Friday, August 10, 2018

New Work Extravaganza and 15% off Subscriber Sale!

Hello beautiful souls,

Can you SEE  me? It's hard these days getting buried in the algorhythms everyone is using. So I am posting here as well so that I can actually reach those of you that may not see this before it's over. So now through Sunday I am celebrating getting my newest beads and jewelry into the shop after a few months of local shows! Newsletter Subscribers and Third Eye Gypsy Facebook Group members can receive 15% off in my webstore by using their special discount code! Sale runs from today through Sunday and midnight CST.  I have been loading stuff in the shop the last several days and have continued as the sale goes on so new items are popping up during the day! I will be listing more this evening and more tomorrow. I am taking Sunday off, but the sale will RAGE on til Midnight! Then we will close that bitch down! Lol.

Like the graphic my new friend made me for my facebook event talking about the sale?

Here is all of the brand new goodness up in the shop as we speak, but more will be going in after this photo! So come on by and get yourself some new goodies! The sale also includes everything else in my webstore as well as all new items! Hooray!

Love, light, and highest vibrations,

xoxo Genea

Sunday, June 3, 2018

LIVE FB Group Bead show today from 1-3pm CST

Hello beautiful souls!

I had not planned to write to you all from my blog here since I switched to my website, but I want to make sure you all are still able to easily find me and the more places I am on the web the more it helps me pop up for ya.  Just a quick post on what I have going on.

So TODAY June 3rd from 1-3pm CST we are doing a LIVE FB Group bead show so all of you can shop just as if you were coming to the show in person! So for 2 hours we will be hanging out in the fb group showing off the goodies and allowing you all to purchase before all of these goodies go on sale publicly! Oh and not only that, but all of our shop goodies are also available all in one place along with loose spacers, recycled sari silk, wooly, clasps and other not listed loose beads and glass headpins! 

If you have not gotten a chance to follow along with what has been going on you can catch up on our Third Eye Gypsy blog here.   You won't want to miss out on our BRAND NEW beads with *REAL* gemstones inside the glass like Moonstone and Celestite crystals to raise those vibrations! We are really excited to try this live showt thing out. You all have really been enjoying the live feeds i have been doing so I am trying to do more of that so we an hang out in real time :) Can't wait to see you there!!

Love, light, and highest vibrations,

xoxo Genea

Monday, April 2, 2018

Third Eye Gypsy Grand Opening 20% Off Sale and Giveaway!

Hello beautiful souls,

Just giving you a quick heads up here to head on over to the new Third Eye Gypsy Blog for all the details about our latest sale and giveaway! 
Find out about our sale and how to win me HERE.

Love, light, and creativity,

xoxo Genea

Friday, March 30, 2018

New Lampwork Beads in the new shop and Webpage Woes

Hello beautiful souls!

I am excited to tell you that I have been busily updating the new shop and BRAND NEW WORK has been added for your shopping needs!

Here are the new babies and you can buy them here! 

I had a few little "webpage woes" while working on updating the new shop. There are these things calle "alt text" and they are SUPER important for helping browsers find you by describing in text what the image is all about. You can read about it all here on the new blog. 

Well loves, I have been on the computer all day, so now it's time for a little breaky break.
I'll be adding more jewelry to the new page over the next day or so and then  more lampwork beads. It will be a little bit longer on the new beads since I need to start from scratch on those. The other beads and jewelry I already have all edited and descriptions written so those will go first. I can't wait to catch up!!

See ya soon!

Love, light, and creativity, 

xoxo Genea

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Building an online house- new website

Hello beautiful souls,
Ok, I'm not building a house, but it kinda feels like it building a webpage. I have much to learn for sure. Not all of my buttons get you to the exact spot they are supposed to, but some of the shop parts link correctly. There are just SO many things to do! Most of us have used some sort of blog platform like Blogger or Wordpress and also places to sell our items like Etsy. Well I will tell ya these fancy websites don't have some of those little extra flairs we are used to using. It will just take a little getting used to figuring out where things are. I got held up for a good long while when my findings banner ended up on every page and my footer was in the middle of my page. YIKES! 

