Friday, May 29, 2009

Super Fantastic Listings

Hello Friends!

I am super excited about today's listings! I am FINALLY offering one of my Florbitals! I am SO pleased with how the pictured turned out. I feel this is a VERY good representative of how it looks in person!
Perhaps you remember this image from my earlier blog when I posted the first Florbital pics. OMG! It is SO pretty!

I also listed another item that is totally unrelated. I used some firey oranges and lots of purples.
I wanted to tie the heart bead so it hung vertically and I just ended up making a fringey pendant lol. I had fun though. This could be used as a pendant or could be cut up and remade into something that fancy's you ;)

Here is a close up of the pendant.

From this angle you can see the floating flowers and dots on the side and the peace sign on the top. The picture isn't as large on Blogger as it is on Etsy. I wanted to try to photograph all of the cool angles of this bead. There is just so much to look at. I even added in some swirly pink and purple Bullseye spacers. You can't really see all of the swirls from the sides, but if you look at them with the bead hole in the middle you can see all of the pink bands. Very cool!

Well I must be off!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Much love,


Thursday, May 28, 2009

Listings and my fringe with Billie

Hello Friends!

Gosh, my hubby going to work later really gives me a late start! You may have noticed the listings were uploaded earlier, but it has taken me until now to get my blog out to you.

Today I have a few non-matching items. First is this super fun swirly and dotty dangle ring!
As you can see it's mostly lime green and orchid :) It was made of Moretti and Bullseye, not on the same bead, of course!

Next I have a pastel colored Wishing Wheel. These are some perfect soft colors for spring.

I made my Wishing Wheel pendant out of these beads, but you could totally use them separately or all together in a different design. I would like to see what else people would make out of this set of 3 beads. It's always interesting to see what different people make with the same beads.

Here is a picture of the fringe I made with Billie yesterday. I don't have a picture of hers since we only got about half way through. I finished mine last night after we played with the Wii fit with our friends Holly and Brandon.

The Wii Fit is WAY fun. If you have not already tried it I would strongly suggest giving it a whirl! We also had a lovely grill out! We had steaks, potatoes cut in half wrapped in bacon and grilled onions! Yum!

While I was busily working on my fringe with Billie, Brandon and Holly were busily patching up our little outside fence! I was so excited! Brandon is like one of the most handy people I know! He fixed up our fence to protect our garden that was getting nibbled on and used for a litter box! Ugh! The nerve of animals! If it wasn't bad enough that they were eating my poor little garden sprouts they had to go and take a fat dump on it! Grrrr! Anyways, we had no plant nibblers or pooers in our garden this morning, so I was pretty stoked!

Well I must be off. I have lots of things to do!

Much love,


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

RED listings, Rainy Day Box and chatter

Hello Friends!

Today I have some RED listings for you! I know, I know... I was not a red fanatic, but it is slowly sneaking it's way into my work. I have found that I really do like some of the reds out there. I like Moretti dark, medium and light red, and Vetrofond's light red really gets some beautiful color variations on it.

Today's first listing is one of my Heart Burst Rings!
Here is "Vamp". This black and red color combo ALWAYS makes me thing on my MIL. Her fav color combo is black and red. The base features Lauscha's Strawberry Red odd. The center Swirly is black filligrana with red polka dots. Black bumpies surround the outside heart. These rings are SO much fun to wear since they are BIG! They don't stick up too far so they don't get caught on everything so that is really sweet!
This next listing "Scarlet Plum Daisy Vines" features one of my new Daisy Vine earring designs. I used some Grape Ape for the outer purple and red filligrana for the centers. I really enjoy using Grape Ape because it doesn't get metallicy and brown like the Moretti purples for the most part. I think working it continuously and mashing and creasing it causes it to get a bit of metallic on it, but it is easily remedied by putting it in toilet bowl cleaner :)

I got that little tip from Tera Belinsky-Yoder of Beady Girl Beads. It is kind of funny too cause I ended up getting "The Works" toilet bowl cleaner, you know the kind that you squirt in the toilet bowl? She was telling me at the Bead Blast they also make a spray cleaner and that is what she uses! lol Oops! Well, it does work so whatever get's you there right?! That stuff is pretty nasty chemicals though. I don't use that stuff on my toilet because my dogs perfer using it as their watering hole. So USE CAUTION when using the tiolet bowl cleaners!

I am excited today because it Billie will be coming over to make our fringes! Fringe bracelets always end up being so much fun! It seems like each layer you do just gets more and more exciting until you finish.

