Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas in Red Feather Lakes, Colorado 2012.

Hello friends!

Wow, can you believe it's all over? Only one more holiday to go and then it's the new year. Where did the time go? It seems like things ZOOMED past this year. I thought I would check in and post just a few pics from our trip to Red Feather Lakes, Colorado where Ricky's parents are currently living. Ricky is determined to bunk up in their barn apartment when they get one built this coming year. After checking out the photos I'm sure you will see why ;)
The map for Red Feather Lakes.
View just outside of the house on the way into town. The photos don't even do it justice!
The entrance to Rick and Malina's new house. Here is the family room and you can see the kitchen in the background. Ricky is hanging out on the chair with Claire at his side :D
Francesca "Frankie" keeps a look out on her bench ;)
If you walk in the door and go upstairs it takes you to the loft.
The loft.
View from the loft to the family room.
The dining room. Malina made us a yummy yogurt and fruit plate with grits, a poached egg, coffee and orange juice. Yum! 
The view from the dining room table. Now couldn't you get used to eating breakfast and looking at that view?
The kitchen.

View from the kitchen window. Little "snow balls" collected on the branches and you can see that long icicle hanging down.
The hallway.
The bathroom.
The "mud room" where there will eventually be  a sink and tile floor so the dogs can come in without tracking the outdoors in. Excuse our piles of clothes and blankets ;P
Rick and Malina's room.
The tree on Christmas Eve from the window. They didn't end up getting a tree this year so they just decorated the one out front. I think it worked out perfectly!
Ricky's Nana drinking her tea. She is a rockin' 84 year old woman! 
Here is Amelia. Sweet baby is 10!

Christmas day we enjoyed a delicious breakfast of gf quiche and gf buttermilk biscuits along with mimosa's and fruit salad :D
Ricky the mountain man. He was excited not to shave for a few days while we were away. lol.

After breakfast I got wrapped up in my beautiful scarf from Nellie and some borrowed boots from Malina. 
The dogs got on their snow boots and joined us.
We began our hike out the dining room door in the back yard. Wow, just look at this! 
Here is the view from one of the hill tops on our hike. Surrounded by beauty and nature! 
Christmas night we got in our family Christmas Story pajama's and relaxed. Here is Ricky's mom and dad hanging out in the chair.
Ricky made us some incredible fondue! 

Our fruit, veggies and cheese for dipping.
Our delicious spread of olives, dips, cheese,  sweet potato fries cooked on the wood burning stove, some of Ricky's honey mustard, this amazing red pepper dip, gf crackers, and bagle chips.

This red pepper, and walnut dip the neighbors made was just incredible!

The last day of our trip. I enjoyed my morning cup of coffee on the chair in front of the wood burning stove soaking up the view before returning to the city.

I hope you enjoyed a most Merry and relaxing holiday!

xo Genea

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Last Minute HANDMADE shopping- Use Coupon Code LASTMIN20!

Hello friends!

Are you a procrastinator? Have you just been busy and have not gotten the time to make or buy all of the gifts you wanted this year? Well that's where I am. I am busily creating gifts for family and friends last minute. Yikes! Totally not my style! I figured I wasn't alone so I thought why not have one more sale for the last min peeps out there? 

 Use coupon code LASTMIN20 at check out now through midnight to receive 20% off! Items should arrive by Christmas!!  You can use this code in BOTH of my Etsy shops: Genea Beads and Genea C-K! Sale goes on NOW through MIDNIGHT tonight!  According to the USPS shipping guide items in the US and *most* international items will arrive by Christmas! Hooray! So you can still give the gift of handmade this year!

Happy Holidays!

xo Genea

Friday, December 14, 2012

Wooly Wire & Recycled Wine Bottle Jewelry in the shop!

Hello friends!

Wow, guess who is OBSESSED with "Wooly Wire"?! 

I finally got my hands on some and I am HOOKED! I got a chance to sit down and design(finally) and I was just on a ROLL! You can check out the Pinterest board for Wooly Wire for some great design ideas.

I plan to do a review on Wooly Wire here coming up. I just seem to be working backwards lately. 
Totally unintentional, but you can see that a lot of my stuff matches ;) 
 I also thought it would be a good idea to add some process photo collages to the listings to help people better understand the process. I feel this helps put value on our work and I also feel that the general public is not educated in our art processes. I feel that this is a wonderful way to tell a story to our customers about how their  art pieces are created :D

Back side.

I hope you enjoyed checking out my new jewelry.

Now off to my own gift making for the season.


xo Genea

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Shop Update-PAIRS! Lampwork Glass Headpins.

Hello friends!

Well you've asked and here I am to respond. I have been asked for pairs so there they are! I have just stocked the shop FULL of wonderful pairs of your favorite headpins! Perfect for that one pair you may need to create for a special gift or just for yourself(cause surely you deserve one for all of your hard work this Christmas season, right?! RIGHT.).

A little bit for everyone. If you like BRIGHT, got it. Distress and stone looking? Got it. Recycled glass? Got it!

Recycled bottle glass headpins
One of your favorites Ice blue on Copper! Earth Droplets "Ice Blue" on copper
No, you aren't seeing double, I did do them on both metals! This pair is especially cool. See the little tornado inside? he he Earth Droplets "Ice Blue" on steel.
Be green and wear it! Earth Droplets "Kelly Green" 
You get extra points for not only drinking your beer, but for making it into something :D Earth Droplets "Root Beer" 

"Cream Silver" headpins. A super funky mix of yellow green ivory and SILVER. Yum! I made these JUST so I could use them in one my earring pairs I was creating :D
Suh-weet Huh?!

Distressed Stone Headpins

Droplet Earth Stones "Black Lava" a perfect mix of stone, black and color! 

Droplet Earth Stones "Frosted Fiber" perfect for the color shy. Oh and they go with everything ;)

BRIGHT headpins!

Swirl Pod "Lime and Aqua"- You all have LOVED seeing these on facebook so I suspect they will move quickly! Oh and maybe even more so when you see what I made with them!
Um... AWESOME! and they are light weight too with lots of negative space! 

Swirl Pods "Pink Ribbon"- pretty in pink and black! 

You may have noticed the super sweet Wooly Wire in my earring desings! You can expect a post on those coming up soon!

xo Genea