Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Ermagerd Berdz!

Hello beautiful souls,

Ermagerd! New berdz are in my Etsy shop!! Yahoo! 
You can find all of these babies in my Etsy shop for your designing pleasure. 

My new blog for the Artistcellar Design team was just posted on Monday as well so if you want to hear more about the creation of this awesomesauce you can check that out here.
 This is totally some "Namaste Bitches", next level art if I do say so myself ;) Cause who could make a bad ass jewelry holder and not making matching jewelry?! 

Shrink plastic chakra charms. I made these little lovelies into necklaces shown above. Aren't they so pretty?! 

Speaking of awesome, I have a bunch of stuff left to do this week including creating a mixed-media tutorial for a super awesome mixed-media supply company. I will release that info once I have submitted my tutorial. It's pretty sweet and I can't wait to tell you all about it. Now I just have to decide what to create for the tutorial. Hmmm??? 

I am also gearing up for Ecstatic Dance Kansas City this sunday!! I will be bringing my lovely set up I had for first friday to Ecstatic dance where it will be picking up all of those super zen vibes from the lovely people that attend dance. Dance starts out with yoga at 9am, then a quick break to eat some lovely food, then ecstatic dance starts and is finished up by a musical closing. It is super fun with such an incredible group of people.

See you all soon!

Love, light, and creativity,

xoxo Genea

Friday, September 8, 2017

Treasures beyond compare- New Beads!

Hello beautiful souls,

They're here! Are you ready for some new beads?! I am offering these babies up for sale in my Facebook group here. I've got some gorgeous work for your every desire. Hop on over and add some to your collection!
What designs are you dreaming up?

Love, light, and creativity,

xoxo Genea

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Released from the Vortex

Hello beautiful souls,

Oy.. things got busy and then got weird and I am finally feeling better. I have been busy gearing up for first friday at a new location over on Baltimore and 19th in Kansas City. We posted up shop across the street from Town Topic. I didn't take any photos or video of my booth while I was at first friday, but I did take a video of my display from the night before so I will have to fill you in with that instead of photos during the event ;) 

Ok I am going to jog forward and then go backwards now that I let ya know where I disappeared to in my absence from my blog. I was feeling really creative before first friday and created some awesome art. I took a few photos, but mostly took video because you can capture ALL of the details in a short clip where it would take you a gagillion photos to do the same thing. 
So I made these... I made them because I made this bad ass chakra jewelry shelf. So naturally I HAD to make matching jewelry. These are shrink plastic aka shrinky dinks! Here is a video of the matching jewelry hanger with the necklaces hanging off of it. 

Here is a still shot of the shelf and necklaces. Isn't it so pretty?! It was really exciting to create. I like making matchy things <3 font="">

I would really love to make some chakra beads out of glass, but there aren't any stamps for me to press into the glass to create them. Any tool makers out there interested in designing some tools?! I had an idea to just do some lentil beads in the chakra colors. Maybe with some dichro and cz's? But I have not gotten to it quite yet. We will see...

I have really been balls deep in mixed-media lately, because I keep getting ideas for it and I was gearing up for first friday and needed to expand that part of my display. I created this super bad ass metatron's cube galaxy piece with what I called my "moon rock" metatron piece. The texture in this looks like metal and moon rocks! Check out the video.

I made a ton of prints of my new 4x6 mixed-media pieces to have a nice range of prices for my customers. I did a little video clip to show them all. I am charging $10 each for them or 2 for $25. 

I have so much stuff I need to get online it's pretty crazy. The thing is I hate to just spin my wheels spending hours and days getting it online only to be cock blocked by 3rd party hosts. *cough cough* I'm sure you can take a good guess as to where most of us sell online. Yeah... so I am looking into other cart like options to post my goodies so I can actually get them out to all of you and be seen. If you all have some suggestions, I'd love to hear them. My domain drops you here so some plugin that works with Blogger would be super awesome. I loved it when I had a little Etsy widget on the page with a few pretty thumbnails to show off what's new in the shop. I mean who doesn't like to look at pretty pictures?

I ended up downloading Ecwid since it was supposed to work on Blogger and Facebook as a shop, but I just started playing around with it tonight. I have one item up in the shop, but the free version only allows you one photo of your item and only to list 10 pieces. I have so scroll all the way down my facebook page on the left to click the 

Um.. seriously. Who the hell is going to make it to the bottom left side of my page to see if I have things for sale when my other tab that takes you to Etsy is on the top right that says "shop now". *sigh* Like can they make it easy for us. They know we are artists and don't dabble in the sanskrit language that is seo's and computer speak. Bleh.. 

So want to see the one item that is in me Ecwid shop(I'm waiting for advice from my friend and computer translator to see how to maneuver next before sinking a million hours online. Cause for real... ain't nobody got time fa that).
May I present, "Higher Self". Look at her... look at her beautiful face! 
So pretty!  You can really see the stars and texture of her face from this angle. I love all of the drips and the seed of life and flower of life merging in this shot. Details baby, details...

 You can see the "Higher Self" eyes looking back down in this shot.  

You can see the pretty embossing of the seed of life here with the little hints of sparkles. This was a brighter sun shot so you can see the pearlessence of the perlen pen I used. 
Wrapping her up in a nice crystal clear cello bag makes everything look so fancy and gorgeous. You can even see the sun sparkling off the plastic in the top left corner. 

Keep an eye out for my blog over on Artistcellar. I will be going more into detail about my process on some of my new art there ;)  I am totally obsessed with the Dylusion ink sprays they carry! 

I will also be adding new beadies to my facebook group so be sure to hop on over there to grab some more glass! I'll see you tomorrow!

Love, light, and creativity,

xoxo Genea

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