Thursday, July 22, 2010

NEW "Wing Ding Waterfall" Series Necklaces and Earrings!

Hello friends!

I am SOOOOO excited to be FINALLY releasing my NEW line of "Wing Ding Waterfall" necklaces and earrings! As you know I had been so busy with my shop re-vamp that I had been creating these pretties while in the process of doing everything else. That is why it has taken me until now to release them. So why don't you grab a drink and get comfy while I tell you how this amazingly colorful fun design was made....

A friend of mine named Stephanie had decided that for her birthday on July 3rd that she was going to treat herself to a special piece of my jewelry. She loved my Vortex Flower Oasis necklace and thought an elaborate design with my wingdings would be amazing.Here is the "Vortex Flower Oasis" necklace.
So off I went to create this designer piece for my friend with my wing dings, hand-dyed silk cording, creativity and color.What came out was one of the most creatively colorful, texturally and auditory pieces I could have ever imagined! I look at the piece and can't believe I created it! OMG isn't it Incredible?!
Here is what it looks like worn.

While I was creating this exquisite piece I thought about how I could take this very complex design and make it into a more simple piece. The "Wing Ding Waterfall" necklace was born!
Here you can see some of the first collection as a whole. Wow! Aren't the fantastic all together with their other colorful friends?!All of the colors you could dream of on a droppy dangle necklace! Not only are the colors incredible, but the texture, weight and sound of the beads gently tapping together when you wear it make it an all around sensory piece!So you might be thinking what else would be awesome right?EARRINGS!! Wearing a complete set together is amazing. You would be surprised by the weight of the earrings. Each earring has 6 dangles like the pendant and is very light for all of the beads on it!

Now I bet you can't hardly wait to see the listings, right?

"Caribbean Sea" In the amazing world of glass not all colors are compatible so with this design I was able to take colors from many glass palettes to combine the most intense color combinations. Wouldn't you have guess lime green and aqua would have been the first one? The color combination on this set features:streaky lime green, seafoam with hints of aqua, turquoise, streaky lime with brown, transparent aqua, and streaky glittery swampy green all knotted with aqua cords on an adjustable 18-20"(45.72-50.8cm) lime green necklace cord.
"Caribbean Sea" earrings- Same gorgeous colors as above, but a delight for both ears :)
"Orange Banana Sherbet"- A color fade combination of: persimmon, pinky coral, yellow orange, pastel orange, lemon yellow, and banana yellow knotted with tangerine cords on an 18-20"(45.72-50.8cm) adjustable apricot cord. Orange has really been a HOT color this summer. I was excited to find out that this necklace matches this super cute polo I got an Old Navy. Maybe you have it too and should have this necklace to match? ;)
"Violent Tide"- a collection of deep rich colors in: indigo, blue teal, blue violet, and glitter streaky navy knotted with aqua cords on a 18-20"(45.72-50.8cm) adjustable dark navy cord.
"Sunset"- as the daylight fades remarkable colors drift gently pass the horizon in rich colors of:orchid purple, pinky coral, mulberry plum, fuchsia, and cranberry pink knotted with dark rose cords on a 18-20"(45.72-50.8cm) adjustable dusty pink cord.

"Raspberry Marmalade"- just like gorgeous pink raspberries and orange marmalade jam. Colors of: fuchsia, streaky raspberry pink, pastel pink, lavender with red streaks and peachy coral are knotted with tangerine cords on an adjustable 18-20"(45.72-50.8cm).
"Raspberry Marmalade" earrings- same gorgeous colors above, but a delight for both ears.
"Wild Berry"- rich berry tones of: lilac pinky lavender, fuchsia, cranberry pink, plum purple, violet and streaky periwinkle purple with hints of ruby are knotted with fuchsia cords on a 18-20"(45.72-50.8cm) adjustable deep purple cord.
"Checker Board"- a collection of classic black and white with streaky white and clear and streaky black and clear all knotted on black cord with an adjustable 18-20"(45.72-50.8cm) black cord.
"Checker Board" earrings- Same class colors(or lack of colors ;) as above but a delight for both ears.

I hope you enjoyed my new series as much as I enjoyed creating it for you! Stay tuned for information on a special give away of my new designs coming up soon!

Much love,



Loya Family said...

Beautiful. I love my waterfall necklace. I love the sound. My kids like it too. They like to play with it while I hold them. I think I'll have to buy a pair of earrings to go with it.

Great work!

Genea said...

Thanks so much! I'm glad you like it! I love the sound the beads make too! Awww :)

Sure, just let me know and I can post some for ya.

<3 Genea

Copper Diem said...

I love love love those pieces and those beads! any plans to sell just the beads?

Genea said...

Hey there Copper Diem!

Thanks so much! Yes, did you have any requests? I made so many I must surely have the colors you want! I have a BOWL full of wingdings! I should really take a picture! I can't believe just how many I made!

Cindy said...

LOVE IT! I love all the color especially.

Genea said...

Thanks, Cindy! You know me and color!
Guess who bought one of my necklaces?! CORINA!! <3

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