Monday, May 25, 2009

New items, New earrings and some fun pics

Hello Friends!

Today's listings are for all of the coffee lover's out there like myself!
This is a sweet little cell phone charm complete with a coffee mug which does have brown coffee in the top of the mug, a coffee bean shaped glass bead and a swirly( I LOVE swirls!). Unfortunately I no longer have a place for a charm on my phone. :( You would think it wouldn't be that hard to add an extra hole on the body of the phone somewhere, but who knows ;)

This little set is lots of fun too! It features a fun steaming cup of coffee and 2 coffee beads. Now I had them tied so that they kind of look like they could be a pendant and earrings. Wouldn't that be awesome? !

Here are some earrings I made out of my NEW Florbital beads!
Pretty sweet huh?! I don't know that I will make a ton of pairs since it is REALLY difficult to get 2 beads the same, especially hollows! These are super funky with lots of texture and visual appeal. They are SUPER light too! They look like they would be totally heavy, but you can barely feel them in your ears!

Here is a set I made for Billie. She saw Kim's fringe and wanted to do one as well in colors of cream and coral. Aren't they PRETTY?! Melissa would be proud(her 2 fav colors are orange and ivory)!

The below set in greens and turquoises are my demo set for the fringe ;) I would have done lime and ivory, but I really have like, NO ivory beads, so that wouldn't make for a happy fringe!

Ricky and I made some cookies! We substituted coconut oil for shortening and half sugar in the raw for the white sugar. They were REALLY good! They did take forever to cook though! We only did half sugar in the raw cause it really doesn't blend in like white sugar. I did hear that you can take sugar in the raw and put it in a coffee grinder to get it more fine. I guess we will have to try that next time! ;)
Notice the FAB plate under the cookies?! They are Andy Warhol plates that I got from Target the year I got married(about 3 and 1/2 years ago). They are SO awesome, and lime green and aqua :D:D:D

Look at what my friend Lucas brought Ricky and me from World Market. The ginormous gummy is really good, but so strange to have a HUGE bite of gummy bear in your mouth. The sour jaw breaker was really good too, but it kind of sucks to eat since you can't fit the whole thing in your mouth. I had a super blue tongue yesterday :D Who says candy is just for kids >:D

Are you amazed that I purchased these candies? I mean look how colorful they are :D It's color you can EAT! How amazing is that?!

And finally the last picture I have for you today...

Auntie Stephanie gave me some Lei's so I thought the kids would enjoy wearing them! LOL

Aren't they CUTE?! OMG!

Well that concludes my holiday update!

Happy Memorial Day!

Much love,



Valerie said...

hey- I just made peanut butter cookies too! I use half sugar and half light molasses or golden syrup with the sugar- they stay softer longer, but you don't smush em down with a fork because they spread a lot more. maybe half sugar in the raw and half molasses would work!?

Genea said...

Hey Valerie,

I will have to try that and see how it works ;) Thanks for the idea.

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