Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Earthenwood beads GIVE-AWAY on Laurel Moon Jewelry Blog!

Hello friends!

Be sure to check out the GIVE-AWAY  on LAUREL MOON JEWELRY for Earthenwood Studio beadies !

Just wanted to share the good news!

xo Genea

Monday, August 29, 2011

We have a WINNER!

And the winner is...............

Thanks to everyone who helped promote this post and for following this blog! I am SUPER excited at how well this give-away went! You all rock my world!

xo Genea

Friday, August 26, 2011

"Coffee Lover's Cup" tutorial on the Art Bead Scene Blog Today!

Hello friends!

Have you been eagerly awaiting my "Coffee Lover's Cup" necklace tutorial on the ABS blog? I have! I am excited to say it went live today!  Just in case you missed it. Here is the necklace that you will create in the tutorial.

"Coffee Bean Blend 2" If you miss out on the first set of headpins, you could use this set. Same styles just different colors on different designs ;)

"Coffee Bean Blend" glass headpins.

I hope you enjoy the tutorial! I would love to hear your thoughts!

xo Genea

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Etsy shop UPDATE- NEW jewelry and beads!

Hello friends!

I am excited to have listed some beads and jewelry to the shop today!  Remember when I listed those beads for the "Coffee Lover's Cup" necklace tutorial(to be featured on the Art Bead Scene Blog)? Well I have just listed the necklace and of course some matching earrings! 

Did you see those awesome wavy vine daisy earrings a little while back? Those are in the shop too!

You'd rather make your own stuff? Well I have some more awesome Raku beads in the shop!
"Coffee Lover's Cup" necklace. I mean WOW! If you LOVE coffee like I do, then I'm sure you will love this necklace! It has all of that funk mixed-media goodness with lots of wonderful materials like: recycled sari silk, chain, leather and rubber and of course, lampwork headpin drops, with a coffee mug and heart focal!
"Coffee Lover's" earrings. What good is a FABULOUS necklace without some equally awesome earrings?!  The paddle droplet even has a teeny tiny coffee bean accent and a heart for the other ear!

Here is what they look like together. A match in heaven if you ask me ;)

"Khloris" named after the goddess of flowers. Remember these from my post on Facebook? Well here they are in the shop just for you! I just LOVE how bright they are! I had this idea in my head for awhile before they came to be and I couldn't be more excited about how awesome they turned out!
Here is what they look like on. They are so full of movement and so light!

"Cream Rainbow Ribbons"- a wonderful ribbon of rainbows on a super creamy base of delicious ivory. These would be perfect with the other raku sets in the shop!

"Desert Serpent Jewel Sampler" - a little bit of this and a little bit of that and some NEW designs! A new style "Black Ribbon Jewel" headpin, a "Rainbow Pod" headpin and a "Cream Swirled Sand" headpin. Did you see I even included a black annealed steel wired bail ready for your wire-wrapping finishes? I was SUPER excited about the new tweak on the "Desert Serpent" lentil design with a "bubble button jewel" dot in the center and let's not forget the newest additions.... "Rainbow Sticks" inspired by the glass toggle bar I made for Gail's bead soup!

Here is a closer look at those "Rainbow Sticks". Pretty sweet huh?!

So you may want to know if you won the give-away huh? Well I am waiting for my beady helper(my darling husband) to return home from work. We will be picking a name soon and let you know soon!

Well I better get ready to go to Last Thursday on Alberta street! I can't wait to see the art this month!

Have a fantastic weekend!

xo Genea

Monday, August 22, 2011


Hello friends!

Ok so it took me longer than I wanted to get this give-away going. I am totally blaming that on moving! Anyways, here we are FINALLY!  The awesome thing is that with the wait I also added some of my "Wing Ding" beads and some matching rubber o's from, My ELEMENTS! So let me refresh your memory of what it was. Remember these FABULOUS clay pendants I got from Cindy Buehler?
Yeah, f*ing awesome, right?! 
Ok so what is included in the give-away? 
You will receive: One of Cindy's scraffito pendants, 5 of my "Wing Ding" beads and 15 rubber o's from MY ELEMENTS. So what is the big deal with this give-away? Well Cindy wasn't sure if she was going to make more of these, but I think they are pretty incredible! So I thought if we do a give-away and you all LOVE them like I do, maybe we can get her to make more for us beaders!

So how do you win? Well here's what you have to do.... You have 5 chances to win. 1.Leave a comment below tell me what ideas you have for these beads(what you would create with them) or what you like about them. 2. Follow this blog. 3.Post this give-away on your blog. 4. Post this give-away on your Facebook. 5. Post this give-away on Twitter. 

PLEASE also leave your E-MAIL address in your post so it's easy for me to let you know you've won!
Just post from now(Monday, August 22nd) to Wednesday August 24 at midnight(pacific time) to enter to win!

Want to see what I made with mine? I had wanted to make a late b-day present for my MIL and just NOW got to creating it yesterday. Here is what I created!

Another close-up of Cindy's wonderful pendants!
Are you inspired?! Go on and enter!

Good luck!

xo Genea

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Soup for EVERYONE! - Etsy Shop Update and news!

Hello friends!

Well what fun is amazing stuff if you don't share? How about soup for EVERYONE?! Did you LOVE Gail's bead soup? Me too, so I made more for the masses. Here is a look at Gail's set if you missed out.
So what did I make for everyone else? Have a looksy!
Ancient Tablet "Medusa"- Remember these style focals I made awhile back? They were all gone and with making Gail's set I just had to make another :D So much to see on this baby I couldn't capture all of it's magic in a bagillion photos. I guess you'll just have to see for yourself ;)

"Desert Serpent" style lentils. Yummy! Don't you just love that chemical reaction dark outlining and webbed effect on ivory with bright BOLD rainbowy raku?!

