Saturday, July 10, 2010

Healthy never tasted so GOOD!

Hello friends!

I apologize for my absence! I have missed you all! I have SO much to share! As you may know I have been busy making updates on my Etsy shop so that has literally taken ALL of my time! I have been working from the time I wake up until the time I have to crawl to bed because my eyes are so tired I can't even see straight anymore. Ugh.. long days, but well worth the results!

I have been very fortunate to have the help of a mentor in my updates. You can check our her Etsy Team blog by visiting here Sellers Assisting Sellers . Her other blog is Etsy Business Tips
and her Etsy shop is Morphologica where you can check out her amazingly scientific jewelry :)

So you want to know where all of these pictures are right? Well here is the very visual part of this entry ;) After watching Food Inc. and getting the great pleasure of listening to Patricia Bragg speak we realized that our foods and life style needed to change. Our adventure started at our local Kansas City River Market. Above you can see all of the yummy local foods we picked up that include: Amish bread, peaches, cucumbers, cherries, buffalo bacon and ground buffalo, ground long horn grass fed beef, sheeps milk cheese, and farm fresh eggs!

You wouldn't believe just how DELICIOUS the food was! There is something really amazing about eating foods that were lovingly grown from seed, harvested and brought to your table by hardworking folks just like yourself.

Want to see what we have been eating? I thought you might like to see that healthy doesn't have to be bland and nasty!Here we have some eggs with buffalo bacon, Bragg seasonings, fresh cilantro and green onion and Eziekel sprouted tortillas. Mmmm!
Here is a fresh shrimp salad with delicious greens, and a Bragg vinaigrette dressing, and seeds!
Here you can see the beginnings of our delicious pasta made with 5 grain pasta, thai basil, fresh garlic, a jar of canned heirloom tomatoes, a sweet onion and a jar of Amish apple butter :D No the applebutter wasn't part of the pasta it just snuck in the shot ;)
More yummy food from the market and Leeloo checking out the goods. We got green peppers, candy beats, Amish bread, sweet corn, baby eggplants(which were amazing!), tomatoes, potatoes, eggs, sheeps milk cheese, organic strawberries, peaches, more buffalo bacon and ground buffalo. Yum!!
OMG look at the SIZE of this cabbage? Isn't it amazing how different food looks when you buy it from the farmers market? There was even still grains of dirt inbetween the large outer leaves! Now that is FRESH!Here is what it looked like "naked" lol.
Ever wonder how the hell you are going to cram in all of those veggies they tell you, you need per day?Why juicing, of course! Isn't it gorgeous?! The colors come from the beets and carrots, I'm sure the lime green cup gives it that extra burst of color too! ;)
Can you believe ALL of those veggies only made half a cup?! Juicing also makes the foods easy to digest since they are all nice and well juiced when they get to your stomach ;)

Here were those little eggplants cooked up with whole grain wheat pasta, organic spaghetti sauce, cheese, garlic, and Thai basil! The little eggplants are less bitter than their larger cousin. They are soooo yummy!
Mmmm! Just looking at this makes me hungry! This was supposed to be a breakfast burrito, but since the tortilla sat in the oven a little bit too long it ended up being a tostada! lol It was f*ing delicious! It had eggs, baby red potatoes, organic spinach and broccoli, avocado, feta, romano cheese, sunflower and pumpkin seeds all on a sprouted Eziekel tortilla!

YES, you can eat ALL of this and lose weight! Changing my food to all organic and farmers market fresh foods with no pesticides, grass fed meats, and all reverse osmosis bottled water has allowed me to lose 9lbs! How is that for AWESOME?!

Now the drawback for shopping fresh and local. Notice that there were no oranges, bananas, mushrooms and things like that? Well when you eat at the farmers market you have to buy what is in season. Back in the day there were no magical 24 hour grocery stores to purchase all of your foods like there are now. Never fear though, luckily there are healthy options! You can buy organic at your local markets and Walmart!They even carry organic Stoney field farms! Look at what their packaging says. "Toxic persistend pesticides aren't in my diet. Make sure they're not in yours either.""We think organic food is...
better for you
An organic diet can dramatically reduce pesticide exposure

better for the planet
No consistent pesticides which contaminate the soil, air and waterways.

better for farmers
Less pesticide exposure and more economic opportunity."

Aren't you glad to know that people that some people that are feeding you are looking out for your health and well being?!

Yes, I know what you are thinking Walmart is a huge corporation, but do what you can. Take small steps and pick and choose what is in your budget. It's all about being healthy, right?

Speaking of being healthy... My friend Holly turned me onto this amazing blog called Bittersweet Blog. She makes amazing vegan recipes from yummy meals to deserts! I am trying to figure out which thing I want for my birthday on Sunday. It's a choice between these four:

Classic Chocolate Cupcakes, Sweet and Sour- no bake coconut kefir cheesecake, Raspberry lime sheet cake, or Natural red velvet cupcakes.

Decisions, decisions! Which one would you pick?

My friend, Amanda also told me about this blog that I am totally in love with! It's called Hyperbole and a half. Her stories and drawings are sooooo funny!

Well I must be off. Lots more things to do today!

Have a fantastic weekend! See you soon!

Much love,



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