Saturday, January 13, 2018

First Friday Show at Bead Boutique Kansas City February 2nd from 5-8pm!

Hello beautiful souls,

I am some exciting news! We will be doing a First Friday show at Bead Boutique in Kansas City, MO this coming first friday, February 2nd from 5-8pm! We just love hanging out and being creative with our beady peeps! I am busy in the studio creating some super amazing glassy goodness for you, and can't wait to show you all some of the goodness. Here are a few photos to wet your appetite while I keep making more piles of beads :D

Here are some NEW fanciful hearts, and a floral dread bead(or big holed bead). So scrumptious!

I would be lying if I said I wasn't slightly OBSESSED with making my "glass dabs" headpins. A dab will do ya, you know ;) 

I even made this fresh AF dread headband for my Artistcellar blog post. I will be taking this beauty to my first friday show as well. I have more to make out of this amazing upcycled tie dye.

 Here's a close up of the Metatron's cube center. Oh did I mention the star spatters also glow in the dark?! Super sweet!

Well lots more art to create so I will leave you with these tasty morsels on which to indulge while I create more!

Love, light, and creativity,

xoxo Genea

Monday, December 18, 2017

Come check out our LBA Designer Galleria Showcase, auction style at 6pm CST for the next 24 hours!

Hello beautiful souls,

Come grab some deals on our BRAND NEW JEWELRY AND BEADS auction style at our LBA Galleria show tonight at 6pm CST(24 hours only)!

We will have all of these gorgeous beads and jewelry for your shopping pleasures! Make it yourself with our stunning selection of handmade glass beads, and glass headpins, or pick up some already made jewelry and save yourself the work ;)

We can't wait to see you are our show!

Happiest Holidays!

Thursday, December 7, 2017

New Work- Tray and Jewelry- Group Only Sale

Hello beautiful souls,
I have some awesome: beads, glass headpins, and jewelry left from our local show. I have been feeling really inspired so I made up some bad ass jewelry! Yahoo! These new goodies will be available in our *special* Facebook Group for 3 days only!
Grab some new beads for your designs. The holidays are fast approaching and now is a great time for creating your handmade gifts this year.
 Have the holidays left you with not enough time to get things made? We've got you covered with these gorgeous designs!
We can't wait to see you there!
Love, light, and creativity,
xoxo Genea


Friday, December 1, 2017

Third Eye Gypsy *special* friends and family preview show TONIGHT, and then tomorrow from 10-6pm!

Hello beautiful souls,

I am super excited to be heading back to Bead Boutique for another show! We will be participating in a *special* friends and family preview this evening from 5-8pm, and then again tomorrow from 10-6pm. Tonight come on by to shop before the general public! They will be serving wine and light snacks. I will be doing my show on Saturday only as part of their Winter Showcase, but I will not have my things on display all month. You won't want to miss out on the new awesome beads, headpins, and jewelry I created. 

 You know the best thing about being a bead maker is that when you have an idea for a design you can create EXACTLY what you have in mind for a design. I had an idea to create these earrings using some gorgeous veiled cane glass, my "dabs" (little dabs of glass) mini headpins, and some wooly wire!
 Aren't they awesome?! 
 You can't have some bad ass earrings without a matching necklace, right?! I wanted to create something super simple, yet awesome. 

Yay! Don't you love it when you realize you took a photo when you thought you didn't?! I just had a chance to create a few more eye beads before the show so these lovelies will be coming with me. I SOLD OUT of them the last show, so I wanted to make sure I had a few more. 

 I still have lots of awesome beads so I will be bringing my things from the last show with me as well. The display will be a bit different, but I am working on that as we speak(nothing like working on that at the last minute)!! My past self would have died for sure being a perfectionist/planner. I sure am glad to be more free spirited. It's a lot less stressful for the most part. 
Well I must be off! I have some final table display tweaking and tags to create before tonight! I can't wait to see all of your smiling faces! I do hope some of you will be bringing me some "show-and-tell" with what you created from your beads you picked up from me at the last show :D 

See you soon!

