Monday, December 15, 2014

Dings and Things

Hello friends!

Are you frantically scrambling to finish up all of your holiday loose ends? I am happy to say I am just about done with mine ;) I loaded the last of my new beads and jewelry designs into the shops today. Wanna see??

Here are the NEW pretties I added to the shop! The top two pairs of earrings I made for gifts, but the others  on the bottom are in the shop. Do you ever look at your beads and immediately think of people? Well that's how it was when I made my new Dings and created the earrings :) I love it when that happens.

The bottom two designs just kind of came together ;) I used my new "silver snowfall" glass headpins for the "Silver Snowfall Spiral" earrings on the left because I received some GORGEOUS wooly wire that matched them perfectly! The other earrings I created I called "Circus Carousel". The gorgeous verdegris patinated hoops are from Starry Road Studio and the super amazing batiked spikes are from S L Artisan Accents. I had some of this design in my mind for a long while, but mostly the spikes and the hoops together. When I pulled out my beads I found some awesome matching Wing Dings from my "Bright Earth" set! Magic is all I can say!

More dings! Do you remember "Lagoon"? It's been FOREVER since I had that set in my shop! I was really happy to get some more made. I even did some new stone neutrals in the weeny ding size. They are super tiny and super sweet! I just love their small size and texture :D

Here we are again back at square one with my dreads. My last set were coming loose and they were so full of wax they weren't dreading. I was sad to have to brush them all out and wash with dawn soap. It was a nightmare to say the least! Luckily my friend Joey that just finished up beauty school was kind enough to section all of my hair for us. It took him 2 HOURS to get all of my hair sectioned into nice even pieces for Ricky to dread. 

Here are the new dreads so far. Wow, they look like a HOT MESS, but they will tame down in a few days. We tried the twist and rip method and the back combing method. NO WAX this time so they will be a fuzzy mess for a bit. It's ok though cause I don't give up easily. All things worth having are worth fighting for. That's my little quote to myself. It's always true ;) 

Well on that note I should go grab some late lunch/early dinner and get to creating some more Christmas gifts!

Wishing you and yours a most magical Holiday Season!

xoxo Genea