"Love's Midnight Rainbows" a brand NEW style set of glass headpins including a heart focal headpin on thick steel wire! This baby is pretty challenging to make so I don't know how many more of these I will make.

"Desert Sand"- a wonderful earthy and organic sampling of ivory, silver and black!

"Painted Desert" glass toggle. OMG, isn't it SOOO amazing?! I absolutely LOVE it. This one is larger than Gail's with a little bit different of a design. 

So where are those spacers? Well funny story.. I was so inspired by the beads I created a bracelet and needed ONE more spacer. I stole it from the set so I need to make one to replace it before listing. So don't worry your pretty head, I will be getting some in the shop soon ;)


I don't know if you read about Andrew Thornton looking for 12 designers for the Allegory Gallery Design Team, but I GOT ACCEPTED to be a designer! I am so honored and excited to be a part of the team. So stay tuned for more on that. I will be excited to share my creations!

Well it's about lunch time so I am off to feed that rumbly in my tumbly!
Have a wonderful day!

xo Genea

Monday, August 15, 2011

My bead soup from Gail and my soup to her

Hello friends!

Ok so Gail and I kind of cheated... She was going to be gone for almost 5 days and would not be in town to receive my package to her. Sooooo we decided to swap pictures of what we were sending :D I have to admit I am a terrible secret keeper when it comes to gifts. My sister and I always end up being so excited about our Christmas and birthday presents we get eachother we usually break down and exchange early. As you noticed there is a pattern here ;)

Wanna see what I got?!
Here is a shot of the inside of my priority mailer. There is a sweet handmade card by Gail of her two sweet pups. A schnoodle and an aussie :D The caption says "All is Calm". So cute! You can also see the pretty fabric bags gently wrapped in tissue.

Of course my own bead sniffers were happy to help me inspect the treasures inside my package.
Here are the bags outside of the box. Each one had it's own little manila folder looking card with Gails beautiful work and a hand written note inside telling me what each piece is :D

Here are those cool cards I was mentioning above. Sweet huh?
Here is a shot of the whole stash. The sun was shining in the window and making the beads look all pretty. For some reason the photo didn't capture the shiny awesomeness, but WOW look at all of these beads!!

I was SUPER excited to get these GORGEOUS stitched beads by Gail. She is so sweet. She stayed up until 3am making them for me! 

Here are some Czech pressed glass beads and Swarovski crystals from Gail's personal stash :) 

Here are the goodies she picked up for me at one of her local bead shops! It's so exciting to get things from bead shops out of town. Everyone has awesome different things!  I LOVE the raku clay spacers and enameled daisies and clasp! Can't wait to work those into a design!

Check these babies out! I had my eye on that little "Witchhazel" trinket box a long while back so I was excited to receive it in my stash. Look at the awesome daisy pendant and the cool book looking pendant! These pieces are from the Susan Lenart Kazmer collection.

A HUGEMUNGOUS stash of seed beads! Gail LOVES seed beads and purple so I was touched she sent her favorites to me :) 
I have all of my goodies sitting out on my bead mat waiting for the ideas to come. I am thinking I would like to make some pieces to add to the wonderful selection Gail sent me, but I need to let them "speak" to me first. 


Wanna see what I sent Gail? Don't worry, I am not ruining the surprise here ;) We already swapped beady pics first on Facebook.
Ok so I got a little bit carried away, but I couldn't help it! I'm a gifter if you didn't know that about me already. Gifters are just as excited about giving you the gift as you are about receiving it. It gives us such pleasure to create something special for you and wait to see your excited reaction! 

I am also a "Little bits" person. I am the one that likes "little bits" of everything. Like when I go out for breakfast I order the plate with: eggs, bacon, hashbrowns, biscuits and gravy and a pancake(before I was gluten intolerant of course)!

So with that in mind I went to work....
I sent one of my Ancient Tablet series focals called "Dreamer".

Yes, I am aware that there are 4 pictures of this bead, but LOOK at it! You still can't see EVERYTHING there is to see on this bead ;)

Some Ivory, black and silver headpins. I just LOVE the reaction of silver and ivory together! SOOO PRETTY!

My "Desert Serpent" style lentils.

Some rainbowy raku and black headpins. The heart focal headpin was a new design. This baby was SUPER hard to make and shape as you can't put a lot of pressure for shaping on a wire like you can a mandrel. It turned out awesome, but to make more would take forever!

The glass toggle! I was SOOOO excited about this one. Ok, I was excited about ALL of them, but, dude, it's a TOGGLE! The thing you may not know about it is that I had to dremmel the inside quite a bit because when I went to wire wrap the bar the wire wrap and bar wouldn't fit through the hole! Eep! Thank God the crisis was averted! ;)

Again with the too many colors and wanted to capture the feel of the clasp in it's entirety.

Rainbowy spacers. What design is complete without some spacers?! 
Let's see YOUR bead soup!!
xo Genea

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Bead Soup Partner August 2011 - Gail Vanderster-Zwang and sneak peek

Hello friends!

I would like to introduce you to my Bead Soup Blog partner, Gail Vanderster-Zwang! Gail doesn't have anything in her shop at the moment, but maybe we can convince her to add some things if we post it here ;) Angelmoose

Gail does some GORGEOUS seed beaded designs. Here are a few I stole from her facebook page :)
Doesn't she do some beautiful stitching?!

Here is one of her beautiful necklaces :)
and HERE is a SNEAK PEEK photo of the beads I am sending her :D

I cranked up the filter so there was no distinguishable way she could tell what this was. I think I can see it only because I know what they are ;) I'm SO excited the photos I took of her soup turned out as gorgeous as the beads! 
How's your soup coming along?

xo Genea