Today is nice and overcast. We are supposed to be getting thunderstorms. I always feel more creative on these days. I think it's because my mom made me a "rainy day box". This special box was full of treasures like coloring books, glue, sequens, glitter, and those kind of coloring books that had the red, yellow and blue lines that you got wet with a paint brush. I could only use the items in this box when it was rainy outside. Cool huh?! I think that is one of the coolest things my mom did for me when I was a kid. :)

Well on that note, I must be going. I need to get some things done before Billie gets over.

Have a wonderful day!

Much love,


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New listings, holiday fun and future plans

Hello Friends! I have some fantastic Bullseye offerings for you today! First I have another heart from my Passion Heart series. It was named "Orbital" because that is the name of the music I was listening to at the time. It is BRIGHT yellow with a chubby raked heart in the center and flames of streaky purply pink with gorgeous purply pink transparent on top. I don't know if the streakiness is apparent, but the photos, but it's totall there!
Next I have a pair of my Trapeze designed earrings. These are really fun and dainty. Again, these are made from that same streaky purply pink glass. The swirly spacers hang from baby fine chain and 4mm Swarovski crystals. They are so light you can barely feel them in your ears.

I had a wonderful holiday weekend. We went to my friend Melissa's for a barbeque which was yummy and lots of fun.

I got some beads made yesterday as well, but with my time constraint of getting to Melissa's on time I only got 3 florbitals and 1 After Dark Ribbon heart done. I got them cleaned, but they still need their glamour shots and to be tagged. I will be offering some in my shop soon, so keep an eye out for those.

I will be working on more Rainbow Ribbon hearts and Florbitals today. I think I will keep making them until I feel like I have a healthy stock of them. I need to make some for the show and get some stashed for my shops, and upcoming trunk shows.

Have a wonderful day!

Much love,


Monday, May 25, 2009

New items, New earrings and some fun pics

Hello Friends!

Today's listings are for all of the coffee lover's out there like myself!
This is a sweet little cell phone charm complete with a coffee mug which does have brown coffee in the top of the mug, a coffee bean shaped glass bead and a swirly( I LOVE swirls!). Unfortunately I no longer have a place for a charm on my phone. :( You would think it wouldn't be that hard to add an extra hole on the body of the phone somewhere, but who knows ;)

This little set is lots of fun too! It features a fun steaming cup of coffee and 2 coffee beads. Now I had them tied so that they kind of look like they could be a pendant and earrings. Wouldn't that be awesome? !

Here are some earrings I made out of my NEW Florbital beads!
Pretty sweet huh?! I don't know that I will make a ton of pairs since it is REALLY difficult to get 2 beads the same, especially hollows! These are super funky with lots of texture and visual appeal. They are SUPER light too! They look like they would be totally heavy, but you can barely feel them in your ears!

Here is a set I made for Billie. She saw Kim's fringe and wanted to do one as well in colors of cream and coral. Aren't they PRETTY?! Melissa would be proud(her 2 fav colors are orange and ivory)!

The below set in greens and turquoises are my demo set for the fringe ;) I would have done lime and ivory, but I really have like, NO ivory beads, so that wouldn't make for a happy fringe!

Ricky and I made some cookies! We substituted coconut oil for shortening and half sugar in the raw for the white sugar. They were REALLY good! They did take forever to cook though! We only did half sugar in the raw cause it really doesn't blend in like white sugar. I did hear that you can take sugar in the raw and put it in a coffee grinder to get it more fine. I guess we will have to try that next time! ;)
Notice the FAB plate under the cookies?! They are Andy Warhol plates that I got from Target the year I got married(about 3 and 1/2 years ago). They are SO awesome, and lime green and aqua :D:D:D

Look at what my friend Lucas brought Ricky and me from World Market. The ginormous gummy is really good, but so strange to have a HUGE bite of gummy bear in your mouth. The sour jaw breaker was really good too, but it kind of sucks to eat since you can't fit the whole thing in your mouth. I had a super blue tongue yesterday :D Who says candy is just for kids >:D

Are you amazed that I purchased these candies? I mean look how colorful they are :D It's color you can EAT! How amazing is that?!

And finally the last picture I have for you today...

Auntie Stephanie gave me some Lei's so I thought the kids would enjoy wearing them! LOL

Aren't they CUTE?! OMG!

Well that concludes my holiday update!

Happy Memorial Day!

Much love,


Friday, May 22, 2009

New items, and Unveiling of NEW designs!!

Hello Friends! I just listed these pretties on Etsy today. I am TOTALLY in love with this color combo! The purplish pink is so LUCIOUS :D I think both items would be fab together ;) These 2 are SO much fun! they have lots of fun color an texture!

