Monday, February 11, 2019

Third Eye Gypsy & Morgin Riley Collaboration Dreadlock Lampwork Beads

Hello beautiful souls,

I am super stoked to have had the opportunity to collaborate with the gorgeous dreaded Goddess, Morgin Riley(@autumnlocs). I had the pleasure of stumbling upon Morgin's beautiful photography awhile back so I couldn't wait to dress up her locs in my glass!
Aren't her dreadlocks absolutely gorgeous?! Morgin is not only a model and photographer, but she is also a traveling loctician(she does dreadlock maintenance, and installs). Here you can see our Instagram post with this gorgeous photo courtesy of Morgin, and our dreadlock videos of beads similar to the ones I sent to her.  You can snag any of these beads by dming me on my instagram. 

Morgin loves autumn hues so I sent her a collection of gorgeous earthy tones and my: rising sun, crescent moon, and evil eye/third eye dreadlock lampwork beads. 
Here is our "Rising Sun" dreadlock lampwork bead with gorgeous color shifting raku, and earthy avocado green, and a bright golden sun with a yellow green spiral stamped center. Available here.

Next I sent Morgin a crescent moon on a base of this gorgeous terracotta with a raku moon, and bubble dots with a thread of silvered ivory. Available here.

Last, but definitely not least, I sent Morgin one of my evil eye/ third eye dreadlock lampwork beads with an avocado base, raku, and a glittery brown eye. You all know how I love eyes! Available here.

Don't have dreadlocks? These large hole lampwork beads can be worn over a hair wrap, braids, or even used in jewelry making with bead embroidery, macrame, or any other idea you could dream into existence :)

You can find more of my dreadlock beads in my Etsy Bead Shop here.

How would you use these beads in your creations?

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Love. light, and highest vibrations,

xoxo Genea


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