Friday, July 30, 2010

Aha Moment After Glow

Hello Friends!

Incase you wanted to know how my filming went here are the details. It was awesome! The staff was so friendly and helpful. It went by so fast! It seriously felt like 5 minutes! They will be releasing the feed in like 3 weeks so I will post a link when I get it. I guess the woman told my hubby that they are going to pick 10 "Aha Moment's" for the commercial. I hope I get to be one of them! Wouldn't that be exciting?!

One of the questions they asked me was what is an "Aha Moment". I said it's when you get a full glimpse of the map for one split second and everything becomes clear instead of just seeing the one step in front of you. I said that you should follow your dreams and your heart no matter what anyone else tells you. People are afraid. They are afraid of succeeding, being authentic and pursuing their dreams. Everyone is so quick to tell you it's a pipe dream and to let it go for reality. Where has it gotten those people? Are they happy? Really? Probably not. They are working jobs they hate to support their accustomed life style filling their life with things, drugs whatever, but they aren't happy. They are just as miserable as "everyone else". Seeking your dream helps you become the person you were meant to be. We just have to have faith and take that first step out. Success is just after failure :)

I encourage you to pursue your dreams, friends. Don't be afraid. You can do it! Be the best you, you were made to be. Our talents are deep seeded in our hearts. If you listen closely you will hear the whisper of your heart calling you.

I got this amazing mailing from my friend Julie. It's called the "The Brave Girls Club". Their e-mails are so uplifting. I would highly recommend them.

Go forth and create, love and live!




Hello friends!

It's about that time! Time for a shop update! As you know I have been on a "wing ding" kick for a few weeks now. The shape is just so much fun with which to design. I have so many new things to list for you, but before I list some more finished pieces I thought I would list some beads so that you all could show me what YOU are making with them! I can't wait to see what you come up with!

"Firey Hot"- I don't know if you are burning up in this summer heat on your end of the country, but it is HOT here! Summer always reminds me of those sizzling hot temperatures and bright warm colors. Wing dings in colors of: firey orange, red orange, scarlet, red and lemon yellow.
"Sea Greens"- Anyone else in the pool, ocean or lake? Cool off with soothing blues and greens in "sea" colors. Wing dings in: lime green, streaky glittery green, teal, aqua, sky blue and mint blue green.
"Soda Fizz"- Bright, vibrant, and poppy colors of: streaky lime, aqua, blue violet, and pink pomegranate along with coral, aqua and fuchsia. These make me think of Jone's soda's bright fizzy goodness. Pop the top and enjoy! These are my very favorite colors. Bright and awesome!
"Rainbow Pop"- Bright, blog opaques in vibrant Pop art colors remind me of funky Warhol prints. Wing Dings in colors of: purple pink, aqua blue, yellow lime, orangey coral, lemon yellow, streaky lavender, and blue violet.
"Floral Bouquet"- a little on the softer side. Dreamy and romantic soft pastel pinks and lavenders.
"Tree Bark"- Earthy and soothing autumn browns with that back to nature feel. Colors of:Sepia, streaky chocolate brown, topaz, amber and tamarind.
"Zebra"- Sophisticated and classic black and whites. Colors of opaque black and white along with transparent clear and black and transparent clear and white.


Incase you aren't a GB fan on Facebook you might like to know about some new additions to the page. I have added a gallery page for all of my designer peops out there. Yep, your very own gallery of your designs with Genea Beads! Check it out here Genea Beads Customer's Jewelry.

While you are on the page you can also view my designs and a gallery of my past lampwork beads. Some in the 2010 gallery are still for sale. You can check the shop or inquire by e-mail if you are interested ;)


Much love,


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Aha Moment by Mutual of Omaha

Hello friends!

I am so stoked to tell you that I have been invited to appear in an "Aha Moment" by Mutual of Omaha! They will be filming me in down town Kansas City in the power and light district at 2:30pm tomorrow! They will be posting my clip at their website(see above)! Isn't that SOOOO exciting?! Check out the website to see what other creative people have said about their passions and how it has changed their life!

Wish me luck!

Much love,


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The great outdoors

Hello friends!

Do you ever wish you could duplicate yourself in order to get things done? I do! Maybe I would make my evil twin to all of the "hard" stuff so I could continue playing >:D

Anyways, I thought you might like to see some more pictures. I wish I could say I took them today, but some of them are uh... kinda old... like maybe over 2 months *blush* I know.... It has taken me awhile to sift through the madness and get them all edited or posted or whatever.

I think I would be all about one of these "smart phones". I would be totally down with snapping a photo and having it post to my blog so I can stay more current with you all! Maybe someday, right? ;)
Ok this one I did take today. Now what you are looking for is the faint rainbow that moves it's way just up that large green tree in the photo. See it? It was more apparent in person, but very faint. I just love rainbows :) It was sunny and raining at the same time so I ran outside to see where the rainbow was :D
So here's what I've been up to in this BALLS ass heat outside.... This is the flower bed by the side of my backdoor. I put in the pretty red mulch. BE GONE WEEDS! Heh.