I did share with my glassy peers on LE first, but here is the link incase you didn't see it. New Genea Beads on LE

DUN, DUN, DUN, DUN, DUN, DUN, DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN! Here are the NEW designs I was going to keep for the Ohio bead show, but couldn't wait any longer! Presenting my new FLORBITALS!
Aren't they amazing?! They are hollow with a flower ring around the center!

Here is the one that will go in the CiM gallery for Kryptonite! If you have not gotten some yet, you totally should! It is SO pretty! The glass is the same color as the Pacific Blue Opal Swarovski crystal!

<3also style="color: rgb(255, 0, 0);">Rainbow Ruffle Ribbon & After Dark Ruffle Ribbon Hearts!!! <3
They are just BURSTING with color and reflection! I am SO happy with their design!

Here are the After Dark Ribbon Hearts.

This one is a special birthday gift to someone who doesn't even know she is getting one! I hope she likes it. She isn't really a heart person, but this glass just called to me and wanted to be made into something special for her! I will give you a hint for who it might be... She uses the term"turple" for her beads.....

I hope you are just as excited about my new beauties as I am!

Have a fantastic holiday weekend!

Much love,


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Playtime with Friends and Fire

Hello Friends!

This will be a very quick entry with mostly pictures. I am pretty pooped. I think I used up ALL of my creative energy making some f*ing awesome beads today!

Kristin was SO sweet and brought some of her yummy raspberry macadamia nut bread! It tasted more awesome that the picture probably looks since I am not a food photographer ;)

I totally snarfed down 2 pieces just after Kristen left! Infact I was microwaving the bread as she was pulling out of the driveway! I couldn't wait to try some!
She also brought me these GORGEOUS earrings in this pretty wrapping! I just love pretty gifts with pretty wrappers. I am ALL about presentation so I totally appreciate those little things! Notice how it even matches the jewelry *beams*

Here are our beadies!! Pretty sweet huh? We used CiM Fremen, Grape Ape, Tuxedo, and Clear. Moretti odd Coral, Pea Green, Light Aqua, white and rose cane.

Today's listings and Studio fun later today!

Hello Friends!

I just had a burst of inspiration so I think instead of posting right this second about yesterdays fun, I will have to stop back by later today and give you the full re-cap;)

But.... I won't leave you empty handed. I will post my new pretties I just listed in the shop!

Today I have some wonderful Ivory offerings!

"Bridal Bouquet"- This set is full of lovely twisted roses, warm Ivory scroll work, and vines with leaves. I think it would be exquisite for a bridal piece, but it could work for anyone that loves warm ivory and roses.
"Halo"- What can I say? The glass almost speaks for itself. This ruffly heart was made with fantastic odd lot bullseye glass that I got from a special box that was offered at the ISGB Gathering when it was here in KC. You can see all of the lovely streaky awesomeness on the heart base and ruffly wings. This heart was actually the one that inspired me with another idea that I am going to explore today!

So for todays glass making I am going to explore some ideas based on the above heart. I will give you more details tomorrow when I will have pictures to go along with my ideas.

Stay tuned for my later posting today for my fun with Kristen!

See you soon!

Much love,


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Picture listings, new beads and studio visits

Hello Friends!

New items are up on Etsy. Would you all like it better if I posted a pic of what I just listed? I figured you can see the new items up in the Etsy bar at the top of the page, but we will try it today. You all can tell me if you like this approach better.
Here is one of my Heart Burst Design rings. If you didn't read earlier. This ring was inspired by a gift that I made for my good friend Kathy. I was so excited with the ring that I had an idea for a pendant as well. I love it when you just keep getting inspired by new designs you create. These rings are so much fun to wear. They are super comfortable and fun to wear. The heart surface is big, but not too tall that it gets snagged on things.

Here is another pair of my Loopy Dings earrings. I was super excited to come up with this design on a wave of inspiration. They are super fun to wear too. I love all of the texture and color. I think that is why I use c-lon cording so much. I just LOVE to use color wherever possible :D I chose this picture because I love how the light reflects through the transparent glass and makes a colored shadow. Super sweet!

I worked on some more of that new bead idea I had in my head yesterday. I think with doing it over and over I am getting better and better at it. I still had a few flops with the ones that are actually sellable. Ugh.. I hate it when I have equal flops to good ones, but I guess the more I do it the less flops I will have. I am learning new things every time I work on them.

I am excited for later on today. Kristin and I are FINALLY getting together. We have been trying here for a bit. I am going to go clean up my studio and get all of my mandrels dipped before she gets here.

I sitll have some beads to clean out and I need to get in the shower! I will post mine and Kristin's beads from today tomorrow in my blog so you can see what we made.

