Tuesday, September 24, 2013

"Out of Orbit" Necklace

Hello friends!

Hot damn! Did you see this?! I am here for another blog. I always feel like my blogs have to have all of this info and pictures to post. Then remember that short and sweet usually fits the bill. I thought you all might like to see the completed necklace I have been wanting to design since Bead Fest!

So I took some veiled cane from GG Glass.
and some of this new AWESOME *FUZZY* Wooly Wire.
Did a quick sketch for the design. Wow look at that TERRIBLE handwriting! Lol. 

I made these hollow beads and matched them up to their appropriate color matches.
Got some rubber tubing.
Swirled, and whirled it up.
and made THIS! It was like midnight when I finished so I had to take this photo in the bathroom.

Went outside and caught the sun for a hot second this morning before it got cloudy. The sun always makes glass so gorgeous! 

Just thought you might like to witness the whole design process ;)

Thanks for stopping by! 

xo Genea

Monday, September 23, 2013

Bursting with Color-Shop update!

Hello friends! Here we are again for the beads that are left! Let's see that pile of beads again, shall we?

OMG so luscious! Sometimes I stop and think to myself, HOLY CRAP, *I* made those!! :D

For those of you that missed out on the others, there are a few sets of GORGEOUS beads left! 

"Electric Orchid Batiks"- The name says it all! These are a rainbowy delight on an electric orchid base! What is not to love about this KILLER color combo?!
"Harvest Moon Batiks"- a gorgeous coraly orange base is drenched in rainbowy batik goodness! The front size is adorned with a swirling sun, crescent moon, and spiral star.

The backs are spotted in rainbows with a teeny spiral embossing. YUM-MY!

A huge THANK YOU to all of your that support  my work so I can keep making beautiful beads! 
I couldn't do this without you!

In other news....
I am headed to Red Feather Lakes, Colorado to visit Ricky's parents! We will be spending 4 full days (and 2 driving days of 11 hours)  nestled in the gorgeous Rocky Mountains soaking in the fabulous view! I can't wait to get some awesome R&R out of town!
This photo was actually taken last Christmas, but you can see what I mean when I say "view"! I can't wait to see how beautiful it is now that it's fall. Sounds like the high's are in the upper 50's and on down to 37 at night! Can't wait to make use of the wood burning stove!

I will be leaving my shops open in my absence and all items that are purchased from the 25-1st will be shipped on October 2nd when I return.

I am off to go pack up some beads!

Have a wonderful week!

xo Genea

BURSTING WITH COLOR- New Beads for the shop!-Pre-selling Quickly!

Here are the beads for today's listings! Crazy enough they are *ALMOST* all SOLD OUT after their preview on my facebook page.

If I have *ANY* left by the time I am done with this post they will be up in my shop soon!

You all flatter me so much with your purchases before I can even get them into the shop! It's so exciting!

In some other super exciting news, 3 of my Wooly Wire earrings have been featured on Jewelry Making Daily! DOUBLE BONUS!! :D

Off to go list what I have left before they are all gone!

See ya soon!

xo Genea

Friday, September 20, 2013

New Work and Everything Has It's Place

Hello friends!

Just stopping in to say "hello" and then off I go to the studio! 

Maybe you saw that I was in Jewelry Stringing for Fall with these beads, right? WELL... you have to remember that magazines are like at least 6 months ahead. So I am actually OUT of this glass. It was an odd lot glass from 2006! I am super sad I didn't buy more when it came out, but that is how it goes. So if *anyone* has any they would like to trade for my beads or anything. MESSAGE ME! ;) eyedoglass(at)hotmail dot com.

I had worked on a replacement for the beads with another odd lot that was close to this one, but a bit more yellow. I will try to use that until that is gone as well. So again, if you have some of THAT glass and want to trade, MESSAGE ME!

You may have also seen the new Belle Armoire in which Staci's jewelry was featured. See my "Spiral Earth Stone" coin?! So yeah... I made more of that too, BUT... it has been out of stock for awhile and when ordering glass they were rationing it out with only a 1/4lb per order. That is like maybe 6 rods? So you can imagine how fast that glass goes. I am down to about 2 rods left so I will TRY to make more so that you call can buy them. 