Here is the flower bed on the right side of the house facing the driveway. These beds were nothing but weeds when we moved in. I will admit that we kinda transplanted everything and the rest was super cheap, but it looks damn good, if I do say so myself :D We have some lilac bushes on the end, then a seedum, some butterfly flowers(they were a dollar at target last year. They came back this year!), and my gorgeous hearty hibiscus "Disco Belle".

That's what it looks like from the driveway.
Here is the bud which I love because it looks like a scrunched up ballroom skirt :D
The back side.
The side.
In full bloom. Isn't she breath taking?! I just LOVE her!
All closed up.

Hardy hibiscus' are pretty amazing because they can withstand the cold of winter and come back again the next year. So gorgeous! How lucky are we to have tropical flowers bloom here :)

Here is our other hardy little guy. This is a "Rose of Sharon". Looks like a hibiscus to me :D These grown on a branch that is loaded with buds. The whole plant is like one huge bush. This flower was on a severed branch. We tried to "root" it, but it didn't make it :(
Say "hello" to my little friend! OMG, it's he soooo cute? I found this little guy when I was outside photographing jewelry.
Just so you can see how incredibly tiny he was I put him on my thumb nail! After his glamor shot, I put him on a plant in the backyard :)

Wanna see what Ricky has been creating in the kitchen?
This was my breakfast the other day. This is an egg scramble with spinach, califlower, mushrooms, cheese and a cheese crispy on top. The crisp on top is a slice of Romano cheese pan fried. The cheese crisps up and tastes like it's been deep fried. OMG, sooooo good!

Pita Pizzas! Holy crap were these delicious! the one on the top has shrimp :D The tiny circular slices are one of my new favorite veggies, eggplant. You have to get the tiny ones! They taste the best! OMG are they delicious on pizza!
Here was the beginning to our veggie stew. Look at all of those yummy veggies! I meant to click a finished pic, but it looks like I forgot ;)

Remember when I told you that I finally got my ventilation hood installed? Here is what it looks like....Here is the vent opening in front of my torch. Now I can use enamels and fume safely! Can you believe it has taken me 7 years to get a proper vent?! I know, it is really terrible! I would NEVER recommend anyone not to have one. It's very important. Fortunately for me my table is right by a door, I had 2 other windows open and about 3 fans to give me clean air. Totally ghetto, but it worked until now ;)
So here is the vent from the front.
The side.
Vented to an outside window. That circular part in the hose is the fan. It's so quiet I can hardly believe it's on. My concentrator is louder than the fan!

So yeah, I know that's a LOT of hose right? Well I am inconveniently not located by a window and to vent out of the basement door would have been a nightmare! Ugh..

Well that gets me up to date on pictures for now ;)

Have a good night. I'm off to bed!

Much love,


Thursday, July 22, 2010

NEW "Wing Ding Waterfall" Series Necklaces and Earrings!

Hello friends!

I am SOOOOO excited to be FINALLY releasing my NEW line of "Wing Ding Waterfall" necklaces and earrings! As you know I had been so busy with my shop re-vamp that I had been creating these pretties while in the process of doing everything else. That is why it has taken me until now to release them. So why don't you grab a drink and get comfy while I tell you how this amazingly colorful fun design was made....

A friend of mine named Stephanie had decided that for her birthday on July 3rd that she was going to treat herself to a special piece of my jewelry. She loved my Vortex Flower Oasis necklace and thought an elaborate design with my wingdings would be amazing.Here is the "Vortex Flower Oasis" necklace.
So off I went to create this designer piece for my friend with my wing dings, hand-dyed silk cording, creativity and color.What came out was one of the most creatively colorful, texturally and auditory pieces I could have ever imagined! I look at the piece and can't believe I created it! OMG isn't it Incredible?!
Here is what it looks like worn.

While I was creating this exquisite piece I thought about how I could take this very complex design and make it into a more simple piece. The "Wing Ding Waterfall" necklace was born!
Here you can see some of the first collection as a whole. Wow! Aren't the fantastic all together with their other colorful friends?!All of the colors you could dream of on a droppy dangle necklace! Not only are the colors incredible, but the texture, weight and sound of the beads gently tapping together when you wear it make it an all around sensory piece!So you might be thinking what else would be awesome right?EARRINGS!! Wearing a complete set together is amazing. You would be surprised by the weight of the earrings. Each earring has 6 dangles like the pendant and is very light for all of the beads on it!

Now I bet you can't hardly wait to see the listings, right?

