Monday, May 11, 2009

Puppy pics, color comparisons and shop goodies

Hello friends!

New items are up on Etsy! I listed a simple illusion style necklace and a black and white pendant.

Here is that color comparison between Moretti EDP and Sedona I promised.

As you can see here EDP is much more purply pink than Sedona. Sedona has those kind of dusky hues in it.

Look what I made for my friend, Lucas!
This is for all of your Super Mario lovers out there. For those of you who may not recognize this guy. It's a poison mushroom from Super Mario Brothers :D

And.... More puppy pictures!!
All that playing makes dogs and puppies alike TIRED!
Kayla feets! Aren't they cute? They are all speckly like her coat :)
Leeloo feets! He he she has fuzzly feet ;) Her fur actually grows up inbetween her toes, which you can't see in this pic. It makes her paws look all ratty and cute.

And the final CUTNESS picture.... Are you ready?

Isn't her speckly muzzle cute? :D

Well I am off to make some special beads for my MIL. I am excited cause the In-laws will be in for a day or two at the end of the week! We have not seen them since Christmas!

Have a wonderful day!

Much love,


Kristin said...

Cute, cute, cute! And why didn't I buy some Sedona at the bead blast? I like the color of EDP better, but the Sedona is mighty pretty.

Genea said...

I know! Aren't they darling?!

It was kinda tucked back on a shelf in 2 rod bundles. You might have just missed it.

Yeah, EDP is prettier, but Sedona has some nice earthy, dusky sky hues.

Ricky, NSCA-CPT said...

We have cute dogs.

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