Monday, May 18, 2009

baby birdies, beads, beady ideas, and designer 's work

Hello Friends!

New items are up on Etsy! I have some favorites up today! I am in LOVE with my bullseye Soar Passion Heart! Bullseye is just a different kind of glass yanno? Their color palette is pretty awesome! I also have a Love & Harmony ring listed in Cranberry pink and Dark Periwinkle! Yum, yum!

I just tried out this new idea for a design too. I worked on the design on Friday and I think I will continue working on it a bit more, but with a couple more tweaks in the design. I think I might just be on to something here.... I think I just might save these goodies for the show in OH coming up :D
Here is a necklace that one of my customer's, Maria from RomanticBohemian made! Isn't it cool?!
I LOVE show-and-tell so if you have some jewelry that you have made with my beads, PLEASE send me pictures! I love to see what people are making!

In other non-related news Ricky and I saved a baby sparrow. I wish I had taken a few pictures for you all, but alas, I did not :( Well there is a sparrow next above our back door where we have a metal awning. They ended up building a nest inbetween the awning and roof. This next ended up falling off of it's spot and landing in our recycle bin. When I came out side I saw the nest and heard little cries from inside our bin. I scooped the nest out of the bin and placed it on top of 2 other rubber maid totes we had next to it. The parents came around a few times, but I don't know if they put it together that that was their baby. We called our local nature center and asked for advice.

The nature center told us to try to put the nest back where it was. Well since there was pretty much NOTHING to put a nest on(I have no idea how they made the nest stay in the first place) Ricky and I had to get inventive. We rigged a small plastic bowl(the one we got from a chinese restaurant that soup comes in) and tied it to the awning side with some hemp. We then put some of the nest inside the cup and put the baby back in. VOILA! New nest pretty close to where the old one was.
Well if you all are local you know it got pretty cold last night. I worried about our little baby sparrow so I cut down the cup and had a look. He wasn't moving :( I blew on him to see if he was still alive and I think the warmth of my breath awoke him. He wiggled helplessly :(:(:(

I took him inside and went to Ricky and the boys to see what we could do. They all pretty much told me he would probably not make it since he proabably hadn't eaten in so long and he was so little. I kept faith in my sweet little sparrow though. After he was inside for awhile he seemed to move around more. I checked on him frequently until we went to sleep around 2am. We said if he was still alive in the morning we would take him to the nature center as soon as they opened at 8am.

7:30 rolled around and Ricky woke me up. I asked if our little sparrow was still alive and he said YES!! He was even peeping and stretching his neck up and opening his little mouth! AWWWW BABY! :( Poor little guy! He was proabably so hungry!!

We took him in his little cup into the car and drove down to the nature center. It is such a beautiful drive! I had never been down there before. It is over by our city's zoo(to which I have never attended). We got to the center and the sweet lady at the center logged our little guy in the book.

One of the ladies walked by and said something grumpy like he probably would die anyways since he was so small. When she left the room the other lady said quietly" I have saved ones this small before". :D Horay!

We drove home feeling all warm and fuzzy that our sweet little sparrow had made it to a place where they could care for him until he opened his little eyes and was ready to be released. It's little things like this that give you such an appreciation for the wonderful world around you :D


Kristin said...

You are awesome for saving the little sparrow! Good for you! And I love the new beadies. Yay Bullseye!

Genea said...

I am just glad he survived yanno? He was all tiny and his eyes were still closed. He was a big older since his feathers were coming in, but they hadn't gotten fluffy yet.

Yay! me too!

Cindy said...

So weird, I made a heart almost completely and totally like that, my colors were bright, but it was a chunky thing......creepy.

Genea said...

Really? Send me a pic. I want to see what yours looks like. I was inspired by Sarah Moran's beads and make a rainbow stacked heart.

It just goes to show that 2 people that have not seen each other's beads can totally be on the same wavelength ;)

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