Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Better late than never

Hello Friends!

OMG.. did it take me forever to get back into the motions. Ugh...

I just listed new goodies in my Etsy shop. For all of you that went to the show you may remember these from my table :D Lots of yummy coral and pink! I think the set and button would make the most fab bracelet!

How about a few more pictures?!

I didn't get to show you the BEAUTIFUL tulips that waited for me on my bead desk when I was done making beads in the downstairs studio :D:D:D Don't you all LOVE getting flowers? I do! :D

I forgot to tell you about my adventure the other day with Ricky. We went to Westport to get my check from Oh Wow! gallery and decided to stop at this WONDERFUL Vietnamese bistro right around the corner called Sung Son. They were having this buffet and noodle bowl lunch special. The inside was beautifully decorated with modern cobalt etched lamps, sheer curtains and lovely Asian artowork. The buffet was not your run of the mill over cooked buffet with slop. It was a small little buffet with lovely things to eat like chicken curry, vegetarian pad thai, spring rolls, and all sorts of wonderful things. They also had a noodle bar where you could order fabulous noodle soups with meat and other fresh herbs. Your meal was served with hot or cold Jasmine tea as well! What a wonderful treat! Lunch was only $9.50 too!

Next we headed over to one of our favorite shops, World Market! I got these FABULOUS rainbowy stacked coffee mugs for $10!!

I also just HAD to get some Smarties! Don't be confused with the super CRAPPY candies we call Smarties! These are amazing! They are made by Nestle and they are rich wonderful chocolate coated in beautifully bright candy shells that have a slight fruity flavor!

I have to thank my sister for introducing me to them! I had them for the first time when we went to Westport so my sis could take some pictures for class. She bought them for us to share and got me these wonderful bright 2 colored daisy drink decorations which happily hang in my studio upstairs and downstairs. If you were at the show you might remember them accenting my bright Gelato cups filled with my beads :D

If you checked out my re-cap about the Bead Blast you might recall my photo of the new rods I got. Well you know I say you can't judge a rod by it's color, so I had to melt them all to see how they look. Here is a pic of the rods melted into Lentils, which I consider one of the best ways to really check out the color.

As you may notice I picked a lot of oranges, which my friend Melissa would give me crap for saying that my favorite color was actually orange instead of lime green! It just turns out that ABR Imagery happened to have a lot of orange odd lots. Check out that KIWI! Woo! Is that some GREEN or what?! The Apricot Jam is actually sparkly, which you can't see in the pic. I think my favorite out of the oranges is the Orange Dreamsicle. It's BRIGHT! You can also see the new Moretti color Sedona. It is pretty much EDP, but with some slight yellowish orange streaks. It is a bit more dusky rose rather than purple. I was thinking I had an EDP sample lentil somewhere, but I guess not. I think I will make another sample and put them side by side so you can see the difference.

Well that about sums up this entry. I will have more pics tomorrow of color comparisons with Messy's new colors and like colors, and the beads I made for mine and Kim's fringe bracelet :D

Have a wonderful day!

Much love,



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