Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Ermagerd Berdz!

Hello beautiful souls,

Ermagerd! New berdz are in my Etsy shop!! Yahoo! 
You can find all of these babies in my Etsy shop for your designing pleasure. 

My new blog for the Artistcellar Design team was just posted on Monday as well so if you want to hear more about the creation of this awesomesauce you can check that out here.
 This is totally some "Namaste Bitches", next level art if I do say so myself ;) Cause who could make a bad ass jewelry holder and not making matching jewelry?! 

Shrink plastic chakra charms. I made these little lovelies into necklaces shown above. Aren't they so pretty?! 

Speaking of awesome, I have a bunch of stuff left to do this week including creating a mixed-media tutorial for a super awesome mixed-media supply company. I will release that info once I have submitted my tutorial. It's pretty sweet and I can't wait to tell you all about it. Now I just have to decide what to create for the tutorial. Hmmm??? 

I am also gearing up for Ecstatic Dance Kansas City this sunday!! I will be bringing my lovely set up I had for first friday to Ecstatic dance where it will be picking up all of those super zen vibes from the lovely people that attend dance. Dance starts out with yoga at 9am, then a quick break to eat some lovely food, then ecstatic dance starts and is finished up by a musical closing. It is super fun with such an incredible group of people.

See you all soon!

Love, light, and creativity,

xoxo Genea

Friday, September 8, 2017

Treasures beyond compare- New Beads!

Hello beautiful souls,

They're here! Are you ready for some new beads?! I am offering these babies up for sale in my Facebook group here. I've got some gorgeous work for your every desire. Hop on over and add some to your collection!
What designs are you dreaming up?

Love, light, and creativity,

xoxo Genea

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Released from the Vortex

Hello beautiful souls,

Oy.. things got busy and then got weird and I am finally feeling better. I have been busy gearing up for first friday at a new location over on Baltimore and 19th in Kansas City. We posted up shop across the street from Town Topic. I didn't take any photos or video of my booth while I was at first friday, but I did take a video of my display from the night before so I will have to fill you in with that instead of photos during the event ;) 

Ok I am going to jog forward and then go backwards now that I let ya know where I disappeared to in my absence from my blog. I was feeling really creative before first friday and created some awesome art. I took a few photos, but mostly took video because you can capture ALL of the details in a short clip where it would take you a gagillion photos to do the same thing. 
So I made these... I made them because I made this bad ass chakra jewelry shelf. So naturally I HAD to make matching jewelry. These are shrink plastic aka shrinky dinks! Here is a video of the matching jewelry hanger with the necklaces hanging off of it. 

Here is a still shot of the shelf and necklaces. Isn't it so pretty?! It was really exciting to create. I like making matchy things <3 font="">

I would really love to make some chakra beads out of glass, but there aren't any stamps for me to press into the glass to create them. Any tool makers out there interested in designing some tools?! I had an idea to just do some lentil beads in the chakra colors. Maybe with some dichro and cz's? But I have not gotten to it quite yet. We will see...

I have really been balls deep in mixed-media lately, because I keep getting ideas for it and I was gearing up for first friday and needed to expand that part of my display. I created this super bad ass metatron's cube galaxy piece with what I called my "moon rock" metatron piece. The texture in this looks like metal and moon rocks! Check out the video.

I made a ton of prints of my new 4x6 mixed-media pieces to have a nice range of prices for my customers. I did a little video clip to show them all. I am charging $10 each for them or 2 for $25. 

I have so much stuff I need to get online it's pretty crazy. The thing is I hate to just spin my wheels spending hours and days getting it online only to be cock blocked by 3rd party hosts. *cough cough* I'm sure you can take a good guess as to where most of us sell online. Yeah... so I am looking into other cart like options to post my goodies so I can actually get them out to all of you and be seen. If you all have some suggestions, I'd love to hear them. My domain drops you here so some plugin that works with Blogger would be super awesome. I loved it when I had a little Etsy widget on the page with a few pretty thumbnails to show off what's new in the shop. I mean who doesn't like to look at pretty pictures?