Have a wonderful day!

Much love,


Monday, May 18, 2009

baby birdies, beads, beady ideas, and designer 's work

Hello Friends!

New items are up on Etsy! I have some favorites up today! I am in LOVE with my bullseye Soar Passion Heart! Bullseye is just a different kind of glass yanno? Their color palette is pretty awesome! I also have a Love & Harmony ring listed in Cranberry pink and Dark Periwinkle! Yum, yum!

I just tried out this new idea for a design too. I worked on the design on Friday and I think I will continue working on it a bit more, but with a couple more tweaks in the design. I think I might just be on to something here.... I think I just might save these goodies for the show in OH coming up :D
Here is a necklace that one of my customer's, Maria from RomanticBohemian made! Isn't it cool?!
I LOVE show-and-tell so if you have some jewelry that you have made with my beads, PLEASE send me pictures! I love to see what people are making!

In other non-related news Ricky and I saved a baby sparrow. I wish I had taken a few pictures for you all, but alas, I did not :( Well there is a sparrow next above our back door where we have a metal awning. They ended up building a nest inbetween the awning and roof. This next ended up falling off of it's spot and landing in our recycle bin. When I came out side I saw the nest and heard little cries from inside our bin. I scooped the nest out of the bin and placed it on top of 2 other rubber maid totes we had next to it. The parents came around a few times, but I don't know if they put it together that that was their baby. We called our local nature center and asked for advice.

The nature center told us to try to put the nest back where it was. Well since there was pretty much NOTHING to put a nest on(I have no idea how they made the nest stay in the first place) Ricky and I had to get inventive. We rigged a small plastic bowl(the one we got from a chinese restaurant that soup comes in) and tied it to the awning side with some hemp. We then put some of the nest inside the cup and put the baby back in. VOILA! New nest pretty close to where the old one was.
Well if you all are local you know it got pretty cold last night. I worried about our little baby sparrow so I cut down the cup and had a look. He wasn't moving :( I blew on him to see if he was still alive and I think the warmth of my breath awoke him. He wiggled helplessly :(:(:(

I took him inside and went to Ricky and the boys to see what we could do. They all pretty much told me he would probably not make it since he proabably hadn't eaten in so long and he was so little. I kept faith in my sweet little sparrow though. After he was inside for awhile he seemed to move around more. I checked on him frequently until we went to sleep around 2am. We said if he was still alive in the morning we would take him to the nature center as soon as they opened at 8am.

7:30 rolled around and Ricky woke me up. I asked if our little sparrow was still alive and he said YES!! He was even peeping and stretching his neck up and opening his little mouth! AWWWW BABY! :( Poor little guy! He was proabably so hungry!!

We took him in his little cup into the car and drove down to the nature center. It is such a beautiful drive! I had never been down there before. It is over by our city's zoo(to which I have never attended). We got to the center and the sweet lady at the center logged our little guy in the book.

One of the ladies walked by and said something grumpy like he probably would die anyways since he was so small. When she left the room the other lady said quietly" I have saved ones this small before". :D Horay!

We drove home feeling all warm and fuzzy that our sweet little sparrow had made it to a place where they could care for him until he opened his little eyes and was ready to be released. It's little things like this that give you such an appreciation for the wonderful world around you :D

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Living the Dream!

Hello Friends!

I will have the pleasure of accompanying my beadiest girl, Melissa to the Sharonville Bead show in June! If you will be in the area or wish to travel please stop by the Bead Boutique booth and say "hello"! I will have my beads with me, but will not be selling at the show as they have already met their lampworker limit. I hope to make some contacts while I am out there and schmooze with the other lampworkers and bead-a-holics!

Come see Bead Boutique and me at the Sharonville Convention Center in SHARONVILLE, OH JUNE 13-14TH! We hope to see you there!

Much love,


Friday, May 15, 2009

Pretty projects

Hello Friends!

New items are up on Etsy. I really love the "magic color reaction" colors. They always have a batik fabric look to me. All of the listings are ETCHED too for all of those frosty bead lovers out there :D

Kim and I had fun making our fringes yesterday. Want to see them?
Kim's is the pink, purple and blue one and mine is blue, aqua and teal. Pretty sweet huh?

Here is Kayla's new toy. Isn't he cute! She ran away from it the first time we squeaked it at her. What a scaredy cat!

Leeloo was kind enough to have chewed a hole in him and started ripping the fluff out in only 5 mins! This is why she stopped getting soft toys! I quickly snatched him up and gave him reconstructive surgery. Now he is good as new and Kayla is enjoying running around and squeaking him in her mouth!