This is the one that got me stuck. I had to add another product page for my glass headpins and findings. For some reason the shop now button on the front page takes you to the lampwork page. I even checked the findings page and it says it's linked up. There must be another spot I need to change. So bare with me. I'm working on it. Web design is definitely not my skill lol. 

I will also take this moment to apologize in advance if I miss your messages or e-mails to me or we have some kink in the new page. This is all a learning curve. Mostly, it's been pretty good, but I do get stuck from time to time. 

I made some bad ass new boxes to send out your goodies. I made my very first blog post on the new page you can view here to take a peek. I will be featuring the process on the Artistcellar blog for my post coming up, so keep an eye out for that. This is how my new blog looks so far. It's crazy I had to even add a comments tab since the blog didn't come with one. Weird.. You will also notice there is a newsletter sign up twice on the page. I like the way it looks on the pink blog portion better than down below, but that bottom part is on all of my pages and if I delete it on the blog I think it will get deleted on all the pages so there will just have to be two for now. 

Oh and you may have noticed the annoying gray spot in my photos. It's been there for awhile. I have no idea what happened to my camera. It just appeared one day. It's not the lens. I did some searching and it sound like I have damaged pixels in my camera. It's old and I am SO ready for a new camera, but I'll have to save for a new one. I really want a DSLR. You know, one of those fancy pants, big girl camera's that take photos so luscious it feels like you can lick them through the screen. 

Here is my lampwork page. I am focusing my energies on this page mostly. I have SO many new things to get online. I am also excited to get my new jewelry online as well. These things coming up are things that have never been in my Etsy shop. 

Ok loves, I am off to continue building the page! Stop on by and check it out here.

Love, light, and creativity,

xoxo Genea

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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Third Eye Gypsy.Com is LIVE!

Hello beautiful souls!

It's time! It's LIVE! Yes, my new website is LIVE! I was excited to get most of it built the other day. So the base of the site is all built and I will be busily loading up my shop! HOORAY!! Below is a little video I took while I was building my site, but you can see my webpage . So what's the most exciting thing about the new webpage? NEW WORK!

 I have SO much art, jewelry, and beads that are NOT online yet. You may have caught a glimpse of them when I did  a 3 day sale, but after that they were not available. I was not going to keep adding things to my Etsy shop when they were not getting the views they deserved. As you know Etsy has changed a lot over the years. I was not really happy with the changes and how things were for the sellers. The site was no longer doing things in our best interest and a lot of us dropped off. We make our livings selling our art and it's hard to make a living if no one is seeing your work. This is the whole reason a webpage is so important. If you sell on third party sites THEY get all the views. Not you. WE are the ones that make these sites money and allow them to make millions on us. So it's only fair that WE get to benefit from OUR hard work, but enough about that... 

I am just SO excited to be loading up my new shop! I even think about it while I fall asleep. I was even dreaming about it. I had a dream last night about having a few people helping me assemble my jewelry for my website. I was thinking about how they were going to add the pendants onto my finsihed sari silk necklaces, but then realized they would have to open the jump rings to put the pendants on when they sold and realized the snag there. Lol! You can see where my mind has been! 

I am JUST SO EXCITED about all of the ideas I have in store for my work. Some ideas I got a chance to test out before I got ill and busy with my side projects, and others that are in the dream state while I build funds and start getting new equipment and supplies. The upgrades I will need for all of the new equipment will be expensive and I will need to tackle them bit by bit to really be able to bring my body of work to my new ideas, but I can tell you it will be like nothing you have ever seen! I can't wait to be creating all of these new things. The expanded business from my new webpage will allow me to get these new supplies and equipment. I couldn't be more excited!!

Well I am going to hop off here and get to it! You can check my webpage and see items pop into my shop! I can assure you I am just as excited as you to watch them go live. Let's count how many times I said "excited" in this blog post. Lol. Guess I need some new words ;) 

See you all soon!