Love, light, and creativity,

xoxo Genea

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Third Eye Gypsy(Genea Beads)20-25% OFF SALE For Black Friday- Cyber Monday!

Hello beautiful souls!

I am excited to announce our Black Friday- Cyber Monday sales. You can see the goodies we have available in this video clip from our recent show. 

Here's a taste of what we have in store! We have all you need for you and your gift making adventures. 

Black Friday - Cyber Monday Sales

We will be having our Black Friday Sale in our Third EyeGypsy(Genea Beads) group. All of the work from our show and shop will be available in the group only including: beads, wooly wire(from my special stash), sari silk, glass headpins, and loose spacer beads! Our Black Friday sale is 25% off of EVERYTHING! Details on purchase and payment will be posted in the group. The only things that will be left in the group for sale through the rest of the weekend are items that are not currently listed in my shop(which is A LOT of things).  My Etsy shop will be back open from Saturday- Cyber Monday with a 20% Sale(Saturday- Tuesday at Midnight CST). You may combine items from the group and the shop to be shipped together. So please contact me with those requests at your time of purchase. 

We can't wait to see you at our sales!  If you have any questions or need help please message us. 

Happiest Holidays, 

xoxo Genea

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Local Show Announcement and NEW glass beads and glass headpins!

Hello beautiful souls,

I am excited to announce that we will be doing a local bead show at "the friendliest little bead shop," Bead Boutique in Kansas City, Missouri. If you all remember I spent many years working for Bead Boutique under the original and new owners. I am SUPER EXCITED to make a guest appearance since not seeing my bead family since about 2006! I will be doing a show November 17-19th, and then again on December 2nd(friends and family evening showcase), and December 3rd!

I have been making beads like crazy the last 2 days, and have many more days in the studio up until the show cranking out as much awesome new work as I can before then. I did a facebook live to show off the new work here. I feel super weird being recorded, but at least you can see all the angles of the beads like you were here with me in my studio :)

The spiny heart I will leave as is and take it with me to the show. The other two I am sending to a friend for a special collaboration. More details on that later :D

 I had the idea to make a hamsa hand and did a few designs. The one on the left was the first, middle second, and far right 3rd. Sadly, the middle finger of the center bead cooled too slowly and the glass cracked :/ The eye bead will be going for the collab as well. I can't wait to make more of them. 
 Who doesn't love glass headpins? Yep, I know... so I made lots. They can make tiny little pendants, dangles, or earrings. 
Oooo so pretty!! I got some gorgeous color in these Om headpins.

Christian and I went to First Friday so I will be posting photos and a blog about that soon. It was freezing outside. I took a few photos of Christian and me while we were there. Here is one of them :D

Boys, all 4 of the photos I took he's making faces. Lol. Oh well, I look good in the photos, right?! ;)

I will be back soon. Lots of beads to make.

Love, light, and creativity,

xoxo Genea

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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Day 4 of our Sacred Geometry Series Feathers! Our FINAL RELEASE of the whole series! Today's feature: Tree of Life, and Quattro Flower

Hello beautiful souls,

Excited about our NEW Sacred Geometry Series feathers ! Today is the FINAL 2 DESIGNS to complete the series of 8!!Today's feature is Tree of Life 🌳and Quattro Flower 🌸 ALL Available now $20 each + shipping. Feathers are 50mm long x 16mm, and are on 20", 1mm waxed cotton cords. You can keep up with our new series on our Instagram.  To grab these amazing necklaces send us a message on our Facebook page.

 Today's release is:  Quattro Flower in:yellow, lime, emerald, teal, and indigo, and Tree of Life in: lime, forest, and brown.

Oh so pretty!

Just like golden sunshine fading into the earth and sky.
 Totally digging these colors together.

Nice grounding greens and browns.

Get rooted with the tree of life.

The entire collection from left to right: Square Rose, Sri Yantra, Flower of Life, Golden Mean.

From left to right: Quattro Flower, Tree of Life, Metatron's Cube, Seed of Life. 

Wear the magic of the universe around your neck.  Featured necklace is 20" long.

Stay tuned for our next series: Labyrinth!

Love, light, and creativity,
xoxo Genea

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