Thursday, August 4, 2011

HACKED & BLOCKED from my Hotmail

Hello friends!

I am very unhappy to say that my e-mail at my hotmail address has been hacked and blocked! So if you are trying to reach me you will have to do it via facebook. I have tried to get my account recovered with nothing but a run around. NO phone number to contact Hotmail, nothin'! WTF? I have had this e-mail address for 7 years and do business under that same address. I am so bummed.

I have one last hope that my friends hubby that works for Microsoft can help or at least point me in the right direction. Waiting for a message from her and hoping that when I do receive one it will be good news.

Has anyone else had this happen? Can anyone help?

I did the recovery process in which I received a pin and they were supposedly supposed to send a message to Ricky's e-mail addy with more info on how to get the account back within 24 hours. Would you believe it hasn't happened yet and it's been almost 48? 

I know in the grand scheme of life this really is just a blip, but at the moment it's causing me much grief!

I hope to hear from you all with some suggestions.

xo Genea


SueBeads said...

sign up for gmail in the meantime, it's free...maybe you can use your business name too.

Genea said...

I ended up getting my account recovered, thank God!

I got an e-mail within 3 days with a reset password. *whew*

T-Rose Leigh said...

I' so sorry to here about your trouble
I'm a new blogger, would you please assist me and check out my blog and give any criticism and advise to help me make it friendlier to fellow crafters.

Thank you so much

Genea said...

Thanks T-Rose. It was such a pain! I'm so glad it's over!

Welcome! I stopped by and commented. I tried to send you an e-mail and it kicked back :(

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