Sunday, March 9, 2014

Gettin' my BEACH on! NEW work in the shop!

Hello friends!

Wow what a MARATHON SHOP UPDATE! I was crankin' out those beads this past week! Some of the awesomeness didn't get snapped up a the preview so the shop was lucky to get a fine selection of new awesome work!
The "Q&D" for those of you that just want a quick peek before heading to the shop.

So I had to list EACH one of these in the shop. Instead of posting each one, you can find them HERE.

Yep, same here. See above ^^

These are SO pretty and they just were not very cooperative to photograph. You can find them here and here.

"Innie" style Sea Urchin clasp on steel. Boy is this metal HARD to shape! Not sure if I will be making more of these for that reason so if you love them, grab them!

Wing Dings "Rainbow Urchin Silver Sand" Um.. yeah, I DID it! Aren't these so incredibly GORGEOUS?!

Wing Dings "Ocean Beach Stone Jewel" O...M.... G... Nice relaxing day at the beach?! I think so!

Beach Stone Droplet "Ocean Jewel"- So I have to tell you about the details cause they are not totally apparent and I want you to appreciate my labor of love on these babies. The top parts including the button are shiny and the bottoms are matte and stone textured. They take forever to clean and protect to give them the matte and shiny look. They are SO worth the effort though, as you can see why!

Now my brain is totally fried. I pulled my back the other day too so I can't take anymore sitting in the chair.

See ya later! I hope you enjoy the new pretties!

xo Genea


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