Thursday, May 28, 2009

Listings and my fringe with Billie

Hello Friends!

Gosh, my hubby going to work later really gives me a late start! You may have noticed the listings were uploaded earlier, but it has taken me until now to get my blog out to you.

Today I have a few non-matching items. First is this super fun swirly and dotty dangle ring!
As you can see it's mostly lime green and orchid :) It was made of Moretti and Bullseye, not on the same bead, of course!

Next I have a pastel colored Wishing Wheel. These are some perfect soft colors for spring.

I made my Wishing Wheel pendant out of these beads, but you could totally use them separately or all together in a different design. I would like to see what else people would make out of this set of 3 beads. It's always interesting to see what different people make with the same beads.

Here is a picture of the fringe I made with Billie yesterday. I don't have a picture of hers since we only got about half way through. I finished mine last night after we played with the Wii fit with our friends Holly and Brandon.

The Wii Fit is WAY fun. If you have not already tried it I would strongly suggest giving it a whirl! We also had a lovely grill out! We had steaks, potatoes cut in half wrapped in bacon and grilled onions! Yum!

While I was busily working on my fringe with Billie, Brandon and Holly were busily patching up our little outside fence! I was so excited! Brandon is like one of the most handy people I know! He fixed up our fence to protect our garden that was getting nibbled on and used for a litter box! Ugh! The nerve of animals! If it wasn't bad enough that they were eating my poor little garden sprouts they had to go and take a fat dump on it! Grrrr! Anyways, we had no plant nibblers or pooers in our garden this morning, so I was pretty stoked!

Well I must be off. I have lots of things to do!

Much love,



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