I ended up downloading Ecwid since it was supposed to work on Blogger and Facebook as a shop, but I just started playing around with it tonight. I have one item up in the shop, but the free version only allows you one photo of your item and only to list 10 pieces. I have so scroll all the way down my facebook page on the left to click the 

Um.. seriously. Who the hell is going to make it to the bottom left side of my page to see if I have things for sale when my other tab that takes you to Etsy is on the top right that says "shop now". *sigh* Like can they make it easy for us. They know we are artists and don't dabble in the sanskrit language that is seo's and computer speak. Bleh.. 

So want to see the one item that is in me Ecwid shop(I'm waiting for advice from my friend and computer translator to see how to maneuver next before sinking a million hours online. Cause for real... ain't nobody got time fa that).
May I present, "Higher Self". Look at her... look at her beautiful face! 
So pretty!  You can really see the stars and texture of her face from this angle. I love all of the drips and the seed of life and flower of life merging in this shot. Details baby, details...

 You can see the "Higher Self" eyes looking back down in this shot.  

You can see the pretty embossing of the seed of life here with the little hints of sparkles. This was a brighter sun shot so you can see the pearlessence of the perlen pen I used. 
Wrapping her up in a nice crystal clear cello bag makes everything look so fancy and gorgeous. You can even see the sun sparkling off the plastic in the top left corner. 

Keep an eye out for my blog over on Artistcellar. I will be going more into detail about my process on some of my new art there ;)  I am totally obsessed with the Dylusion ink sprays they carry! 

I will also be adding new beadies to my facebook group so be sure to hop on over there to grab some more glass! I'll see you tomorrow!

Love, light, and creativity,

xoxo Genea

You know where to find me...

Monday, August 14, 2017

Sacred Geometry, Labyrinths', Chakras, Custom work, and raw vegan grub!

Hello beautiful souls,

It's time for the the awesomeness to be released to the public! Yep, now you can get your happy little hands on these awesome sacred geometry, labyrinth, and chakra necklaces in my Etsy shop.
How about ladies first? Here you can see all of these fantiscical necklaces in a nice little tray, but how about an even closer look? You can grab your necklace here.
Ahhh much better! But what are they??  
1- Sacred geometry flower of life and sacral chakra in:red orange, tangerine orange, pale orange. Outlining in black and white with metallic gold sides.
2-Sacred Geometry quattro flower in: lemon yellow, yellow ocher, tangerine orange, and medium brown with black outlines and metallic gold sides.
3- Gonzaga labyrinth in: cornflower blue, blue violet, magenta, coral, and medium brown with black outlines and metallic gold sides.
4-Crete labyrinth in: blue violet, magenta, tangerine orange, yellow orange, and medium brown with black outlines and metallic gold sides.
5- Anasazi labyrinth in: yellow ocher, tangerine orange, red orange, red violet and medium brown with black outlines and metallic gold sides.
6-Chartres labyrinth in:magenta, orange, and blue violet with black outlines and gold metallic sides.
7-Chartres labyrinth in:lime green, teal, and teal blue with black outlines and gold metallic sides.
8-Sacred Geometry seed of life, and third eye chakra in: indigo, lavender, blue violet, and amethyst purple with white and black outlines and metallic gold sides.
9-Wisdom eyes of Buddha, and star patterns in: blue violet, amethyst purple, chocolate brown, aqua blue. Outlining in black with hints of metallic gold and metallic gold sides.
10-Sacred geometry Square Rose with crown chakra in: rose pink, lavender, blue violet. Outlining in black and white with metallic gold sides.
Oh and let's not forget the boys(or girls, or humans, whatever gender your prefer ;) These just had a more masculine feel so I labeled them as Men's necklaces. You can grab these here.

1- sacred geometry: Golden Mean in: red, orange, and yellow with black outlines.
2- Tree of Life in: brown, teal, and mint green with black outlines.
3-Metatrons Cube in: violet, indigo, and sky blue with black outlines.

Here's an even bigger look cause who doesn't like to see those mouth watering detail shots? ;)
Ooo so pretty!

