Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Get dressed up and the fuck down!!

Hello beautiful souls,

It's all about feeling great and being happy. When I created this new jewelry I wanted to get dressed up and get the fuck down!! So what does that mean? That just means wearing clothing and jewelry that makes you feel good and getting out there and living life. That's what that means. Just being you, doing what makes you happy, going out, or just staying in. Wearing your jewelry just for you or going out, feeling confident, and enjoying life. That really is what it's all about(not to be confused with the hokey pokey) ;) So show me whatcha' got! Let's take a look....
 Oh baby! Where would you go wearing these? Out on a coffee date? Out for a nice meal? Taking a stroll in nature? At a dinner party? At home just kickin' it around the house? Yep, it works for all of them. These everyday pieces can be dressed up or dressed down. Just do what feels good to you. So how do you get your hot little hands on these babies? Well I have offered them up in my *special* Third Eye Gypsy Facebook Group.
Some things are just so pretty you need to take a closer look. Just look at all of these pretty colors in the Wooly Wire that match so perfectly with my beads! So totally in love with these Ancient Tapestry "Sunset Sky" earrings. 

Ooo let's see what we have here. Pretty sweet eh? Some juicy lime green and aqua with dangles and doo dads. I just love the black woven wire for those fine details, in "Bitter Green Infinity".

... and one more just for good measure ;)

Are you inspired now? Great, because here are some of those same pieces for you to use in your designs. You can find these babies in my Etsy shop.

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Love, light, and creativity,



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