Love, light, and creativity,

xoxo Genea

You can keep up to date with all of my happenings on my NEW website-

Sunday, March 25, 2018

The journey: sickness, health, art projects, Christian's diagnosis, and new beginnings

Hello beautiful souls,

I've missed you so much.  I have thought about you often. It's been a month since I posted to the day. Ironic that I just finally got a chance to post a month exactly from my last post? At any rate I am so glad to tell you what's been going on in my life. To start out I was tying up loose ends on some other projects which kept me from being here and then the last and most dramatic part that I will be telling you about in full detail below. So to start I was finishing up a tutorial I had to create for Canvas Corp Brands(7 gypsies, canvas corp brands, and tattered angels). I was on the design team for a hot second before I had to leave the team for personal reasons. I agreed to do a tutorial for them before leaving the team on one of my bad ass jewelry displays I called "Seed of Gaia" that you can see here. 
I also blog for Artistcellar and I am ashamed I have not posted here more letting you know where to check it out because I love Artistcellar and Lisa(the co-owner) very much. They have the most incredible, high quality stencils that is use in pretty much ALL of my artwork. I was busy making these projects for Artistcellar which you can view the details about them on the blog here.
Here are the pieces I created for Artistcellar. This pisces fish piece I did for my friend, Dodie for her birthday. She is a pisces(Duh. Lol!), and the planet in the background is Neptune which is the planet for the pisces zodiac sign. You can read about the process on the Artistcellar blog(link above). 

My latest piece for Artistcellar is this gift bag and you can read all about it this coming monday. It turned out so pretty I hung it on my wall, lol. Who knew. I was feeling a bit short on creativity so I did a "simple project" for my blog because I had just come out of my sickness(more on that below).

I was also finishing up a special custom project for my friend Daniel Donovan for Rekinection . We did a trade for shamanic breathwork sessions(his 5 part elemental series, his incredible music((he mixes binaural beats, animal sounds, and chakra opening beats with electronic music)), his books, and his digital art) for a set of 7 chakra necklaces. I am only showing you a teaser pic of ONE of the necklaces because I want to blog about that whole process later :P I can't say enough incredible things about Daniel so if you happen to have the pleasure of attending his breathwork sessions or a set at ecstatic dance, I would highly recommend it. They have also purchased land in Kansas by Lawrence where they will be doing retreats and so many other wonderful things!
Here is the chakra necklace for the Root chakra. I used wooly wire from wooly wire etc, and created all of the hoops, headpins, glass, and design myself(Not just a pretty face ;) 

Now onto the sad chapter of this story, but don't worry, I will finish off with the happy ending(Lol... happy ending... lol. Moving on....)

Photos of my arsenal.

Ok so wow... where to begin. I will have 2 gross photos below so if you want avoid those, this is your warning here. I edited the least nasty looking ones, but I wanted you to experience my woes so that's why I am including them. So I started out with what I thought was a lady infection and treated that homeopathically ony to find out that I was treating the WRONG kind of infection and wound up at the local clinic with antibiotics, BUT you MUST experience my paint and agony over the last week and a half to truey appreciate the healing. So to begin I fought the demons with: coconut oil and teatree oil, raw garlic, and then finally oregratrex(oregano oil, peppermint oil, and cayenne organic essential oils). The worse symptom than the itch was the incessant burning while urinating. It was awful. At first I thought maybe it was the start of a uti, but the pain was different. That part was pretty taxing. Christian was taking the Oregatrex to for digestive things to kill off any bad gut bacteria, but oregano is one of the most POTENT AND BAD ASS essential oils to fight of a run of things. So in my quest to heal myself I went to the oregano oil and began taking it as directed. Oregano oil kills of candida and since that is what I thought I had in the downstairs department I began taking that, what I didn't expect was the aftermath. So before you go bashing natural remedies or this company please listen. Herbs are VERY POWERFUL and they are not to be taken lightly. I took it upon myself to treat myself homeopathically from advice from other friends, and reading the internet for answers to heal myself. Now, had I had a chance to go to a homeopathic doctor or herbalist for treatment I would have, but ya know how things go when your funds are low. So if you do decide to take oregano oil BE CAREFUL. Oregratrex is VERY POWERFUL and the company makes the most potent and incredible products. So in the mess of my original problem I experienced rapid candida die off symptoms called "herxiheimer reaction". So what does this entail? Well here is the list: 
  • Nausea
  • Headache, fatigue, dizziness
  • Swollen glands
  • Bloating, gas, constipation or diarrhea
  • Increased joint or muscle pain
  • Elevated heart rate
  • Chills, cold feeling in your extremities
  • Body itchiness, hives or rashes
  • Sweating
  • Fever
  • Skin breakouts
  • Recurring vaginal, prostate and sinus infections
Oh and that was on top of the lady problem, so yes, I felt like I was fucking dying to put it lightly. It was AWFUL. Imagine having 3 of the worst cold and flus you have ever had on top of a lady problem and burning while you pee. Along with that I had a cut in my lip that turned my whole bottom lip into sores along with: canker sores and inflamed taste buds(these are those photos I was warning you about). I could barely eat. I didn't eat much at first because I was fearful to feed the candida that I had in my body.  I was deathly ill for days. I only took the oregano oil for 2 days since I could not tolerate anymore or feeling bad. I finally gave up and called the local clinic. I am wholeheartedly against antibiotics as they kill EVERYTHING good and bad bacteria including gut flora which is YOUR LIFE. So if you didn't know this, protect your gut. It is what keeps your whole body in running order and I can't tell you enough how much I have learned about this and how very important it is to have your gut in working order. I was given a shot in the arm of antibiotics along with a pill prescription I just finished the other day.

