Sunday, May 10, 2009

Maybe a bit younger...

Hello friends!

Strange to see me here on the weekend right? Well today isn't about business. It's about our new little girl, Kayla.

Ricky's mom works at the VCA Fort Collins. We told her about our new little girl and were talking about our next steps for her health. When we discussed her age we were talking about her other characteristics and thought that perhaps she was actually younger than the age were told, which was 10mo. Ricky's mom(Malina) has an Aussie pup as well named Francesca(frankie for short) who is now 8mo. Frankie has her full set of adult teeth, her butt feathers(which are just the long fur that grows on their thighs), and she is much larger than Kayla. Malina told us to take pictures of her teeth and take a pic of her by a shoe to show her size.

Look at those tiny toofasis. They are totally baby teeth.

Here you can see Kayla by my size 10 women's shoe.

We posted these pictures on my Facebook for the tech to view and help us figure out her age. They tech deduced that she was actually only 4-5mo old! When we take her to the vet they will be able to give us a better idea of her actual age. Since we didn't get paper work on her,Malina said that the vet would just re-d0 all of her vaccinations to make sure that her immune system is strong enough to fight off all of the puppy diseases. This would also mean that she is too young to spay. I think the general age for spaying is 6mo. As I said earlier when we get her to the vet they will be able to assess her and decide which things can be done according to her age.

So if you think about it, Kayla is actually very well behaved for a baby. I know when Leeloo was her age she was a terror. The difference between her and Kayla is that when we had Leeloo Ricky and I both worked outside of our home and for at least 8 hours a day. This meant that Leeloo was in her crate that whole time. We also lived in an apartment so Leeloo didn't have a yard to roam like Kayla does. Kayla also lucked out with having an older sister with which to play! They both spend A LOT of time playing and equal time sleeping! :)

Leeloo and Kayla are becomming best buds! They play and snuggle. I think Leeloo is being a great puppy trainer too. Kayla is doing a lot of "Monkey see, monkey do," which is really great.

Kayla really got put through the gauntlet yesterday. She had just finally felt comfortable with Leeloo and us. Yesterday we took her over to mom's house where she met my mom and my very tall father(he's 6'6" and about 300ish lbs). She also met all of the gamer boys to which she had to bark at as soon as they approached the fence. I scooped her up and brought her over to check them out and then let her loose to approach them as she felt comfortable. She slept outside of the kitchen where they gamed in the doorway and then moved over to sleeping by my feet where I sat at the table with the boys. She is really adjusting very well.

Kayla also got a bath and got her nails trimmed! What a good girl. She must feel really safe with us to let us groom her and be the pack leaders. :) This gives me warm fuzzies.

I think tomorrow we are going to start working with her commands until we get her into a puppy class, which we may or maynot do according to how well she learns with just us.

Well I just thought I would update you on new puppy news.

See you Monday!

Much love,



Ashley said...

Cutest dog! I miss pets :(

Genea said...

:D Yeah, it seems so empty at mom's house. I always expect to be greeted by a dog.

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