necklace, and weave a pair of earrings! I will even be showing you how to make one of my recycled sari silk necklaces! I am very confident when you leave class you will not only feel super comfortable working with Wooly Wire, but you will be ready to DIVE into pushing the limits of your design!
For the class I thought you all would love working with my stone textured beads and who doesn't love that pinky purple?!
I chose a simple yet funky design for the necklace. I wanted you all to learn some basic and fun techniques with an "everyday" style necklace to wear.

My "Ancient Tapestry" earrings were VERY well received so I decided to also include the creation of these fabulous earrings to the class! The black and rainbow goes with just about every outfit! 

Delightful, no?! 

Well don't delay! Hop on over and get signed up now as we may fill up well before the show!

I can't wait to see you there!

xo Genea

Genea Beads Shows & Class Schedule

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Wooly Wire "One-oh-FUN"! At Bead Fest Philly August 22, 2014- Friday 4:30-8:30pm

Monday, March 17, 2014

Jael has received her soup!

Hello friends!

Well Jael has received her soup so I will post photos of what I sent! 
I like doing themes when I send soup so I did a Sea Urchin theme. The sea urchin themed beads are one of my most fantastical glass beads and are also on the cover of the current issue of Bead Design Studio March/April 2014! I figured this was the way to go with my soup this time around!

So here are the beads: Silvered fossil spacers- a new glass color I picked up wrapped in a gorgeous silvered ivory band. This is a new design and I loved it so well I used the same base for the NEW "Rainbow Urchin Silver Sand" Wing Dings! I create them specifically for this soup cause Wing Dings on their own are awesome, but add an urchin and they are just out of this world! It wouldn't be complete without one of my "Ocean Urchin Egg" focals and a "Rainbow Urchin" clasp! Jael's clasp is a button style clasp. I had this base prepped so I thought I would try out a button style as well. It turned out awesome so I may make more in the future. You can't have an entire set of  urchin beads without a glass headpin so I created the "Ocean Urchin" "Innies" and "Outies" style headpins. I just love this collection of beads! I can't wait to see what Jael does with it!

I also sent along some of my favorites! I sent a few colors of recycled sari silk, some cable chain from rings & things, and of course, Raku Wooly Wire that was made especially to match my raku beads :D!

You can check out her post about her soup she received from me here. I didn't click a ton of photos of the entire soup as I wanted to rush it out in the mail, but Jael took some wonderful photos of opening her soup! 

I can't wait to receive my soup from her and will post when it arrives in the mail :D

See ya soon!

xo Genea

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Gettin' my BEACH on! NEW work in the shop!

Hello friends!

Wow what a MARATHON SHOP UPDATE! I was crankin' out those beads this past week! Some of the awesomeness didn't get snapped up a the preview so the shop was lucky to get a fine selection of new awesome work!
The "Q&D" for those of you that just want a quick peek before heading to the shop.

So I had to list EACH one of these in the shop. Instead of posting each one, you can find them HERE.

Yep, same here. See above ^^

These are SO pretty and they just were not very cooperative to photograph. You can find them here and here.

"Innie" style Sea Urchin clasp on steel. Boy is this metal HARD to shape! Not sure if I will be making more of these for that reason so if you love them, grab them!

Wing Dings "Rainbow Urchin Silver Sand" Um.. yeah, I DID it! Aren't these so incredibly GORGEOUS?!

Wing Dings "Ocean Beach Stone Jewel" O...M.... G... Nice relaxing day at the beach?! I think so!

Beach Stone Droplet "Ocean Jewel"- So I have to tell you about the details cause they are not totally apparent and I want you to appreciate my labor of love on these babies. The top parts including the button are shiny and the bottoms are matte and stone textured. They take forever to clean and protect to give them the matte and shiny look. They are SO worth the effort though, as you can see why!

Now my brain is totally fried. I pulled my back the other day too so I can't take anymore sitting in the chair.

See ya later! I hope you enjoy the new pretties!

xo Genea

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Bead Soup Blog Party 8- My partner Jael Thorp from Jael's Art Jewels!

Hello friends!

Meet Jael!
She makes the most amazing polymer clay creations!
Check out her GORGEOUS "Mandala Style Doodle" hearts! These are some SEXY beads huh? HUBBA, HUBBA! ;)

Check out these beautiful face tiles! They look like little boards of wood embellished with a flower sun looking face!

I just LOVE these bezel set pieces as well! LOVE the hearts and love the wonderful flow of the circular and rectangular pieces in the middle row. They are all gorgeous!

I am really lucky to have such a talented partner!

You can check our her Artfire shop here.

I can't wait to see the serving of soup she sends my way!

Stay tuned!

xo Genea

Saturday, March 1, 2014

NEW work and a few packaging changes

Hello friends!

