Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Playtime with Friends and Fire

Hello Friends!

This will be a very quick entry with mostly pictures. I am pretty pooped. I think I used up ALL of my creative energy making some f*ing awesome beads today!

Kristin was SO sweet and brought some of her yummy raspberry macadamia nut bread! It tasted more awesome that the picture probably looks since I am not a food photographer ;)

I totally snarfed down 2 pieces just after Kristen left! Infact I was microwaving the bread as she was pulling out of the driveway! I couldn't wait to try some!
She also brought me these GORGEOUS earrings in this pretty wrapping! I just love pretty gifts with pretty wrappers. I am ALL about presentation so I totally appreciate those little things! Notice how it even matches the jewelry *beams*

Here are our beadies!! Pretty sweet huh? We used CiM Fremen, Grape Ape, Tuxedo, and Clear. Moretti odd Coral, Pea Green, Light Aqua, white and rose cane.


Kristin said...

Hey! They look cool! Way better than I expected (mine, I mean, yours are fabulous, of course). You're so cute, taking pics of the bread! I'm glad you liked it. Next time I will bring my famous raspberry tiramisu. There is nothing on earth better than that. Thanks again for letting me come play!

Genea said...

Yay! Isn't it great? I love it when you aren't sure about how your beads turn out and they come out awesome :D

Heheh the bread was YUMMY!

I am all for this raspberry tiramisu!!!

You are very welcome!

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