Friday, May 22, 2009

New items, and Unveiling of NEW designs!!

Hello Friends! I just listed these pretties on Etsy today. I am TOTALLY in love with this color combo! The purplish pink is so LUCIOUS :D I think both items would be fab together ;) These 2 are SO much fun! they have lots of fun color an texture!

I did share with my glassy peers on LE first, but here is the link incase you didn't see it. New Genea Beads on LE

DUN, DUN, DUN, DUN, DUN, DUN, DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN! Here are the NEW designs I was going to keep for the Ohio bead show, but couldn't wait any longer! Presenting my new FLORBITALS!
Aren't they amazing?! They are hollow with a flower ring around the center!

Here is the one that will go in the CiM gallery for Kryptonite! If you have not gotten some yet, you totally should! It is SO pretty! The glass is the same color as the Pacific Blue Opal Swarovski crystal!

<3also style="color: rgb(255, 0, 0);">Rainbow Ruffle Ribbon & After Dark Ruffle Ribbon Hearts!!! <3
They are just BURSTING with color and reflection! I am SO happy with their design!

Here are the After Dark Ribbon Hearts.

This one is a special birthday gift to someone who doesn't even know she is getting one! I hope she likes it. She isn't really a heart person, but this glass just called to me and wanted to be made into something special for her! I will give you a hint for who it might be... She uses the term"turple" for her beads.....

I hope you are just as excited about my new beauties as I am!

Have a fantastic holiday weekend!

Much love,



Lorelei said...

ha! love that name, Florbital. Very cool beads!!
(found your blog through Kristin's)

Genea said...

Hey Lorelei!

Thanks! Sometimes my brain has funny ideas :D It entertains me at least ;)

Yeah, I saw you started following my bead from Kristin's! Thanks for coming along for the ride :D

Cindy said...

These would make great purple hearts for the BOC project.

Gardanne said...

I love the name florbitals its perfect. I have hollow envy I am still working on that one.

Genea said...

Ooo you're right, Cindy! They would be cool!

LOL. Thanks Gardanne! Yeah, hollows take LOTS of practice!

Ashley said...

I love those florbitals!! haha they're amazing :)

Genea said...

Thanks ;)

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