We'll just finish off with Metatron's cube. 

Pretty sweet,eh?

I also had some help from a pretty sexy model ;) 

So what's the best way to take care of these lovely new necklaces?

*Wear your necklace painted side
facing up (shiny against skin). 
Design has been treated with a sealer to protect it.
*Do not: get your pendant wet, wear in the shower, while swimming, or while sweating profusely. 
*Do not: wear perfumes, lotions, or oils on your skin around your 
*Do not: leave your necklace in the hot sun, in a car, or place with
excessive heat.

Seems simple enough, no?

I had the pleasure of doing a custom 6x6 canvas for my friend, Jaron. I instagramed this baby last night right after I was finished creating it. It's so awesome. Here are some still shots.

Eeeeee so amazing, huh?! I loooooooooooooove all of the colors and layers. 

The texture  on the black is pretty bad ass too :D

 Christian and I also are on a new cleansing chapter of our lives. We went fully raw vegan 4 days ago. Day 3 was pretty terrible. I had the worst headache of my life. My body was detoxing pretty hard. I bet you are thinking, OMG, Genea how do you eat all of your food cold?! Well did you know that when you cook your food you kill all of the nutrient dense enzymes? True story.. We totally dig Liferegenerator. He tells you all about it in this video. 

I bet you didn't know healthy looked so delicious! We made this raw creamy alfredo. We got a spiralizer from Costco for $15! This zucchini is JUST like skinny noodles except you don't get any bloat and eating it raw you get all of those delicious nutrients, Yay!

We also invited some friends over for some raw vegan tacos with fresh salsa and cashew sour cream! YUM!! These were so amazing I am even thinking about them right now! Seriously, eating food this good makes you not miss the old stuff. This was straight up raw vegan gourmet at it's finest. We would have easily paid $12-$15 a plate for these bad boys and we made it at home! 

Raw does take time. You have to soak nuts over night to get them to release enzymes and make them more easily digestible. Dehydrating takes time as well. That is the next tool we need to add to our kit. A vitamix is in on our dream list as well! 

On that note, I am off to go eat some of this deliciousness!

See you soon!

Love, light, and high vibrations,

xoxo Genea

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Auctions Bid Update

Hello beautiful souls,

There are about 13 more hours left in our auctions! Auctions end August 11th  12:30pm CST! You can hop over to our Third Eye Gypsy facebook group to place your bids here.

Here is an update about our active items with bids.

"Eye See Wisdom in the Stars" CURRENT BID $30
"Third Eye Sees with the Heart" CURRENT BID $32

Here are the rest of our gorgeous 4x6 original art pieces that are still available :)

Our shrink plastic necklaces are a "must have" as well. They are so light weight and colorful they are sure to match with just about everything along with being comfortable to wear all day ;)

So many pretty colors and styles. These are truly a conversation starter.

Don't forget to pick up a little something for your person while you are shopping. That way if you get questioned about your purchase they can't get mad at you if you got them a little somethin' somethin' ;)

See you in the group!

Love, light, and creativity,

xoxo Genea

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Are you ready?! Third Eye Gypsy Auction Group New Work is LIVE!

Hello beautiful souls!

 Are you ready for the new art reveal that is LIVE in our Third Eye Gypsy facebook auction group?! These are all auction listings that will only be available for 3 days!
I have some awesome new work to drop on your eyeballs. We're feeling all of that great energy from the Lionsgate portal opening today on 8-8 with the lunar eclipse last night still radiating that full moon energy! Let the abundance flow!

Behold! It's like wearing mixed-media on your neck. Yep, these awesome tiny works of art are made with mixed-media supplies and then worked up into jewelry on gorgeous color splashed recycled sari silk ribbons with antiqued copper adjustable chain, lobster claw and swarovski crystal dangle.  The pendants are approx. 28-50mm(petal pendant) on 18-20" necklace cords. Let's take a closer look.
 Pretty sexy, right? Lots of sacred geometry, chakras, and labyrinth designs. Look at all of those lucious colors! 

