Saturday, May 9, 2009

Welcome home Kayla!

Hello Friends!

I would like for you to meet the newest addition to our family. Her name is Kayla and she is a 10mo old blue merle Australian Shepard female.
"Hi. My name is Kayla!"

She was pretty shy at first. We got her home and got her used to being in her new yard and introducing her to her new big sister, Leeloo.
Here you can see Kayla and Leeloo looking for the ball.
They are playing ball and getting along great! We are so excited to have two amazing Aussies!


Kristin said...

Hi again Sweet Little Kayla! She is just the cutest!!!

Genea said...

I know, right?! You should have seen her after her bath... awwww.

LMAO my word verification for posting a comment is "turti".

Aleta said...

Kayla is adorable! What fun your puppies will have together.

Genea said...

Thanks! We adore her! They have tons of fun. As you can see from the newest post they end up crashed out from all that playing!

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