Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Picture listings, new beads and studio visits

Hello Friends!

New items are up on Etsy. Would you all like it better if I posted a pic of what I just listed? I figured you can see the new items up in the Etsy bar at the top of the page, but we will try it today. You all can tell me if you like this approach better.
Here is one of my Heart Burst Design rings. If you didn't read earlier. This ring was inspired by a gift that I made for my good friend Kathy. I was so excited with the ring that I had an idea for a pendant as well. I love it when you just keep getting inspired by new designs you create. These rings are so much fun to wear. They are super comfortable and fun to wear. The heart surface is big, but not too tall that it gets snagged on things.

Here is another pair of my Loopy Dings earrings. I was super excited to come up with this design on a wave of inspiration. They are super fun to wear too. I love all of the texture and color. I think that is why I use c-lon cording so much. I just LOVE to use color wherever possible :D I chose this picture because I love how the light reflects through the transparent glass and makes a colored shadow. Super sweet!

I worked on some more of that new bead idea I had in my head yesterday. I think with doing it over and over I am getting better and better at it. I still had a few flops with the ones that are actually sellable. Ugh.. I hate it when I have equal flops to good ones, but I guess the more I do it the less flops I will have. I am learning new things every time I work on them.

I am excited for later on today. Kristin and I are FINALLY getting together. We have been trying here for a bit. I am going to go clean up my studio and get all of my mandrels dipped before she gets here.

I sitll have some beads to clean out and I need to get in the shower! I will post mine and Kristin's beads from today tomorrow in my blog so you can see what we made.

Have a wonderful day!

Much love,



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