Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The great outdoors

Hello friends!

Do you ever wish you could duplicate yourself in order to get things done? I do! Maybe I would make my evil twin to all of the "hard" stuff so I could continue playing >:D

Anyways, I thought you might like to see some more pictures. I wish I could say I took them today, but some of them are uh... kinda old... like maybe over 2 months *blush* I know.... It has taken me awhile to sift through the madness and get them all edited or posted or whatever.

I think I would be all about one of these "smart phones". I would be totally down with snapping a photo and having it post to my blog so I can stay more current with you all! Maybe someday, right? ;)
Ok this one I did take today. Now what you are looking for is the faint rainbow that moves it's way just up that large green tree in the photo. See it? It was more apparent in person, but very faint. I just love rainbows :) It was sunny and raining at the same time so I ran outside to see where the rainbow was :D
So here's what I've been up to in this BALLS ass heat outside.... This is the flower bed by the side of my backdoor. I put in the pretty red mulch. BE GONE WEEDS! Heh.

Here is the flower bed on the right side of the house facing the driveway. These beds were nothing but weeds when we moved in. I will admit that we kinda transplanted everything and the rest was super cheap, but it looks damn good, if I do say so myself :D We have some lilac bushes on the end, then a seedum, some butterfly flowers(they were a dollar at target last year. They came back this year!), and my gorgeous hearty hibiscus "Disco Belle".

That's what it looks like from the driveway.
Here is the bud which I love because it looks like a scrunched up ballroom skirt :D
The back side.
The side.
In full bloom. Isn't she breath taking?! I just LOVE her!
All closed up.

Hardy hibiscus' are pretty amazing because they can withstand the cold of winter and come back again the next year. So gorgeous! How lucky are we to have tropical flowers bloom here :)

Here is our other hardy little guy. This is a "Rose of Sharon". Looks like a hibiscus to me :D These grown on a branch that is loaded with buds. The whole plant is like one huge bush. This flower was on a severed branch. We tried to "root" it, but it didn't make it :(
Say "hello" to my little friend! OMG, it's he soooo cute? I found this little guy when I was outside photographing jewelry.
Just so you can see how incredibly tiny he was I put him on my thumb nail! After his glamor shot, I put him on a plant in the backyard :)

Wanna see what Ricky has been creating in the kitchen?
This was my breakfast the other day. This is an egg scramble with spinach, califlower, mushrooms, cheese and a cheese crispy on top. The crisp on top is a slice of Romano cheese pan fried. The cheese crisps up and tastes like it's been deep fried. OMG, sooooo good!

Pita Pizzas! Holy crap were these delicious! the one on the top has shrimp :D The tiny circular slices are one of my new favorite veggies, eggplant. You have to get the tiny ones! They taste the best! OMG are they delicious on pizza!
Here was the beginning to our veggie stew. Look at all of those yummy veggies! I meant to click a finished pic, but it looks like I forgot ;)

Remember when I told you that I finally got my ventilation hood installed? Here is what it looks like....Here is the vent opening in front of my torch. Now I can use enamels and fume safely! Can you believe it has taken me 7 years to get a proper vent?! I know, it is really terrible! I would NEVER recommend anyone not to have one. It's very important. Fortunately for me my table is right by a door, I had 2 other windows open and about 3 fans to give me clean air. Totally ghetto, but it worked until now ;)
So here is the vent from the front.
The side.
Vented to an outside window. That circular part in the hose is the fan. It's so quiet I can hardly believe it's on. My concentrator is louder than the fan!

So yeah, I know that's a LOT of hose right? Well I am inconveniently not located by a window and to vent out of the basement door would have been a nightmare! Ugh..

Well that gets me up to date on pictures for now ;)

Have a good night. I'm off to bed!

Much love,



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