Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Surprise gift, inspiration and pictures!

Hello friends!

New items are up on Etsy, which you may have already noticed if you are a frequenter of my shop. I am actually updating my blog kinda late. I did my listings before noonish. I have some super fun coffee lover's beadies today! One of my favorite things in the whole wide world besides beads!

And now for some pictures!! Horay!

First off let's show you what happens when you "glue" 2 rods together at the bottom of the shorter rod by the label instead of at the top where it won't hit your hand!
This is even after 4 days.

Here are the super secret present beads for the MIL!
These beads were made with Messy's fabulous NEW colors: Olive, Commando, Tamarind, and Tuxedo! Pretty sweet huh?!
Here the bracelet I put together using the above beads :D

Here is the inspiration picture for my color scheme and beads I made yesterday.
Pretty sweet sheets huh? I like 'em! Here are the beads. Notice the bead second from the last? Look familiar?

I was also inspired by this sweet vase!

It is cooler in the catalog cause the vase is actually empty. You get the idea though.
Since I was working in yellow and aqua I decided it would look cooler in transparents.

The top actually turned out wider than I would have liked, but it is still pretty cool.
So what do you think it look like? Penis is the WRONG answer lol Ok.. are you ready? The right answer is a bong! LOL It seriously does... Totally not intentional. I had actually contemplated adding another tubey arm on the other side. It was one of those things where sometimes it's just best to leave something alone so you don't "over work" it. I think I might try making some more that have a skinnier top tube.

Well that concludes my update for the day. I hope you all are enjoying your day!

Much love,



KittsKrafts said...

That burn looks terribly bad! OUCH!
Those military beads are really cool!

Genea said...

Yeah, it's a pretty nasty one. Luckily it's not too deep. It's when the burns don't hurt at all that you should worry! The really deep burns don't hurt at all! Thank God for Aloe!

Thanks! I am really pleased with the camo beads ;) I think the MIL will LOVE them!

2ifbysea said...

Very cool creations! Love your beads!

Genea said...

Thank you! :)

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