Sunday, July 30, 2017

You're late, you're late for a very important date!

Hello beautiful souls,

I just wanted to drop you a quick line and let you know about the LBA Galleria show we have going on from now to 6pm CST today only! All of our newest work that was in our special Facebook group and in our Etsy shop is now all in one place just for today. This is an auction style show so you can snag some of your favorites for a lower price during the show! Hooray! So stop on over on this lazy Sunday and get inspired!

Love, light, and creativity,

xoxo Genea

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Get dressed up and the fuck down!!

Hello beautiful souls,

It's all about feeling great and being happy. When I created this new jewelry I wanted to get dressed up and get the fuck down!! So what does that mean? That just means wearing clothing and jewelry that makes you feel good and getting out there and living life. That's what that means. Just being you, doing what makes you happy, going out, or just staying in. Wearing your jewelry just for you or going out, feeling confident, and enjoying life. That really is what it's all about(not to be confused with the hokey pokey) ;) So show me whatcha' got! Let's take a look....
 Oh baby! Where would you go wearing these? Out on a coffee date? Out for a nice meal? Taking a stroll in nature? At a dinner party? At home just kickin' it around the house? Yep, it works for all of them. These everyday pieces can be dressed up or dressed down. Just do what feels good to you. So how do you get your hot little hands on these babies? Well I have offered them up in my *special* Third Eye Gypsy Facebook Group.
Some things are just so pretty you need to take a closer look. Just look at all of these pretty colors in the Wooly Wire that match so perfectly with my beads! So totally in love with these Ancient Tapestry "Sunset Sky" earrings. 

Ooo let's see what we have here. Pretty sweet eh? Some juicy lime green and aqua with dangles and doo dads. I just love the black woven wire for those fine details, in "Bitter Green Infinity".

... and one more just for good measure ;)

Are you inspired now? Great, because here are some of those same pieces for you to use in your designs. You can find these babies in my Etsy shop.

Thanks for stopping in!
Love, light, and creativity,


Thursday, July 6, 2017

Rising Lotus, from mud to magnificence.

Hello beautiful souls,

I am excited to share what I've been up to. Hooray for Cancer season(the star sign that is). I have been celebrating birthday's with friends and making gifts is always the perfect time for new ideas. I actually took an older jewelry design concept of mine and evolved it. Remember my "Sunshine Lotus Ray's" earring design tutorial I had published back in 2014 in Wirework Magazine.
These are still as awesome as ever. Do you ever take a design and push it further to create a new one? I am always looking to improve things a step further in my life and my art. I guess this keeps me evolving to be the most incredible, high vibrational being of light I can be :)

This design actually came about because I was designing some special earrings for my healer and shaman friend, Stephanie Red Feather.

I created 2 different style earrings for her to choose. Here is the smaller size, which she didn't end up going with. They are available for purchase in my special Third Eye Gypsy Facebook Group(where I am selling and releasing all of my new work).
It's hard to fully comprehend an incredible design unless you can see it in action ;)
 Here is the BIG MAMMA JAMMA design she decided on instead. Um holy wow, right?! These are totally awesome Gypsy statement earrings.
Wow, so BIG, BOLD, and surprisingly light weight. Oh yeah!!
I had to create some special beads for the gifts I wanted to create so I made this super BA run of beads to work my magic ;) 

Next I created this sweet little everyday necklace design for my sweet cancer friend, Madison. Shhh she hasn't see this yet, but lucky for me she probably doesn't even know about my blog lol ;) Isn't she lovely? 
I took her favorite colors and created this super awesome necklace that you can wear a few different ways! 
How cool is this?!
My new friend, Daniella had her birthday next. Here is a photo of her wearing her gifts. Another fellow cancerian. Isn't she gorgeous? 

I created these large style "Rising Lotus" earrings for her in her favorite color, purple.

I also tweaked this necklace design which I called "Crown Chakra Prayer Flags" which reminded me of peaceful prayer flags blowing their good intentions in the wind :)

But wait, Genea we saw extra beads in that pile of beads! You sure did!! But where are they, Genea?! Well they are conveniently for sale in my Third Eye Gypsy Facebook Group. 

I also got on a roll making jewelry with my new beads so all of this lovely new jewelry is also available for sale in my group. Yippie!!

*Patinated hoops, clay dings, and ceramic beads by Starry Road Studio, Wooly Wire by Wooly Wire Etc., Lampwork beads and jewelry designs by Third Eye Gypsy(formerly Genea Beads).

Thanks for stopping by!

Love, light, and creativity, 

Genea, the third eye gypsy