Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Magic of MOO- Amazing Business Cards, Packaging and Customer Service

Hello friends!

Well if you didn't get their "heads up" e-mail, Moo was running a 30% off sale on their merch so guess who had to go pick up some new cards <<<<< :D:D:D

So if you have never been snagged by the EPICNESS that is Moo let me give you a little example of my past and current business cards.
On the left you will see my old cards I got printed at Vista Print. Not bad, and definitely a nice inexpensive card to get the job done. On the right you will the the AWESOMENESS of Moo. Um, yeah. Pretty sure the cards are F*ing AMAZING! Ooooo *FAN-CY* On the top is one side of the card and on the bottom is the image. You can upload 50 DIFFERENT IMAGES! How cool! Their little uploader is super easy to use and it's awesome to see your work come to life in each little card outline! Oh did I mention their shipping was fast too? Between printing and shipping you will get your cards in about 6 days.

Ok so I kinda tore through the first packaging cause I was so excited, but I clicked the rest of these photos with my cell phone as I opened everything :D
Here is the cute box my Business card holder came in. I love Moo cause they are silly too. Here is the caption on one side of the box. I was reading it out loud and chuckled when I came to "... chewing or a light snack." Lol. I love silly cleverness :D
Here is the other tab on the box. Awww you are my number 1 fan Moo? Shucks *blush* :D
Here is my regular business card holder. I thought it was just a plastic flip case where your cards just slip out of the top, but....
It does this! OOooo FANCY! It holds 15 cards too! See what I mean? Clever. Whoever did their marketing and packaging must surely be rich!

Now here was the next part! I ordered 200 cards. This was my first "big order". I had only ordered 50 cards before, then 100. So this is the HUGE fancy box you get when you order 200! Woo hoo! Double bonus!

This was my mini card holder. Ok, I admit... I couldn't resist! Girls love tiny cute things and besides it was only like $4 bucks with the discount! 

Here was the inside. It slides open to reveal the cards and it's even slanted so you can get your cards out easily :D

Here are the cards that came inside! See, clever! I tell ya they think of everything! Oh and these are discount cards btw! Sorry this is sideways. You will just have to turn your head sideways to read it ;P

This is the inside of the huge business card box under the little cardboard business card separator  thingy. Cute huh?

My NEW pretty cards in their fancy pants new holder! 

My mini cards in their fancy teeny holder :D

If that didn't make you want to RUN to their website and order I don't know what will. You won't be disappointed! Amazing business cards make you look professional and put value on your work. Well imho ;) 


xo Genea


lindalandig said...

You should get a sales comission for this! Your enthusiasm is catching. ;)

Genea said...

Lol, I know, right?! :D Dude I was SO excited! You can clearly see why from the photos! Their packages rock! xo Genea

Sweet Fairy said...
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TesoriTrovati said...

Dang. Missed the deal. I used to get their emails now they stopped. I love moo. I did my mini moos with a scratch off sticker I found on Etsy. Send one in every order. Love the little holder! Cute! Enjoy the day. Erin

Genea said...

Dang! Yeah I HAD to order when I saw their sale. I think this is a pretty high discount for them. Hmmm I might just trying signing p again. Me too!! As you can see here ;P Oh how fun! One of our local Etsy peeps did the scratch off's too. It might be a fun thing to hand out over the holidays! I know, right?! I just adore it! Thanks you too! xo Genea

Genea said...
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