Oooo some more of the above mentioned themes with a little sprinkling of Buddha. Remember the 4x6 original that matches the pendant? So awesome!!
Oh and one more necklace in this style. Why does this one get the spotlight? The truth is it didn't fit in the photo shot view ;) Pretty amazing though, huh?

 Oh and how about a little bit more masculine energy for these necklaces. I did some black outlining around these pendants and they just looked more like boy style jewelry(not that we discriminate) so I put them on some sweet black rubber tubing with some silver plated lobster claw and spring ring clasps. The pendants are 28mm on 20" necklaces.

Not really feeling the jewelry thing, but want some great designs and color for your space? Why not grab an original 4x6 mixed-media on watercolor paper in a shiny cello sleeve? 

Hop on over to the group so you don't miss out. See you there!

Love, light, and creativity,

xoxo Genea

First Friday August 2017 Kansas City, and New Work.

Hello beautiful souls,

We did our first, First Friday this year on August 4th and we were booked by the lovely, Leigh Liles. It was a blast! We got to set up right over by artist alley in the parking lot of Justrite rubber stamp & seal

 Here is a shot of our booth. The sun was pretty intense for the shot, but it was just perfect lighting for our booth. The lampwork beads on our jewelry shined so beautifully in the sun :)

Here's a close up so you can see a few more things. I really love how our display turned out. I had hand painted a few shirts awhile back and shared them on the Artistcellar design team for my blog post. It was exciting to get them out in  public view. I even sold the center shirt to my yoga instructor that taught a class I used to attend when I lived in Olathe, Kansas :) 
This was one of my favorite parts of my booth. I had gotten some old windows from my old job and it was the perfect display for our 3x3, 4x4, and 4x6 pieces!

I set up the booth while Christian hooped. 

 He doesn't realize I got these shots of him. He he ;)

 Our other friend's played with fire as soon as it got dark :) Here is Sarah seducing the flame.
Here is Scarlet whirling in her hoop.

So jumping backwards I wanted to make a few more pieces for First Friday so I did some 4x6 pieces. I  pulled out some  pieces I used to catch some extra ink spray as not to waste it and decided to play around with them. 
Here is the finished piece. ERMAGERD... it's SO PRETTY!  I was so pleased with how it turned out. I was excited about it, I HAD to create one of my shrink plastic pendants so I could make this awesome design into a necklace!

Oooo look at all of those layers even on such a small piece!

Look at how amazing it turned out!!

Here are both pieces together. I am even working on something even BIGGER in this style. I can't wait to show you all cause I am even incorporating one of my earlier mixed-media designs into the piece. I really love how I took this new style and tied it in with an older idea.

For the other piece I wanted to create something really masculine since the piece was already so dark. I had a layer of black paint from another stencil paint save(you can see the black paint on the middle left). I really loved layering different stencils from the Tibet Series. I am slightly obsessed with the Arabian Nights Series as well. I used one of the chunkier stencil designs for this piece and used a more thin intricate one for the purple Buddha piece, giving it a very feminine look.

So I know what your next question is. It's where can I get my hands on these beauties, right? Well... I will be making another post HERE tomorrow for the full release into my special Facebook Third Eye Gypsy Auction Art group! I will post the rest of the awesome art here tomorrow early afternoon when it will go up in my group and be up on auction for 3 DAYS ONLY! So you will want to get hot on it if you want to take some of these babies home ;)

On that note I am going to wander off to my art table for a little bit until I can't keep my eyes open any longer. See you all tomorrow for the release!

Love, light, and creativity,

xoxo Genea

Sunday, July 30, 2017

You're late, you're late for a very important date!

Hello beautiful souls,

I just wanted to drop you a quick line and let you know about the LBA Galleria show we have going on from now to 6pm CST today only! All of our newest work that was in our special Facebook group and in our Etsy shop is now all in one place just for today. This is an auction style show so you can snag some of your favorites for a lower price during the show! Hooray! So stop on over on this lazy Sunday and get inspired!

Love, light, and creativity,

xoxo Genea