Wednesday, May 27, 2009

RED listings, Rainy Day Box and chatter

Hello Friends!

Today I have some RED listings for you! I know, I know... I was not a red fanatic, but it is slowly sneaking it's way into my work. I have found that I really do like some of the reds out there. I like Moretti dark, medium and light red, and Vetrofond's light red really gets some beautiful color variations on it.

Today's first listing is one of my Heart Burst Rings!
Here is "Vamp". This black and red color combo ALWAYS makes me thing on my MIL. Her fav color combo is black and red. The base features Lauscha's Strawberry Red odd. The center Swirly is black filligrana with red polka dots. Black bumpies surround the outside heart. These rings are SO much fun to wear since they are BIG! They don't stick up too far so they don't get caught on everything so that is really sweet!
This next listing "Scarlet Plum Daisy Vines" features one of my new Daisy Vine earring designs. I used some Grape Ape for the outer purple and red filligrana for the centers. I really enjoy using Grape Ape because it doesn't get metallicy and brown like the Moretti purples for the most part. I think working it continuously and mashing and creasing it causes it to get a bit of metallic on it, but it is easily remedied by putting it in toilet bowl cleaner :)

I got that little tip from Tera Belinsky-Yoder of Beady Girl Beads. It is kind of funny too cause I ended up getting "The Works" toilet bowl cleaner, you know the kind that you squirt in the toilet bowl? She was telling me at the Bead Blast they also make a spray cleaner and that is what she uses! lol Oops! Well, it does work so whatever get's you there right?! That stuff is pretty nasty chemicals though. I don't use that stuff on my toilet because my dogs perfer using it as their watering hole. So USE CAUTION when using the tiolet bowl cleaners!

I am excited today because it Billie will be coming over to make our fringes! Fringe bracelets always end up being so much fun! It seems like each layer you do just gets more and more exciting until you finish.

Today is nice and overcast. We are supposed to be getting thunderstorms. I always feel more creative on these days. I think it's because my mom made me a "rainy day box". This special box was full of treasures like coloring books, glue, sequens, glitter, and those kind of coloring books that had the red, yellow and blue lines that you got wet with a paint brush. I could only use the items in this box when it was rainy outside. Cool huh?! I think that is one of the coolest things my mom did for me when I was a kid. :)

Well on that note, I must be going. I need to get some things done before Billie gets over.

Have a wonderful day!

Much love,



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