Saturday, February 4, 2017

Where I've been and where I'm going

Hello friends,

It's been a good long while since I have posted. I guess the last post must have been a surprise to read after a long silence. Sometimes it takes a purge to get things moving in the right direction. 

So where have I been and what have I been doing? Well I was working full time, but had my hours cut just before Christmas last year so this has given me 20 hours of time to sink back into the place where it has always belongs and always should have stayed. I have felt really guilty about it for a long time and I am trying to let that go and just move forward. When I went through my big life change it hit me very hard. All the things I loved were very hard for me to do and in a time of need those are usually the things on which you fall back to help heal. One of those things was glass. I still don't know exactly what happened and why it has been so hard to go back to the thing that had won over my heart. I think it might have felt like if I was doing glass that my past would come back with it and no longer want any part of my past, only my future. 

I took a little artistic detour and really dove back into mixed-media and I felt like as long as I was creating somewhere it would bring me back around to glass. Infact I need to come up with a way to combine the two and really create something unique and awesome!

Here is one of my flower mandala's with water colors, distress inks, paint markers, shimmer watercolors and some images of my carved print below.

It was really cool to do a print after so many years. The last time I did one of these I was in highschool!

I have really been falling in love with sacred geometry and chakras. This piece is on recycled fiber board and features the heart chakra and flower of life.

Christian has even been joining me in the studio from time to time.

Here is one of his pieces using some Artistcellar stencils.

I have had the pleasure of being a part of the Artistcellar Design team. Lisa Cosineau is the lead of this amazing group and owner of Artistcellar.  On the team we receive awesome art products, create art and blog about our creations. You can check out my and the other artists  blog posts here. It's been very therapeutic to sit at a table and create even though it takes WAY longer than making some beads ;) 

Speaking of beads I have decided to go and sell in some of the lovely Facebook bead auction groups. I currently have some things I just listed for sale in the LBA Galleria Elementals group here.

Here are some of the goodies I have up for auction currently :)

My and Christian's art will be on display at a local vegetarian/vegan restaurant called Cafe Gratitude in March. So I have been busily creating some art with that in mind.

I have also started selling in a few auction groups on Facebook like, LBA Galleria Eclectia(Lampwork Bead Addicts), which is a group that sells wearable art and home decor. So my mixed-media work fits in just perfectly there :)

I have also been participating in a fun local thing called Free Art Friday Kansas City. The idea of the group is to leave some of your art out in Kansas City with a photo clue to find it. If you find it, it's yours to keep for free! Here is one of my prints from my carved block above left at a local gay bar and dance club down the street from where I live called, Missie B's.

I have some shows scheduled for the LBA Designers Galleria March 1st and April 2nd, so keep an eye out for that as  those times get closer.

My baby bear, Christian and me.

I had a great talk with Christian last night when we were laying in the dark talking before we went to bed. He reminded me to just simplify my life. He told me to just focus on my art and to just create because it's what I love. To not put expectations on it and to just do it. That everything will fall into place and to just keep at it. It's crazy how we tend to over complicate things when things are actually so simple. I am so thankful for my wonderful partner that provides me with such balance and simplicity. I so greatly admire his free spirit and his joy for life and living in the moment. 

I think that is all I will leave you with today, but I will see you soon with more awesome art to share.

Thanks for coming back to see me. I have missed you more than you will ever know!

xoxo Genea