Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Visit to Bullseye Glass- Part 2- Melted colors

Hello friends!

I was really excited to have a few of you drop me a personal e-mail to tell me you enjoyed the last blog about my visit to Bullseye Glass. It was really exciting to receive your messages :) I am happy to share my experiences with you all and have you really enjoy them. After all, that is why we all blog you know!

So about those colors....
So here was a quick shot of the glass on the kitchen tile to show a little teaser of the colors I bought with my birthday $$$.
Here is the after photo. The trained eye may notice that not ALL of the above colors have been melted! Ha, you are correct! So why is this? Well I was impatient. I realized that 2 of the colors I had from a batch a friend gave to me. I already knew what those looked like melted so I wanted to get on to the ones that were new to me :D

So for the full effect you may want to click on the photo to view it at the full resolution. It's much more amazing that way ;)
Now my advice to EVERYONE is like that saying they have for books, except mine goes... "Never judge a rod by it's Color".  Rods can be sneaky. They make look one color in rod from, but after melting you may find that they are totally different! As you can see by the last rod on the right the rod appears almost clear, but is actually a GORGEOUS coralish pink! 

Thoughts after melting...

So what did I think of these new colors after melting?  Well.....

Snozberry -was one of those that I did have before. It's a really SWEET color! It's kind of a brownish purple. A really nice unique color.

Raspberry Rose- A pretty pink a touch "redder" than the stock Opal Pink. The color is more opalish with a few places where it almost get little more transparent looking.

Astro Yellow- A pastel yet bright opaque yellow. With the different odd lots that Vetrofond has in the 104 palette it was cool to see a Bullseye color that was in the same color  family. This way when you are working Bullseye and that one color that you like from the 104 palette is now in the 90 palette you can make that one bead you had in your mind.

Candied Lime- OMG are you surprised at all that I LOVE this color?! It's the perfect shade of lime green and it's streaky! So yummy lime green with soft ivory streakies.

Landscape- Yep, the name about covers it! It's a cool streaky green with hints of brown, yellowish and olive.

Soft Teal- So where is the stock number? Well even Bullseye didn't have it labeled. I did an internet search and couldn't find it either. *shrug* I tried ;) Anyways, this is another one of those melt it before you decide on the color, colors. The rod appears darker, but after being melted it is indeed a nice soft teal. Kind of sea foamy, but more blueish.

Sunset Sapphirine- Yum-o! So pretty! This color is a coralish pink transparent. A very unique color indeed. It kind of reminds me of the color I had awhile back that I was totally in love with called "Sunset Coral".

Well I hope you enjoyed my little color synopsis and photo. I really enjoyed melting the glass to see how the color turned out. I have a few babies in my kiln with some of these new colors. I'm excited to see how they turned out!

xo Genea


Copper Diem said...

I just love those, esp the green ones!! so pretty!!

Genea said...

Thanks! Me too! They had more greens too. Some dark mossy ones and then a nice yellow ochery green(what we call "baby poop green" or bgp). Gross, I know, but you knew exactly what color I meant, right?!!

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