Thursday, May 7, 2009

New CiM Color comparisons and blab

Hello friends! New items are up on Etsy. I have some RED in a set with violet and lime green. I am kinda digging that color combo. Anyways... there is a set and a button that would go nicely together.

And now for some pictures...

Here are my color comparisons for the new CiM colors: Olive, Commando, Phoenix, Tamarind and Adamantium. I just sent these over to Kathy so I am sure they will be up on the Creation is Messy site as well at some point. You will notice that I don't have a ton of beads for all of the pictures and that is simply because there really aren't any colors like it for which to do comparisons(or at least out of my glass stash).




Here are the beads I am using to make the fringe for mine and Kim's class. These were the colors she suggested.
I had thought about etching them for funzies, but then when they turned out so pretty the hubby swayed me to leave them as they were.

I also have one other straggler picture. Remember this one?
Here is a pic of Kim's beads. The largest lentil is the large lentil press on Zoozii's and the smaller one is the medium from this lentil trio.
Why is this one so special? Well this one is the mini from the above trio! It has 3 layers of color just like the larger ones with exactly the same design. See how small it is! It is the same size as my thumb nail( I think about dime sized). >:D

Well that's all for now....

Go forth and bead happy ;)

Much love,



Kristin said...

Mmmmm . . . this is me drooling over the pretty colors. Pretty, pretty colors. I love the wee little lentil too!

Ricky, NSCA-CPT said...

colors make me drool too! ;)

I will show you the lentil when you come by. You won't believe how small it is in RL.

Ricky, NSCA-CPT said...

ah lol. I guess Ricky left himself logged into blogger! LOL This is really GENEA :D

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