Friday, July 30, 2010


Hello friends!

It's about that time! Time for a shop update! As you know I have been on a "wing ding" kick for a few weeks now. The shape is just so much fun with which to design. I have so many new things to list for you, but before I list some more finished pieces I thought I would list some beads so that you all could show me what YOU are making with them! I can't wait to see what you come up with!

"Firey Hot"- I don't know if you are burning up in this summer heat on your end of the country, but it is HOT here! Summer always reminds me of those sizzling hot temperatures and bright warm colors. Wing dings in colors of: firey orange, red orange, scarlet, red and lemon yellow.
"Sea Greens"- Anyone else in the pool, ocean or lake? Cool off with soothing blues and greens in "sea" colors. Wing dings in: lime green, streaky glittery green, teal, aqua, sky blue and mint blue green.
"Soda Fizz"- Bright, vibrant, and poppy colors of: streaky lime, aqua, blue violet, and pink pomegranate along with coral, aqua and fuchsia. These make me think of Jone's soda's bright fizzy goodness. Pop the top and enjoy! These are my very favorite colors. Bright and awesome!
"Rainbow Pop"- Bright, blog opaques in vibrant Pop art colors remind me of funky Warhol prints. Wing Dings in colors of: purple pink, aqua blue, yellow lime, orangey coral, lemon yellow, streaky lavender, and blue violet.
"Floral Bouquet"- a little on the softer side. Dreamy and romantic soft pastel pinks and lavenders.
"Tree Bark"- Earthy and soothing autumn browns with that back to nature feel. Colors of:Sepia, streaky chocolate brown, topaz, amber and tamarind.
"Zebra"- Sophisticated and classic black and whites. Colors of opaque black and white along with transparent clear and black and transparent clear and white.


Incase you aren't a GB fan on Facebook you might like to know about some new additions to the page. I have added a gallery page for all of my designer peops out there. Yep, your very own gallery of your designs with Genea Beads! Check it out here Genea Beads Customer's Jewelry.

While you are on the page you can also view my designs and a gallery of my past lampwork beads. Some in the 2010 gallery are still for sale. You can check the shop or inquire by e-mail if you are interested ;)


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Jenny Olson said...

Great article thanks. I enjoy reading your blog very much.

If you enjoy beading as much as I do then I recommend you visit this excellent beading blog that I posted a link to for more craft ideas for any type of beadwork that you do it's a great bead resource site.

Genea said...

Thanks, Jenny! I'm glad you enjoy my blog :)

I don't see the link.

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