This was my lip during the infected process. FUCKING GROSS. It got worse than this, so bad I had to peel the scab off and pour hydrogen peroxide on it to kill the nasty infection growing on my lips from God knows what. The nurse practioner I saw didn't seem to be phased by my poor lip and just told me to put coconut oil on it because it was "healing". Thank God Christian suggested the hydrogen peroxide! My lip is almost healed and where it may look "bad" this is good. People, it was BAD... really BAD. So bad it was trying to eat food between 2 wet sticky scabs. *barf* Yes, I paint vivid pictures. I want you to understand just how awful it was. It was terrible and I wouldn't wish what I experienced on my worst enemy...
GROSS.... infected af. 

Healing. This is what it looked like today. So much better. I am SO RELIEVED. So I am still returning to health and resting today until I hit it hard tomorrow. Ok now comes the happy news from here on out! Hooray!!

The good stuff...
Ready to celebrate with me? Those of me that have been with me on my journey for many years, or even over the last 2 which have been VERY eventful to say the least. This is where we triumph! We walk up that last steep hill and the whole landscape unfolds. Are you ready?! 

Bad ass news #1- I got a new website! Yep! A REAL WEBSITE! The one I have always wanted and needed for, oh I dunno. YEARS! I am now the proud owner of not one, but TWO DOMAINS-, and my newest!!!! Not only do I finally have a new domain for my new business name, but I have a builder! Yes!! I signed up for for the year and I will be building my website over the next however many days it takes to get it done. So wish me luck! I heard it was easy, but this is not my talent. Unfortunately, when I went to check out I picked some template and that is the one I got stuck with. So I have to go through each build page and replace it with my things. So its' kinda like taking someones house and having to move their shit out so you can move your stuff in. Lol. I do wish I could publish the page as I work on it, but since the template I picked was a succulent website I can't have you on there trying to buy products from me which I don't actually stock ;) So wish me luck!! What does this mean for you all? SHOP UPDATES. LOTS OF THEM. I have SO much inventory that is NOT online. The best part, NO MORE ETSY. I am grateful for Etsy being there in the beginning, but it is not anywhere what it used to be and it is not out for the sellers best interest. So I may leave it up later and clear out what I have on there and leave only new things on my webpage. Not sure yet. My Etsy is off because I didn't pay my bill so meh. I'll be busy working on my page and then decide how I want to manage that. I'll give you a little sneaky peeky of what I got done before I was deathly ill. I didn't get very far at all, but you will get the idea. I'm excited! This website is so powerful and it's everything I could have ever dreamed of! 

Ooo so pretty! It's all soft and cosmic :D I have a long way to go though, but this will be awesome!! I also forgot to mention I will be taking a FREE CLASS at the local college on using social media and business stuff. I was lucky enough to apply and get a free spot! So I will start those classes April 10th! 