I am just returning from the studio and getting back to normal in Olathe. When I am in KC I spend 3 days cranking out beads, then when I arrive back in Olathe, I clean beads, do the bead preview, price, tag, package up orders, and list whatever is left(if anything) on Etsy. Then I have a few days of whatever else needs to be done in Olathe, and back to the studio in KC again. The change is nice, but it takes me a little bit to transition from place to place.  I posted my bead preview in the middle of the day instead of the morning like I usually do. I have been having a day off with Ricky when I return from the studio so I try to take that whole day off together. Sometimes it works and other times it doesn't.

If you are seeing this now you are in LUCK! Some beads have managed to make it to my Etsy shop! I have also been busily creating beads for my tutorials in Bead Design Studio for the March/April 2014 issue! I even created some kits for the tutorials so you can pick up most of what you need from my shop. You will still need to grab the Wooly Wire from Wooly Wire Etc ;)

So first I will show you all of the things I have created and then we will let ya know what is in stock ;) 
Here is a close-up of the left side of the bead tray. You will notice some past designs along with some new ones! OMG are the Urchin headpins amazing, or what?! I am SO excited those turned out so awesome!
More "Rainbow Serpent Sticks"! It's been awhile since I had those in stock! Since I was making "Ocean Urchin Eggs" I was on an urchin theme and just kept going with it. I even added in "Orchid" as a base color! Yum!
I even did a few new spacers in some of the new glass colors I received. I will get 1/4 lb increments to try out some new colors and see if it's something I need to add into my regular palette. OMG aren't the Urchin beads SO pretty?! There is something about the black base! Although I love me some ivory as well ;) 
Wow did you all go ga ga over these "Rainbow Chakra" headpins. They sold out FAST! I don't blame you though cause they are so pretty on that deep eggplant violet base!
"Sacred Om" glass headpins! These are all gone too! They sold out quickly. I saved a few for the kits, but I will need to make more singles soonish? I dunno I am almost out of this color AGAIN. It's alarming how fast I run through my glass now a days. If I don't buy a pound I almost need to re-order more glass after one studio day! Yikes! Pretty sure I can't be placing $200 glass orders every week like I have been! ;) LOL.

I couldn't resist here. These headpins are just SO incredible! Just look at those reflective urchin pools and the pops of rainbow on the back! So gorgeous. These are, of course, SOLD OUT. No shocker there.

Mmmmm Ivory, how do I love thee, let me count the ways... These are SOLD OUT as well.

Here is the "Sahara" base that little bit of warm golden yellow tan is such a perfect base for the rainbows as well. Yum! I even love that super pastel pool on the bottom right! So pretty! SOLD OUT.

Um.. lame Genea. So what do you have?! Well.. I have some gorgeous "Rainbow Serpent Sticks" in the shop along with "Ocean Urchin Egg" focals, and the magazine tutorial kits!

So here is what is currently IN STOCK!
"Sacred Om Lotus Kit" for the tutorial in BDS March/April 2014. This is the alternate design. The kits are 15% off from what you would pay for the kit piece by piece ;)

"Sacred Om Lotus" focal. If you just want the single focal you can find it here.
Here is the back side.

"Sahara" necklace kit for the tutorial in BDS March/April 2014. This is the necklace that is in the tutorial photos. The kits are 15% off from what you would pay for the kit piece by piece ;)
Spiral Earth Stone "Sahara" for just the focal.

and last, but not least....

So what's the word on this new packaging thing?

Well I decided to make a few changes for some of my regular customers to cut back on waste and allow for some more reusing!

So here are some of the changes you may have noticed:
1. You may have noticed that you have not been receiving as many extra beads. I have been selling out so fast that I have been left with no extra goodies to slip into your bags. So I have been adding other goodies like Czech glass beads, and sari silk :D So if for some reason you don't like some of the extra goodies you have been receiving please do let me know so I can send you something that suits your taste better ;)

2. You may not have been receiving business cards. I figure after awhile you know where to find me and you probably only need so many of my cards to pass out to friends. I also HATE to think that you throw them out. If anything else PLEASE give them to a friend or send them back. Honestly I would be shocked if you did throw them away. Moo cards are SO pretty that really, you can collect them like artist trading cards ;)

 3.You may not receive a personalized thank you note. I may talk with you frequently enough that I don't feel like there is anything else that I could write to you that I have not already told you in a message. This saves on paper waste. Think of it as saving trees :)

4. You may receive a plain kraft colored box with your goodies inside instead of a stamped GB box. Again with the, you can only have so many of those until you have TOO many. So I have opted to send you plain boxes so that you can REUSE them for YOUR creations! Yay! 

5. You may receive some of your goodies in a plain cello bag versus a decorative bag with decorative tape and a sticker. SOMETIMES your boxes are SO FULL I can't fit them inside so I opt for a smaller bag instead of sending yet ANOTHER box. 

So with all of that said I hope you can understand why I have opted to make some of these changes. *IF* for any reason you don't feel like you are getting that same "Genea Beads" experience by these changes, please do let me know what aspects you liked and I will be sure to include them in your orders. 

Thank you for EVERYTHING you do! I could not be able to do the things I do without all of your loving support! xoxo Genea