Well that concludes my update for today.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Much love,


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bead fun and later updates

Hello Friends!

I won't be updating at the moment. I am getting together with Kim today to do a fringe class so I will do updates and listings after we are done.

See you then!

Much love,


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Surprise gift, inspiration and pictures!

Hello friends!

New items are up on Etsy, which you may have already noticed if you are a frequenter of my shop. I am actually updating my blog kinda late. I did my listings before noonish. I have some super fun coffee lover's beadies today! One of my favorite things in the whole wide world besides beads!

And now for some pictures!! Horay!

First off let's show you what happens when you "glue" 2 rods together at the bottom of the shorter rod by the label instead of at the top where it won't hit your hand!
This is even after 4 days.

Here are the super secret present beads for the MIL!
These beads were made with Messy's fabulous NEW colors: Olive, Commando, Tamarind, and Tuxedo! Pretty sweet huh?!
Here the bracelet I put together using the above beads :D

Here is the inspiration picture for my color scheme and beads I made yesterday.
Pretty sweet sheets huh? I like 'em! Here are the beads. Notice the bead second from the last? Look familiar?

I was also inspired by this sweet vase!

It is cooler in the catalog cause the vase is actually empty. You get the idea though.
Since I was working in yellow and aqua I decided it would look cooler in transparents.

The top actually turned out wider than I would have liked, but it is still pretty cool.
So what do you think it look like? Penis is the WRONG answer lol Ok.. are you ready? The right answer is a bong! LOL It seriously does... Totally not intentional. I had actually contemplated adding another tubey arm on the other side. It was one of those things where sometimes it's just best to leave something alone so you don't "over work" it. I think I might try making some more that have a skinnier top tube.

Well that concludes my update for the day. I hope you all are enjoying your day!

Much love,


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A little bit of this and that

Hello Friends!

New items are up on Etsy. I really love my artist heart. It was one of those inspirations I had while driving home in the car.

You just never know when inspiration will strike. I like to keep several little journals around for my ideas. I have one by my bedside incase I have ideas when I fall asleep( I think you get these since you are relaxing as you fall into dreaming). I have one downstairs where I lampwork to keep track of my set of beads so I keep my colors and things balanced and for things I learn. I pretty much have one everywhere so I don't miss anythying! lol They are cheap too. If you go to Micheal's they have them in the dollar section and they are spiral bound! Pretty sweet!

I made some really cool beads for my MIL. I didn't get a chance to clean them yet, but I will have pics up when I get them cleaned and photographed. They are the first ones I have done in that style and I think they turned out pretty well! I even used the new Messy color's Olive, Commando, Tamarind and Tuxedo. Man is Tuxedo BLACK! So awesome!! If you have not tried it yet, I think you should go order some and give it a whirl. It is AMAZING!

Hmm... I am not sure what I am going to make today. I have been busy making orders and things so I am finally to the point where I can creat whatever I want. I think I might follow the color trend I have been seeing in my new catalog which is yellow, aqua or darker blue like the color of Messy Leaky Pen, and white. I think I just need to spend some time playing. My inspiration has been a bit stifled since I have been stressed out. :(

I am so excited! I just talked with Kristin of Waking Beauty Designs and she is coming over to play tomorrow! Man are we going to have FUN!!

Well I suppose I should get going. I had a SUPER late start this morning or well afternoon. I got hit with one of the WORST pressure headaches I have had in a LONG time. UGH!

Have a creative day!

Much love,


Monday, May 11, 2009

Puppy pics, color comparisons and shop goodies

Hello friends!

New items are up on Etsy! I listed a simple illusion style necklace and a black and white pendant.

Here is that color comparison between Moretti EDP and Sedona I promised.

As you can see here EDP is much more purply pink than Sedona. Sedona has those kind of dusky hues in it.

Look what I made for my friend, Lucas!
This is for all of your Super Mario lovers out there. For those of you who may not recognize this guy. It's a poison mushroom from Super Mario Brothers :D

And.... More puppy pictures!!
All that playing makes dogs and puppies alike TIRED!
Kayla feets! Aren't they cute? They are all speckly like her coat :)
Leeloo feets! He he she has fuzzly feet ;) Her fur actually grows up inbetween her toes, which you can't see in this pic. It makes her paws look all ratty and cute.

And the final CUTNESS picture.... Are you ready?

Isn't her speckly muzzle cute? :D

Well I am off to make some special beads for my MIL. I am excited cause the In-laws will be in for a day or two at the end of the week! We have not seen them since Christmas!

Have a wonderful day!

Much love,