The next amazing news!! Are you ready?! 
I have a NEW TO ME CAR!! Yes, the Nissan is gone and I am the proud new owner of a 1993 ford escort wagon with a manual transmission. It has a bad ass stereo and the windows are tinted ;) 
 Ok, I bawled like a bitch when the loaded up my old baby. I did hug and kiss my car too and tell it how much I loved and appreciated it and all of the journeys we had together. The phoenix rises up from the ashes and together we made it. Thinking about it makes my eyes well up....
 I am so floored by this car. It was a GIFT... A GIFT! Given to me by my soul family. My family of vegan burners(burners are people that attend burning man and it's many regional events). My tribe. I was just beyond words. This was their old car. They no longer needed it and knew what we had been through with our car. They knew we just needed a little boost and so they gave us their hands and lifted us up. This means so much to me. I know you all can understand just how bit this is. I feel so relieved to catch a break. To not have to worry about my old car breaking down on me the million times it did. We can drive this baby hours away instead of just being stuck in the city. It's old, but she's solid. She has a little oil leak and the front end got hit with no internal damage(not shown in photos), but she's solid. I can't wait to take her on some trips to see our friends. So mad love and thank you to our Tribal Roots Tribe. You are the best family we could have ever chosen for ourselves, and we love you so much!!

Just a few more photos of our new ride :)

Happy news number 3(oh I didn't even notice this was in 3's!!)

Christian was finally diagnosed!! Yes, you heard that right! We had the fortune of seeing the most incredible man named, Ron Logan. He has been doing iridology for the last 30 years and is a master herbalist. He is 85 and you'd think he was 20! He is an ascended spirit for sure! He so fo fully of knowledge. Not only that, but he's so funny and so enthustiac! I learned more from him in 2 hours about health, wellness, and all of that business than I have learned in years. He just connected all of the dots. Everything that is going on in the body can be see in the eyes! Ron showed us one of his patients that had blueish eyes with lots of yellow around the centers. The yellow is sulfur! This man ended up having pancreatic cancer which didn't show up on the test along with another very deadly disease. Ron was able to diagnose and heal him! I'm a believer for sure! So about Christian's diagnosis... he has leaky gut for sure. This is the main problem. He was recommended a colon cleanse by natures sunshine. This brand is rigorously tested for supreme quality. He also will be taking a very powerful digestive enzyme to help him heal and absorb nutrients properly. So that is where we are starting and we will tackle the other things after. So he will be taking these other things next: dulse liquid, thyroid support, mind max, and krill oil. 
The starred things are the important things that need to be addressed first. I am so relieved to finally know what is wrong and have the proper tool to heal it instead of us taking shots in the dark when all of the other medical testing has failed us. Oh and the other crazy thing... CHRISTIAN ACTUALLY HAS BLUE EYES! Yep, crazy right?! So as he heals his eyes will actually start to turn blue! I will be taking macro photos of his eyes so we can all see them change. He will actually start to see change within just a few months! He has the most beautiful brown eyes, right now. I always complimented him on the "fire" that is around the middle(which is actually showing his digestive problems. The center ring around the pupil shows your digestive health. You can see this in the diagram above). Ron looked in Christian's eyes and then gave him a type of magnifying lense so that he could see his eye while Ron explained what he was looking at. It was SO COOL! It really made me want to just spend all of my days learning everything Ron knows and getting into iridology! I have always been obsessed with eyes my entire life. That and he's a master herbalist and you all know how that intrigues me as well ;) We will see where life takes me ;) For now I will be sticking to my glass and mixed-media and allow the universe to lead me in other areas as it sees fit. I trust the path on which I am on and I couldn't be more excited for this year and all of the abundance to follow! 

Just look at those beautiful firey eyes. I will be sad to see the fire quenched out by the water that will appear in his BLUE EYES, but I will be happy that he will be healed. I am so curious to see his eyes change. It makes me wonder if my eyes are truely brown or if I have color hiding underneath as well. I will have to keep you all posted as soon as I get to go see Ron myself. 

For now, I have SO MUCH to create and do on my page. I have more exciting news in glass as I have just discovered a new concept that is going to be a new adventure with my glass! I did a little bit of testing, but I need to get LOTS of new supplies to keep expanding that idea. I can't wait to get my page up and running so you all can get those goodies and I can get some more supplies :D  

Well my loves, this gets you all updated to where I am at currently. I will be busy working on the page and update you all through social media and here as I get it finished! Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for joining me on this journey. I love you all so much!!

Love, light, and creativity!

xoxo Genea