Here is what came recently! Yay for glass orders!

Oh and I got some of this too! Yum!

I made all of these, BUT THEY SOLD OUT BEFORE I GOT THEM INTO THE SHOP! How flattering is that?! Thank you to those 2 amazing people, you know who you are!

Here is a look at them in a tray.
OH BABY! Look at those pretties! SOLD OUT! ALL on their way to a happy new home! 
Here is a view of the other side of the tray. ALSO, SOLD OUT! Except for a few hollows ;)
Did some more headpin experiments. These are also, SOLD OUT.
This one was my very favorite out of the bunch. I am sure you can see why. Sold out.
Also tried some of these XL size! Here is the front. SOLD OUT.
Here's the back! Wow look at all of that space to decorate!

I turned it into this.
Gorgeous huh?! 
Tried out a new XL coin.SOLD OUT.
Turned it into this! 

Also made this one. SOLD OUT!

These, well these are for ME. I have had a design in mind since BEAD FEST, and I just now got to make the beads. I had to order a few things so as soon as I get those I can FINALLY make this necklace!
This was my mess. UGH.. made me want to die a little on the inside. I HAD to go to the store and get something to fix this problem.
Ahhhhh. That is SO much better! I got a half book shelf, a scrapbooky creative shelf, and a tape dispenser. All were on sale at Michael's except for the book shelf, which I got at Walmart.
Here is a closer look at the shelf. AHHHHH.. see how everything has a happy little home?!

Oh and see the close-up here? Yep, I bought this whole shelf JUST so I could display my Wooly Wire like this! Yes, it is a sickness! I even strung all of this one before cleaning up that whole mess! Important things first, you know ;P

Moo had a sale, so I couldn't help myself. I needed mini cards anyways.

Here is a screen shot of a few of them. Rounded corners? You bet your ass! Look how AMAZEBALLS they are! :D

Oh and stickers? Don't mind if I do! 90 little canvas' of Genea Beads! So excited!!

and now? Off to the studio to make more beads so I can list before Ricky and I leave for Colorado on Wednesday! 

See you soon! 

xo Genea

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Suns, Moons, and other wonderful things- Shop Update.

Hello friends!

Well I have to apologize to all of you about having to post the listings earlier than I had originally planned. I had some time restraints pop up so I listed today instead of Monday.
Here is the "quick and dirty" shop update for those of you in a time crunch. 

Batwing  Eye Heart- I don't know if I will even get to more Halloween beads this year so this may be it. I love Halloween, but it sneaks up so fast on me every year!

Wing dings- Bright Earth- "Patina Green" - A more earthy pair in my Bright Earth series. I only have ONE more left. I am flattered that a pair sold before I even had the chance to post here :) Oh and I goofed on the price so I just left it where it was at a lower price than the original ;)

"Dawn" pod headpin pair. These are so whispy and dreamy. This double toned glass can produce either really bright streaky pieces or soft and dreamy like this pair that remind me of the early dawn sunrise.

Mystic Moon and Sister Star "Avocado Ocher"- Many of you really loved the suns or moons. How exciting is it that this is the SAME bead. One side is a sun and the other is a moon and stars!

Mystic Moon and Sister Sun- "Chai" a soft dreamy khaki brown that resembles a drink of fall, chai tea. Sip on those suns and moons.

Mystic Moon and Sister Sun- "Cocoa"- A dreamy deep chocolate brown is the canvas for this rainbow kissed sun and moon.

Star Bright "Rust"- A tiny little star to wish upon in rich copper rust and rainbows.

"Sunset Jewel"- gorgeous sunshine coral lentils streaked with a thread of whispy silver and jeweled rainbow dots.

Star Bright "Lemon Seafoam"-SOLD OUT. I am flattered that this bead was already sold out before I came here to post. Thank you :)

Well this unexpected listing day was my day off and my day before I get to FINALLY head to the studio. I can't wait to get into my new boxes of glass and tools! Lots and lots of pretty things to create. 

See you soon!

xo Genea