Friday, July 30, 2010

Aha Moment After Glow

Hello Friends!

Incase you wanted to know how my filming went here are the details. It was awesome! The staff was so friendly and helpful. It went by so fast! It seriously felt like 5 minutes! They will be releasing the feed in like 3 weeks so I will post a link when I get it. I guess the woman told my hubby that they are going to pick 10 "Aha Moment's" for the commercial. I hope I get to be one of them! Wouldn't that be exciting?!

One of the questions they asked me was what is an "Aha Moment". I said it's when you get a full glimpse of the map for one split second and everything becomes clear instead of just seeing the one step in front of you. I said that you should follow your dreams and your heart no matter what anyone else tells you. People are afraid. They are afraid of succeeding, being authentic and pursuing their dreams. Everyone is so quick to tell you it's a pipe dream and to let it go for reality. Where has it gotten those people? Are they happy? Really? Probably not. They are working jobs they hate to support their accustomed life style filling their life with things, drugs whatever, but they aren't happy. They are just as miserable as "everyone else". Seeking your dream helps you become the person you were meant to be. We just have to have faith and take that first step out. Success is just after failure :)

I encourage you to pursue your dreams, friends. Don't be afraid. You can do it! Be the best you, you were made to be. Our talents are deep seeded in our hearts. If you listen closely you will hear the whisper of your heart calling you.

I got this amazing mailing from my friend Julie. It's called the "The Brave Girls Club". Their e-mails are so uplifting. I would highly recommend them.

Go forth and create, love and live!




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