"Caribbean Sea" In the amazing world of glass not all colors are compatible so with this design I was able to take colors from many glass palettes to combine the most intense color combinations. Wouldn't you have guess lime green and aqua would have been the first one? The color combination on this set features:streaky lime green, seafoam with hints of aqua, turquoise, streaky lime with brown, transparent aqua, and streaky glittery swampy green all knotted with aqua cords on an adjustable 18-20"(45.72-50.8cm) lime green necklace cord.
"Caribbean Sea" earrings- Same gorgeous colors as above, but a delight for both ears :)
"Orange Banana Sherbet"- A color fade combination of: persimmon, pinky coral, yellow orange, pastel orange, lemon yellow, and banana yellow knotted with tangerine cords on an 18-20"(45.72-50.8cm) adjustable apricot cord. Orange has really been a HOT color this summer. I was excited to find out that this necklace matches this super cute polo I got an Old Navy. Maybe you have it too and should have this necklace to match? ;)
"Violent Tide"- a collection of deep rich colors in: indigo, blue teal, blue violet, and glitter streaky navy knotted with aqua cords on a 18-20"(45.72-50.8cm) adjustable dark navy cord.
"Sunset"- as the daylight fades remarkable colors drift gently pass the horizon in rich colors of:orchid purple, pinky coral, mulberry plum, fuchsia, and cranberry pink knotted with dark rose cords on a 18-20"(45.72-50.8cm) adjustable dusty pink cord.

"Raspberry Marmalade"- just like gorgeous pink raspberries and orange marmalade jam. Colors of: fuchsia, streaky raspberry pink, pastel pink, lavender with red streaks and peachy coral are knotted with tangerine cords on an adjustable 18-20"(45.72-50.8cm).
"Raspberry Marmalade" earrings- same gorgeous colors above, but a delight for both ears.
"Wild Berry"- rich berry tones of: lilac pinky lavender, fuchsia, cranberry pink, plum purple, violet and streaky periwinkle purple with hints of ruby are knotted with fuchsia cords on a 18-20"(45.72-50.8cm) adjustable deep purple cord.
"Checker Board"- a collection of classic black and white with streaky white and clear and streaky black and clear all knotted on black cord with an adjustable 18-20"(45.72-50.8cm) black cord.
"Checker Board" earrings- Same class colors(or lack of colors ;) as above but a delight for both ears.

I hope you enjoyed my new series as much as I enjoyed creating it for you! Stay tuned for information on a special give away of my new designs coming up soon!

Much love,


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Fire in the sky , foodie goodness, and awesome presents

Hello friends!

I just HAD to share some pictures of the sky last night! Being in Kansas City, Missouri we get hit with some crazy weather systems. It was literally dark as night at like 4:30pm. The wind picked up and we got some crazy rain. Later on there was a strange light in the house so that usually means that the light outside is pretty crazy.
Here is a picture of the sky from my backyard. It was raining and there was lightning as the sun was setting. It was SOOOO pretty!
Here was the sky in the sideyard to the left of the backyard picture.
Here is the sky from the front porch. Isn't it BEAUTIFUL?! Amanda and I stood on the front porch under the awning and watched it rain. It was breezy and beautiful outside after having days in the 97+range with heat indexs of 111.

I thought you might like to see what we've been eating from the farmer's market and some other organic food we got from the store.Here we have from back left to right- a purple pepper, heirloom eggplant(which was f*ing delicious!), and 2 heirloom tomatoes. I LOVE the amazing colors! I keep trying to eat the tomatoes and make myself like them, but I'm not a huge fan of them plain. Now putting them in a dish with other things is an instant win. Weird huh?
Here is what one of the tomatoes looked like sliced. The longer cross section looks like a heart.
Here is the chef(my hubby Ricky) at work making a healthy and delicious meal.

Here is a grass fed long horn beef burger. This meat is leaner than chicken if you can believe it and super delicious! We had cous cous in the burget to get it to "stick" together and some added spices. On top is some olive oil mayonaise(which I scraped most of it off) on a bed of spinach with some apple cider vinegar drizzle on it.

Look at this cantaloupe! There was virtually NO rind!This is all James and the Giant Peach huh? Can you believe the size of this thing?! Go organic! Ricky picked out this bunch of peaches since the peach was "Ricky size" :)
You may have caught my tweet about this if you follow me on twitter. My caption was something like "Load up 'cause you can't get fat eating this"! I took this picture without the coconut milk and other things on top so you could see all of the fruit.See what I mean? You couldn't tell what was in the bowl otherwise. Want the recipe?

(we recommend organic fruit and fruit that has not been sprayed with pesticides from your local city market)

1 banana sliced into pieces

1 handful of cherries pitted

1 peach sliced into pieces

1 handful of blueberries

4 strawberries cut into pieces

1/4c organic coconut milk

a few pinches of dried organic coconut flakes

a pinch of sunflower seeds(unsalted)

a pinch of pumpkin seeds(unsalted)

Totally un-related, but look at the AMAZING shoes that Holly made for me for my birthday! The base is felted and she crochet the flower on top!Like my cool stripey socks too? Amanda bought them for me for my birthday. They were on sale at Target for $1.50! :D Don't they look f*ing sweet with my shoes?!
The dogs were being super cute sniffing my shoes so I tried to snap some pictures. I would love to say that Kayla was actually smelling the flower, but Holly's cat was actually loving up on my shoes before I got them so they were totally snuffing the kitty smell ;)
Leeloo kinda moved mid snap so I missed her with her nose in the flower, but oh well. :)

Hope you enjoyed my foodiness and other funzies.

See you soon.

Much love,